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Music Review: Boys Like Girls – Love Drunk

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It seems as if it has been a century since we’ve heard new music from Boys Like Girls. And boy, it was well worth the wait. Coming out on September 8, 2009 on Columbia Records, Love Drunk takes the rock from their self-titled debut and made it pop with substance from all musical spectrums.

The album starts with the roaring electro inspired vocal effects in “Heart Heart Heartbreak.” It is clear where Boys Like Girls wanted to go lyrically with this record – relationships. And they made it imminent right from the start. This song didn’t do a whole lot for me, other than absolute floor me with the production quality I was in for. As a fan of music production, this album reaches production euphoria. From the tight guitar tone to the crystal clear vocals, and the popping snare, this production is absolutely fantastic.

The first single released, “Love Drunk” proved that their former hits such as “The Great Escape” were just a taste of the musical direction that these Boston rockers were headed. The introduction caught me from the moment I first heard the song. There was a chiming lead guitar followed by the ever so famous Blink-182-esque “nana” vocals.  One can easily vision this song live. The introduction kicks in, and then the great stop as the curtain falls in front of an audience of screaming and bouncing teenagers as the instantly poppy chorus grips their hearts. I was at the tip of my chair when the glorious key change surprised me towards the end of the song. Too many bands abuse key changes just to give them the mainstream pop flair. This was not the case. I would call “Love Drunk” rather stock if it wasn’t for that amazing swing. The snare fill before that also captured me. I knew something was coming, not quite of this magnitude.

This record maintains their pop-rock sound of their debut Boys Like Girls. This time around, there isn’t a lack of substance or originality; instead, they threw it all in. “Two Is Better Than One” is a beautiful acoustic song featuring the rhythm guitar and vocals from their front man, Martin Johnson. The strings in the background were one of the many touches that left a significant impression on Love Drunk. This album makes it very hard to name one or two standout songs. Listening to this album in whole just makes me sit back and feel like this band definitely progressed from their prior efforts. The sophomore effort of many of these pop-rock bands either brings them fame, or abolishes their existence. One won’t have to request this band on the radio since they’ll already be playing by the time one grabs their iPhone from their pocket. Get ready because this album is going to tear up the mainstream radio airwaves for many months to come.

What I really do enjoy about this album is that the loyal fans will not have to take a huge leap to enjoy this record. New fans will easily congregate as well. If you’re into pop and or rock music of 2009, Love Drunk is a grand slam without steroids.  Just when I thought that pop rock bands were becoming a cliché, Boys Like Girls have come slamming through the gates with a solid and original top 40 album. I am not willing to wait another three years to hear their next album after hearing this. If this indicates anything about their future records, sign me up, I cannot wait.

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  • LenaBLG

    Thank you for this amazing review. I am a loyal die hard BLG fan and no kidding your review almost brought me to tears! I honestly did get realy choked up because i’m so proud of them and how they grew as artists and am so happy that you recognized their amazing talent!