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Music Review: Britney Spears – “Gimme More”

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It's Britney Bitch! After months of waiting the day is finally here; Britney Spear's official single has been released! The official first single off the still unknown titled album is  "Gimme More," and it will be the first studio recording Brit Brit released since 2003. Beside "Gimme More," two more singles have been leaked, "Baby Boy," and "Cold As Fire." Overall, it is my belief that while this is a wonderful leap in the right direction, this is no killer comeback.

"Baby Boy" was the first leaked single, and I say this in quotation marks, not only because I have too according to BC, but because the actual title name is still unknown. While their is no official confirmation, it would be foolish to name the song anything else. The track starts off with what can only be describe as her son, Sean Preston's, rusty old music box. Then comes the beat, followed by Brit.

"Baby Boy" can only be described as a ballad, and Britney really attempts to let loose. It seems evident that she has been attempting to write her own lyrics, mainly because the song is so utterly cheesy that it makes High School Musical look like a serious look into the life of high schoolers. The middle section of the song is by far the cheesiest aspect of the song.

Britney starts talking to who we can only guess is her ex-Kevin Federline (K-Fed). She seems disappointed, and almost passive aggressively angry. "Baby Boy" could have been wonderful. I really like the idea of a glimpse into the life of Britney, and I used to love her voice. Deep down I feel that the leaked version is not the final copy. If I were Britney, I would have my massive production team clean up the vocals and make them sound less stitched together. Ooh ,did I mention the last lines that go: "So why did you desert me, baby boy? I thought that you, you were the one. So if you preferred the other one, She won’t bring you the sun(son)"

"Cold As Fire" is yet another single, and my only beef is Britney's fake, perhaps digitally altered, high voice. I really like the beat, though.

"Gimme More," the official single, will def be big on Clear Channel owned stations. The song's first line is "It's Britney Bitch." When I heard that, my heart skipped a few beats. I was ecstatic. The song is really great, except for her voice. I really dislike Britney's voice when it is high and fake sounding. I feel that her production team decided to digitally transpose her voice to that registry. The song has a wonderful, club-like beat, that will surly make the teens go wild. I really like how the song flows. It leaves me wanting more. I am going to bet that "It's Britney Bitch" will be the main theme of the Brit comeback. If one goes to her Website they will find that they are able to make her say it as many times as you would like. I actually hope that It's Britney Bitch will be the name of the album. Oh, please God, let it be the title.

My overall impression of the start of the Britney comeback is that so far, Brit has made a great step toward a comeback. But I still don't think any of the songs so far are of super amazing caliber. 

Download the singles, courtesy dillonMP3.

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  • Annonymous

    Not a fan… But god this track is addictive!!!

    Lets hope this is the start of something good. All the best Britney you deserve all the best

  • a4tech2k

    WE LOVE YOU BRIT! ignore the bashers. they are nothing. WE LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR NEW ALBUM! WHOA!

  • john

    I tell you what. I have nothing against Britney, just not a big fan. She lacks singing talent, but so do a lot of people in the music industry now a days. It’s all about entertainment. She brings that to the table hands down. This song, “Gimme More”, is awesome. You can dance to it, it makes you want to dance, plus remixes make this song even more awesome. Her music/entertainment will be a comeback, but she needs to get a few more things back in order and I think she will be back to where she was.

    Good job Brit.

  • HM

    Welcome back Brit!’Gimme More’ is surely the big hit of this year but let me tell you that i have already heard 7 more tracks for her new album and most of them are really good, this album has no relation with her previous pop releases it’s more funky & rap as she is doing one duet with AC in ‘Tell Me What You Sippin On” and rapping herself in ‘It Feels Nice’. Yo Brit!

  • Evan Fahy

    I Love ”Gimme More”! It’s rocks! I really the video to the song is going to be brilliant just like all her other songs! My advice to all Britney fans pout there is to buy or/and download ”Gimme More” as it’s out of this world. Fingers cross that Britney doesn’t mess things up! Yo, ‘It’s Britney Bitch’, that sounds so cool!

