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Music Review: Bon Jovi – The Circle

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Whether you like '80s Bon Jovi or the new millennium Bon Jovi, this band has stood the test of time. Proving us time and time again, they can give the world something great to listen to. Their latest, The Circle,  which released November 10, has showed fans they aren’t going anywhere — anywhere but the top. Whether you're a fan from their heyday or a new fan, this album has lots to offer. Enclosed in the CD package is a 90-minute documentary about the band and life on the road.

The opening beats to their latest hit single, playing radio stations worldwide, “We Weren’t Born to Follow” gives the listener a feeling of enjoyment and inspiration, an inspiration that follows throughout the album. It leads into “When We Were Beautiful" — just the title alone makes you think of their old days in rock and roll, which leads you to wonder what the song is really about. A slow but joyful song, you can’t help but sing along to is “Sha Na Na Hey.” “Superman Tonight” gives you a vibe that Jon Bon Jovi is actually sitting in the same room, singing that song to the woman of his choice.

Going back to one of the reasons they were famous, the beginning chimes of “Work for the Working Man” sound exactly like “Livin’ On A Prayer,” but the song heads off in a different direction. It’s a song that sheds light on people who work for a living and do a lot just to get by for their families' sake. “Thorn In My Side” takes on a world of its own, that many people in bad relationships can relate to. The lyrics, ‘Thorn in my side, you know that's all you'll ever be, So don't think you know better, cause that's what you mean to me,’ talks about a relationship gone sour from wear and tear, something that everyone can relate to. While the other songs on the album evoke mixed feelings, such as “Broken Promised Land” and “Fast Cars,” you won’t be disappointed in the purchase.

“Love’s The Only Rule” and “Happy Now” make you think of the band on a totally different level. They are songs of ‘now’ and not yesterday. Especially if you were a fan from the '80s, you can tell that Bon Jovi has grown. This band has broken all boundaries, soaring into pop and rock radio; they are a band that exceed no limits.

Overall, the album gives off a vibe of enjoyment, inspiration, and perhaps a cruise down the coastline. Whatever your style in Bon Jovi music history, it’s a must-have for all Bon Jovi fans.

For information on tour dates, visit Bon Jovi's website.

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About Kaji

  • This is a great review! I mean anyone who is 30ish grew up during the roaring age of Bon Jovi and songs like “Shot Through the Heart” that to me was one of the first songs as a kid that got me riled up about music.

    I remember me, my younger sister who was about 10 years old and my even younger brother who 7 all rocking out to that song in our minivan as we insisted to our Dad to “turn it up, loud!”

    Love it…great stuff Kaji! You evoke memories from my past and remind me why Bon Jovi is one of the enduring rock bands.

  • Kait

    Great review, but just FYI, the lyrics you have for “Thorn In My Side” are not from Bon Jovi’s song.

  • charisse

    Thanks for the great review! As a fan for many years, I get so tired of reading negative reviews from music critics. This band has stood the test of time, and they put on awesome shows!

  • KAJI

    YEs, totally made that mistake. And I admit. I even have the cd. I should have known. But instead of looking at the cd jacket, I googled the lyrics.

    I quoted Euryhmics. Here is what I meant. :O)

    “Thorn in my side
    You won’t let me go
    Right there beside me
    To let me know

    I’ve been pushed around
    Been knocked down
    Lost a round or three
    Life took a couple of things I loved
    When I was too blind to see”

  • Ronald

    I love your review. For me the only Bon Jovi album better than The Circle is These Days. The drums are good, the keyboards refreshed, the guitar work refreshed and the vocals very good. It is refreshing with alternative rock influences in it. It makes me think of U2 and Coldplay but in a Bon Jovi flavour. I think Bon Jovi, on this album, proves to all those rock maniacs who think art is narrow that Bon Jovi matters way more than a lot of bands we have out there.