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Music Review: Bill Wren — One Day In A Life

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When I hear that someone is an instrumental artist, I unfortunately draw a blank slate as to what that genre is. Of course I understand that this form of music comes without words and is heavily reliant on conveying situations and feelings through the power of the instruments. I can’t say, however, that I’ve actually ever listened to an “instrumental” artist exclusively.

In my understanding, the closest that I’ve come to what I consider artists in that genre have been Jan Hammer, Vangelis, and Mike Post.  Others are likely not to consider them instrumentalists as all of them really get associated with score soundtrack work.

Bill Wren is perhaps the first I’ve listened to in awhile who doesn’t fit the ideal mold I have for an instrumental artist. His new album, One Day In A Life, contains a set of songs that force a person such as myself to conjure up places that don’t have a pre-existing history on film or television.

My favorites of this set that do a good job of this are “Ocean Breeze”, “Lovers Rendezvous” and “The Way It Was”. I personally think a lot of “The Way It Was” due to the fact it’s haunting flute sound. Flutes, in the frame of this song, seem to remind me of my younger, happier days.

There are a few tracks that feel a bit transitional and not quite as memorable such as “Day Break”, “Old Friend”, and “Night Fall”. I think “Day Break” would have been a better track for me if it had been switched to “Betrayed” which seems to speak as a better title for the track. As it stands now, I don’t feel a break of day when listening to it. I feel more like something sinister is coming. “Betrayed” on the other hand sounds more like “Day Break”.

Overall Bill Wren's One Day In A Life is an enjoyable listen that reminds us that music doesn't always have to touch people through mere words.

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About Matthew Milam

  • Thank you Matthew for your assessment of my One Day In A Life album. Because you are so brutality honest in your writing style. I feel this review carries a lot of weight, and I take it as a genuine, positive endorsement of the album.
    Thanks a million…. Bill Wren

  • I try to give an honest, but gentle opinion of the things I review. I think it’s better to help someone than to lead them on as if nothing is wrong. I say that because I am often the opposite, I sometimes think nothing is wrong with what I do.

    I worked hard on this review, especially given that this a genre I don’t often visit.

    Thanks Bill