  • Ivan

    I LLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE ”Gimme More’, I hope the music video is as good as the song! Hey, ”It’s Britney Bitch”! I’m SSSSSOOO happy, Britney Spears, the pop princess is BACK!!!

  • tiger

    the song is flying to the top of the chart and for some1 hu has been away for so long, it is an amazing feat. after tonite’s perfomance it’s britney bitch will go straight to the top. i love britney and i was taken immediately to this song. i hate cold as ice with a passion. all she needs to do now, is shoot an amazing video. go to letterman, or oprah, do a few tears and sob a little. the next we no she’l have another number 1 album to her name……….it’s britney bitch…now das attitude babe!

  • YEs!!

    Well…I used to love her as a kid (before the whole im not wearing an underwear/shaving head thing)… but due to recent events (no more need said), i started to hate her, as a person… But this song came out and i totally love it..as much as i TRIED hating it..i juss couldnt stop replaying it! Still dont like her as a person tho, but thats not our buisness,…all we have to like is her music, and right now GIMME MORE rocks!

  • Bringing Britney back

    Gimme more goes off, super club beat and her voice fits the song, we all want britney to return to her normal self lets hope she does! go Brit!

  • can i download that music free

  • nuttie so hot!

    Can’t wait til this song hits the club!!
    Gimme More Mr DJ

  • Brandi

    i like gimme more, i wnat her to gimme more just no more of cold as fire

  • Kel

    gimme more rocks!!!

    i love it..she sounds soo good

  • daryl d

    I’ve listened to this song three more times and all I can say is God, help me! I really like it. No, I love it! This can’t be happening.

  • morgan immerman

    this is one of the worst song i have ever ever ever heard dear lord it is not good people!

  • Andy

    Gimme more is hot, it will definitley leave clubbers asking for more!

  • This is the official, exclusive remix to Britney Spears’ single “Gimme (Give me) More” featuring hip-hop/rap group Audio Imagery. Rumor has it that this may appear as a bonus track on her album when it is released in November.

  • This is not the TI version. This is the official, exclusive remix to Britney Spears’ single “Gimme (Give me) More” featuring hip-hop/rap group Audio Imagery. Rumor has it that this may appear as a bonus track on her album when it is released in November.
    Audio Imagery’s claim to recent fame is their collaboration with J-Lo on her single “Do It Well” which was released mid August 2007.

  • um jez, .. too late.

    The first three words are the best thing about this song. Toxic, just to name one song was much better than this. This song is also a perfect example of knowing too much about the person, too much that is disgusting and galling, where you know every word out of her mouth is insincere. Except the ghetto-fabulous first three words. But as when they are spoken normally, they hide either a lack of self-esteem, hope or talent.

    That phrase can also be used to be funny, but that requires a higher level of any of the above three than Britney Spears possesses.

    Stronger? No.

  • Jez

    Britney is awesome & so is Gimme More… I just hope she doesn’t mess it up.

  • Danielle Akiwenzie

    I loveee the song Gimme More,& I have never EVER liked ANY B.Spears songs! In fact I just heard it today and right away I downloaded it. After that I listened to it like 100 times non stop. I wish the best for her. She never did anything to me, & I am a young woman who would not liked to get followed by the P everyday.

  • daryl d

    I hate to admit it because I am not a Britney fanatic, but Gimme More is damn addicting. As for the others, haven’t heard them enough. I think this song has “hit” written all over it and lets hope Britney doesn’t screw things up, though she probably will.

  • Shanna

    An overdose of OLD CHEESE! I would not pay a single red penny for this.

  • Definately the best song shes ever done, Never liked her before I heard this song.

  • Luis

    Gimme More ROCKS

  • C.J.

    I really like the song
    and i was really excited about the “It’s Britney Bitch” part too… as everybody else, it’s becoming a popular thing o say right now on the net.

  • Dan

    The song is fantastic Gimme More screams sexy i love it, it’s britney bitch! The beat is hot and i love her voice on it, it seems to flow and the male more fits well. Cold as fire i love the YEAHS but i cringe on the high bits i still love ti tho!

  • meagan

    i’m glad she isnt backing down, its about time she’s fighting back, and tell that loser to get a job of his own

  • Cindy

    the song is greatttt. loveee it :))

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