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Music Review: Bullet For My Valentine – Scream Aim Fire

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Metal-core UK sensations Bullet For My Valentine have returned with their highly anticipated sophomore full length release Scream Aim Fire.   After already leaving an impressive mark after their debut The Poison, the foursome is back with a heavier sound with hopes of capturing the attention of many and proving to the rest that they are in fact a band to look out for in 2008.

The band formed in the late 90’s in South Wales as a college cover band but thanks to the lack of finances the band took a twist in their direction and Bullet For My Valentine was created.  After playing shows in hopes of grabbing the attention of a record deal, Roadrunner Records stepped up with an offer but was rejected and Sony BMG signed the band to a five record deal .  Bullet For My ValentineWith their debut release selling over one million copies worldwide the band toured constantly and graced the covers of many magazines including Kerrang! and even Revolver.  It seemed like this band was the golden child and they could not be stopped.  If only it were that easy.  

Bullet For My Valentine had a rough experience on a Rob Zombie tour in 2006 leading them to be dismissed from the tour.  Where many other seasoned bands saw it as an inexperienced band not meeting up with the heavyweight’s expectations, it was more of a band not wanting to overcharge their fans and not being treated like the rest.  To make matters worse the lead singer Matthew Tuck caught a mean case of laryngitis later that year and the band was forced to cancel shows in order for him to heal.  These small detours did not distract the band one bit.  Once Matthew Tuck healed the band was back in the studio to create Scream Aim Fire.

As soon as the CD starts the title track "Scream Aim Fire" almost pushes you out of your chair.  It is a heavy track and really declares this band is not slowing down one bit.  The drums are powerful and guitar solos are simply gratifying almost recalling past metal bands such as Pantera and Machine Head.  I can honestly say this is one of my favorite tracks off this CD and I have a feeling I am not going to be the only one who digs it.

“Hearts Burst Into Fire” calms down the metal-core for a moment to remind you the guys in the band are musicians and not just heavy metal warriors.  This rock ballad reminds me of all the hair-bands of the past that wanted to show you a softer side to their hard exterior.  The song, calling upon the way the band feels when they come home after a long time away, will be getting a lot of airplay this year. 

“Waking The Demon” replaces the soft ballad feel you were just left with to a mix of pure metal fury with harmonizing vocals backing the screaming.  This is almost of a melodic thrash metal song and was very interesting to listen to.  This is the heaviest track on this album by far.

“Disappear” sounds like it was taken off their previous release The Poison as did “Deliver Us From Evil.  Neither song was intolerable but it did seem two steps behind some of the other tracks on this CD.  Most tracks on Scream Aim Fire seem so much fuller and involved over The Poison but regardless, I loved their debut album so I still enjoyed them.

As much as I hate to say this, “Take It Out On Me” sounds a lot like Avenged Sevenfold.  I am not saying that Bullet For My Valentine are copycats by any means.  Both bands are on completely different levels and unique in their own styles.  This song merely reminded me of the American metal (pop) band mostly due to the singing and guitar riffs.

Make sure you take your lighters out for “Say Goodnight”, another rock balled.  I was really worried, when I heard this song, that the guys stepped a little too far out of their terrain but midway through the song they redeemed themselves making for a great track to sit back and listen to.

Catchy choruses, intense vocals, solos galore, and crazy tempos are what Bullet For My Valentine is all about.  They could care less about their image or commercializing the band’s sound.  Their attitude alone will help grab that spotlight this band so willingly deserves.  In support of their new release the band will be showcased on the Taste Of Chaos tour this year.

Expect big things from Bullet For My Valentine in 2008 as Scream Aim Fire will smack you in the face and steal your attention.  It seems as if the band has taken a more mature approach musically but has not forgotten about the metal-core.  Some fans may think differently after hearing Scream Aim Fire but I have become a bigger fan.   

Fans of metal bands from today (Killswitch Engage, Eighteen Visions, Avenged Sevenfold) and yesterday (Metallica, Testament, Pantera) should at least give this UK band a chance.  Try not to judge them immediately though, with as much as they have put into this CD they deserve the attention they crave.

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  • This is an incredible album in so many ways. Mainly, because BFMV are delivering what Pantera and Metallica left us. Once you start listening to Scream Aim Fire, you feel the adrenaline rush and power that true metal delivers.

    This band is here to stay and will be recognized as one of the top metal acts in the future.

  • gjm

    this cd is fucking gay
    why is every single great metalcore band turning into pantera/metallica wannabe’s
    dont get me wrong pantera and metallica are 2 of the greatest bands in metal history. but god damn it, please stop trying to sound like them..you cant do it noone will be able to sound like them.
    i miss avenged sevenfold – waking the fallen/sounding the seventh trumpet
    i miss throwdown – haymaker
    i miss bullet for my valentine – the poison
    i miss old eighteen visions
    and i really hate how everyone says ‘oh mai gawd, they are so good the band has evolved into something so much greater!!!!’ when they really just sold out their real fans who loved what they were originally about (all bands imo).

  • Dean

    incredible album. the one thing i would say is that the reason take it out on me sounds like avenged sevenfold is cos the singer from Skindred does the vocals rather than Matt Tuck and he has a very similar sound to the guy from Avenged Sevenfold- I don’t think its a copycat song, but it is brilliant. What a sick album!

  • Timmy

    they are such an awsome band! they kick butt!!

  • bullet fan

    bullet are fantastic in ther own right.
    I hate when people go to so much effort dissing them.
    if you not a fan of the new album. that’s okay just don’t rave on about it.
    the poison is better but both are great and this has continued to do great jobs and his voice has never been better.
    I will love this band, even when they don’t make anymore music.
    They are not trying to compete with bands such as iron maiden or metallica. They are just trying to do ther own thing.
    it is great that they lok up to bands and just think or read, articles that say they want to be like the bands like maiden and metallica, that are remembered in 20 years time.
    please don’t keep raving on if you have nothing good to say. that’s all I ask.

  • bullet fan

    I agree with feb 1st comment.
    once you listen, you you are hooked. that’s how I feel =)

  • caleb

    This album sucks ass. They changed their style to sound “heavier” when all did was make them sound fucking stupid. I think his vocals aound worse and the so called break down in scream aim fire is pathetic. I listen to the classics and a lot of dethmetal and the new age music. When we people say Bullet and Slipknot is the future for metal it makes me wnt to scream aim and blow my fucking head off

  • Hailey. :D

    I somewhat agree with gjm.
    A lot of people are compating them to all these great metal bands. I mean, don’t get me wrong, BFMV is an amazing band, but I was a little disappointed with this album. It was more vocal. The only songs that really stuck out were ‘Waking the Demon’, ‘Eye of the Storm’, and ‘Take It Out On Me’. other than that, it was just average. It kind of went downhill in this album. But, other than that, good album.

  • Satans Saint

    pick up a fucking guitar and try and pull of waking the demon or scream aim fire only the can you fuckn nerds have a go at what is a great band both live and recorded

  • kaf

    gjm [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor] you think that avenged sevenfold “changed”. you obviously need to look your facts up there pal. you say you miss avenged sevenfold..sounding the seventh trumpet/waking the fallen (their first two albums.) matt and the band had originally wanted to make two albums one all screaming and one half screaming and half not. (which they obviously did) then they decided to have no more screaming from then on. partly because matt fucked up his throat. they decided this years before city of evil and avenged sevenfold came out. they had it all planned out.