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Music Review: Britney Spears – Circus

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Britney Spears' sixth album release, Circus is out today and thankfully she's been promoting this one. Last year, when her album Blackout debuted, the only promotion it got was on the radio; even then it fared well.

She's come a long way and this album really signals that she's, at the very least, in a better state of mind than she was previously. Blackout was an incredibly great album to dance to but was missing that Britney signature that her albums usually have. Circus marks the return of some fun pop songs and ballads that we've all come to know and love from the paparazzi cash cow.

Her first single, "Womanizer" has been out for awhile now and while it's a decent track, it's almost annoyingly repetitive. Who knew stuttering would ever go mainstream? Her second single which is out soon is "Circus", another decent track. Both songs are far from anything special but should appease the masses of Britney fans.

What about the rest of the album? Well, therein lies my biggest criticism of Circus. I hate when record companies feel the need to give you options. In this case, you can buy a deluxe version or a regular version. Both albums are overpriced online. (Blackout was no stranger to this mess, either.) The deluxe version features a few more songs and on iTunes, it comes with a digital booklet, a behind the scenes video, and the music video for "Womanizer". Oh but wait, if you pre-ordered the album (too late now!), you also get an extra bonus track! Why is it extra? Because they've included "Radar" as a bonus track on all the albums as well. Does that track name sound familiar to you?

Well the song itself sounds rather familiar too. It's from Blackout. Yes, they are actually taking a track from an old album and putting it on the new album all in the hopes that you've forgotten and feel special.

What a crock. If you really cared about the fans, if you really cared about the music and people enjoying this album, you'd release one album with all the songs. That's it. I would think that with all the trouble Britney has gotten herself into, legally, financially and mentally, not to mention all the controversy which has no doubt led people to scoff at her, they would make it simple for people to buy and listen to her music. I must be wrong.

My favorite tracks on this album are "Phonography" which has a great dance beat and will have you thinking about hands-free devices in a whole new way. "Kill The Lights" is another good dance song which I really enjoy and both songs are very reminiscent of the type of sound you heard on Blackout. There's been a slow progression towards ultra-modern dance songs by Britney, and I think her previous album was the epitome of it all.

A slower but much better song from the rest of the pack is "Unusual You". It's sultry and really quite beautiful. If another dance track isn't released as the third single, I hope this gets some radio play. The song "Rock Me In," which was written by Lady GaGa, is only on the deluxe album but is incredibly worthy of being featured in a commercial as it's a fun and kid friendly song.

Apart from the confusion of which album consumers should by, Circus is a return to the old Britney who's just a young girl that's made it big in the music business. It's no Blackout but it's cute, fun, somewhat friendly album (except for "If U Seek Amy", that song is a giant pun for naughtiness) and I recommend it if you're a Britney fan. If anything, buy it for Brit as a birthday present. She turns 27 today.

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