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Music Review: Britney Spears – Femme Fatale

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Britney Spears’ much-anticipated seventh studio album Femme Fatale – originally due in March 29th – can be streamed completely on AOL Music, a week before the official worldwide release. I’ve became very enthousiastic of the end result and many other reviewers seem to feel the same.

Femme Fatale is pop perfection, a masterpiece, and Britney’s best work yet. Yes, not even your faves In The Zone or Blackout (let’s not talk about Circus) can touch this album! From track 1 to track 12, Britney will take you on a ‘pop heaven’ ride.

Highlights? If I had to choose? First, “I Wanna Go”, no words can describe how perfect this song is. The Dr.Luke sick production is so out of this world! The bass and drum kickin’, the whistles, Britney’s sassy vocals… everything here rocks your speakers. Best moments on “I Wanna Go” have to be the pre-choruses lyrics: “Shame on me, to need release, uncontrollably.”

Another song that has surprised me for good is the Will.i.am-produced “Big Fat Bass”. I was somewhat worried a Will.i.am production had made the final cut into Femme Fatale. Then, I thought if it made it, it has to be at least decent. Having heard the song in full, I sincerely owe an apology to the Black Eyed Peas frontman. “Big Fat Bass” is hot!! The piano melodies, the bass explosion, and Britney’s robotic moments, “It’s getting bigger, the bass is getting bigger” are heaven on earth.

Gasoline” is another one in my “favorites” category. It’s epic! It’s a winner from the very first second you listen. I think too it’s one of the songs that best describes/fits the Femme Fatale title. Britney sings in a bubbly, cheery spirit over some provocative lyrics such as “But heart only runs on supreme, So hot, give me your gasoline”.

Femme Fatale has also room for the midtempos. “Inside Out” and “Trip To Your Heart” best represent this. In “Inside Out”, Britney combines breezy auto-tuned vocals with brilliantly romatic written lyrics “Sitting in the mirror getting pretty, Gotta look my best if we’re gonna break up”. Meanwhile, the beautiful and emotional “Trip To You Heart” – whose instrumental is so epic by the way – can be described as a fusion of “Heaven on Earth” and “Unusual You”.

Femme Fatale, March 29th! Don’t forget! Ready for Britney’s 2011 domination?

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