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Music Review: Big B – More To Hate

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The "Official Suburban Noize Heavyweight" and original member of the Spade Birgade Big B has put out a CD called More To Hate on Suburban Noize records.

The heavily tattooed white bread American has been seen on tour with various bands such as Hed (pe), The Dirtball, and the Kottonmouth Kings. He has also appeared on the hit A&E show Inked along side good friend and freestyle motorcross champ Carey Hart.

Not just sporting the solo style on his own, Big B is also vocalist for the band OPM as well as having teamed with The Dirtball in the Subnoize Souljaz. He has a voice that lies in between Everlast and Uncle Cracker but with a little more authority. Tough looking yet comical and friendly, Big B seems to be in the right place at the right time.

Big B labels himself as White Trash Renegade and is proud of it. This is his third full length release for the Las Vegas native and this time he has put away the programmable beats and incorporated live music with some very special guests

“More To Hate” is the CD opener and almost an explanation to the fans what took so long for him to put out new material. The lyrics seem like an apology rap while also an announcement to all that Big B is back even if he made everyone wait. The beats are really addicting on this track, and I think this was a great way to start the album.

CD hit “White Trash Life” has been plastered all over Sirius satellite’s "Faction Radio" thanks to numerous requests. This song is radio friendly to the extreme and favors toward everyone out there who just tries to get day by day.

Big B makes a good name for the white trash on this track as he talks about being a failure and dealing with it just fine. Providing the guitar and bass for this song is Clinton from the recently resurrected '80's punk icons D.I. If you have never heard of Big B, this is the perfect song to be introduced to.

“Pass The Jager” featuring Dirtball hands down is a song about getting hammered to the point where your eyes cross and memories blur. The title alone recalls my recollections of drinking that cold think blood-like elixir. It’s a fun drinking song that I think many will soon blame for their next day hangovers.

“How Quick” is a track regarding forgetting friendship when you make it big. Thankfully the Kottonmouth Kings have not forgotten about their friendship with Big B and special guest on “We Can Smoke.” This is my second favorite track on this CD. Sure this is a rendition of “The Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats, but it is fun and definitely worth a second listen.

Tech Nine joins Big B on “Million Miles” for a memorable track about the sacrifices musicians make while trying to make it big. Tech Nine helps make this song stand a just a little bit more than the others with his smooth intermission. The guitar and drums also take away the feel of a rap song and turn it into more to a rock hit.

Say what you say about Big B and he probably just will not care. Honestly I was not expecting much from this CD but I admit I was wrong. I was taken on a surprise journey intermingled with rap, rock, and punk making for a really interesting album.

Big B has got the friends, recruited the fans, and he now has an album that is going to earn him some attention. White trash can unite once again this time with Big B leading the way. Don’t try to stand in his way though because I have a feeling he has no plan on stopping. Look for Big B to be touring this winter with label mates Kottonmouth Kings and The Dirtball.

For more information check out his website www.feedbigb.com.

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