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Music Review: Burst – Lazarus Bird

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Burst are a metalcore band that shows a progression in their sound after three solid metal albums. They sound like a cascading cresendo of harsh and accessible noises. The path of metallic hardcore taken on their new album Lazurus Bird, sounds similar to its predecessor Origo.

The band is tight in their overall musical performance and pressures you with an intensity coming from all corners. You can sense that they have come to a refined position in their discography, and show a willingness to explore all musical avenues for what they have in store on the new album.

This album starts with an inferno on "I Hold Vertigo" and continues in a similar vein. Similarities to other bands are difficult to find because of their distinctive sound.  They display a great diversity of talent and influence as they go through the songs on the album.

The cascading wall of sound has a very distinctive aura which can be used as a measure of the band’s potential. They show potential for elevating their sound to newer highs many times on Lazarus Bird, but never completely reach the next level. The construction of the songs is a little more open in nature than their past works and this leads to good moments, but also some slower parts.

There aren’t really any songs that match “The Immateria” from Origo, although "I Hold Vertigo" is strong. But there are other moments on the album that don’t have enough flair to catch your attention. So there are some downsides here to go along with the good.

However, the new directions that Burst are exploring seem interesting and bode well for future works. After three interesting albums, we should see them open up their sound more in the future. Burst seem to have peaked somewhat with the Origo work. Regardless, this is another excellent step in the right direction and an excellent album in its own right. If they can continue this progression, they could come up with something more interesting in the future.

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