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Music Review: Bowling For Soup – Bowling For Soup Goes To The Movies

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If you’re a Bowling for Soup fan, then this is definitely the album for you. It’s all their movie soundtrack tunes, wrapped into one.

The first time I had a taste of this album was when I heard "…Baby One More Time", and loved their version. It’s got their own unique stamp on it, but is an awesome cover. Their track "Greatest Day", is traditional BFS-fun, energetic music. I was thrilled to see some of my favourite songs covered on this album include "Spanish Harlem", "Lil Red Riding Hood", and had a laugh at the cover of the "Gilligan’s Theme Song". Their cover of "Spanish Harlem", speeds the song up. With any other band it would be cringe worthy, but BFS actually makes it work for the song.

While the album is a must have for BFS fans, I would probably suggest for newer fans A Hangover You Don’t Deserve or Do It For Johnny for your first taste of BFS, but I promise you this — once you listen to them, you will never turn back.

Slated as a more comical Green Day, they are definitely worthy of that title, and their music has great lyrics, great beats, and a mixture of punk and rock.  The album, no matter the covers, is still pure BFS, as the band makes each song their own.

Must listens: "Undertow", "Lil Red Riding Hood", "Spanish Harlem", "Greatest Day"

I give the album 3/5

Record Label: Jive
Year: 2005
Track listing:
01. Jimmy Neutron Theme
02. (Ready Or Not) Omaha Nebraska
03. Greatest Day

04. …Baby One More Time
05. Here We Go
06. Undertow
07. Spanish Harlem
08. Lil Red Riding Hood
09. Live It Up
10. Star Song
11. I Melt With You
12. Five O’Clock World
13. Gilligan’s Island Theme
14. Sometimes
15. Sick Of Myself

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