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Music Review: Brad Paisley – American Saturday Night

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Before his album even came out, Brad Paisley's first single off the album “Then” was in the Top 25 Most Played on my iPod. And I have a feeling, now that I own the rest of his album, a couple more of Brad’s newest songs will be in my Top 25 as well.

That’s just it about Brad — no matter what he sings — he always produces a great album. American Saturday Night reminds country music fans why Brad is constantly recognized at all the country music awards shows. His new album reminds me why I paid good money to see him twice in concert and why I’d pay even more good money to see him again. It’s pretty simple really: Brad Paisley is one of the most talented singers, songwriters, and guitar players in all of country music.

This album seems to be a walk down memory lane. Brad has many songs about his past including: “No,” “Welcome to The Future,” “Water,” and “Then.” It’s really nice, because I feel Brad really tried to make a special connection with his audience by letting them inside his head. His songs are like stories, which I find really important when I listen to music. Brad wrote many of his songs, but others were penned by people like Chris DuBois and Kelley Lovelace.

The highlight of his album is obviously “Then.” It’s really beautiful and is about his love for his wife. Brad co-wrote this song and I really fell in love with it. It is definitely one of my favorites he’s ever sang, up there with “Celebrity” and “Mud on the Tires.” When he sang it at the CMT Music Awards, it was very emotional. I really enjoy it quite a bit and it’s one of my sister’s favorite songs.

I'm also big on "American Saturday Night." It's just fun. After "Then," it's my favorite.

Brad said “Welcome to the Future” was one of his favorite songs he’s ever written. So, naturally, when the album arrived on my doorstep, the first song I wanted to listen to was “Welcome to The Future.” I liked it. It’s a very long song, but it’s very fun. I think it’s more geared to an older generation who remember technology when they were growing up, but regardless, it’s still pretty good.

Brad Paisley is my favorite male singer. Anytime I hear him, I’m in a better mood. The guy has a rare talent. Definitely buy the CD and if he’s coming near you on tour, go see him. He always puts on a great show.

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  • crazy4bradpaisley

    i completely agree “Brad Paisley is one of the most talented singers, songwriters, and guitar players in all of country music.”

  • Bradfan1

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  • Diante Carridonna

    Hi I just learned about brad paisley, I liked your article. I’m really Glad he is a success.
    there needs to be more like him commercially whatever the genre. thanks for the good read