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Music Review: Burning Brides – Hang Love

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The trials and tribulations of the music business are nothing new to rock group, Burning Brides. The critically acclaimed rock trio has seen their share of the ups and downs associated with the record biz game. After their 2004 smash release Leave No Ashes proved they have more than had what it takes to win, the legal tests of corporate music business models began to take a toll on them. Years later they have re-emerged from their dead deal ashes, with a brand new album, free of any label shackles!

Hang Love is the new release from Burning Brides on the independent label Modart. The group has the support of their internal team, as well complete ownership of their masters, a contract provision rarely seen by any major recording act. With distribution being handled by New York powerhouse Caroline/EMI, Burning Brides can look forward to reaping all the benefits from their new album. Judging from the sound of the CD, They are on the way to success.

Dimitri and Melanie Coats are the power couple behind Burning Brides. Together with their new drummer Pete Beeman, the group re-introduce themselves with a powerful album with songs ranging from relationship issues between the couple, to creeped out tales of psycho killers on the loose. Produced by Dimitri, the album is a dark mix of love and pain, with some hardcore guitar work and maturing song writing talent to seal the deal.

Coates and the crew fight the good fight with great songs, and deliver a surprisingly solid album. Mind you, this is a return to the game for BB. The world waits for no one and music tastes are fickle and often forgetful. Burning Brides steps back in the arena after their brief absence, and simply knocks the ball out the park!

"Your Nation Will Die" – Live

“Ring Around the Rosary," comes with wicked vocals from Professor Coates, roaring with power to match his blistering solo. “Poor House” punches nicely as does “Feel No Shame”, and “Your Nation Will Die” rides a serious groove with Pete’s solid kick drums and tom fills, with steady rhythm by Melanie’s bad ass bass, with foreboding lyrics of doom for war monger nations. “Waring Street” is a intense one, with it’s murderous themes and hypnotic hook, the only thing disappointing with this track is the easy outro, fading out leaving you wanting to hear the full ending of the rock thriller. The crew from Philly also gives a shout out to the Padres and Chargers hometown in “San Diego”, inviting you to a breath of fresh air with them, underwater.

The album is in stores now, and you can catch Burning Brides just about anywhere in North America, as their tour has them zig zaging from Canada to Cali to Connecticut and back. Check their MySpace page for tour dates and cities. Lucky Los Angeles fans recently had a chance to catch them live at the Echo, as they held exclusive residency in the famous club for a month, playing every Monday! Be on the lookout for this album and support real independent music!

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