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Music Review: Behrouz – Pure Behrouz NYC

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When it comes to getting the sweaty club kids moving and grooving all hours of the night, the beat is not just everything, it’s the only fucking thing. And while most DJs can vouch for being able to pop beats under the swirling lights of Europe’s hottest clubs, few DJs can claim the God-given ability to slam audiences with killer tracks for 10 hours straight.

Behrouz is one such monster DJ. With a deadly trail of international club nights blown to capacity behind him, his legendary Pure Behrouz club nights have finally reached CD format. By slicing together classics and modern club thumpers into an array of maddening beats and tweets, he has launched a powerhouse compilation with Pure Behrouz NYC.

The compilation isn’t just suited for outrageous nights on the town with the crazies, either. In fact, Pure Behrouz NYC is perfectly fit for bumping in your car on your way to work or unwinding after a long day with a glass of wine and a good book. Behrouz’s versatility is incontestable.

For all of his flexibility, this renowned DJ is also incredibly thorough. Not content to offer one CD of his club music oeuvre, this set comes with two CDs jam-packed with beats and music to make your head spin.

Not only does Pure Behrouz NYC rock the shit of speakers anywhere, but it serves as an eloquent history lesson in club music. He stuffs the two discs with mixes on just about everything filling the international club scene, offering a stroll down memory lane for aficionados and some seriously hot shit for those new to the game.

Things get off to a sensual, slinky start with a mix of “Things U Do 2 Me” from King Street Crew. The light keys and sexy beat gives the song a sort of lounge music feel. The string-tinged “I’m in Love” carries the torch, bringing a bit of romance to the proceedings.

A seven-minute beat buffet is served up with “Peak Bomb” from Kalim Shabazz, giving listeners a taste of how Behrouz organizes complex percussion into a lingering wave of sound. And DJ Kiki Navarro’s “Siempre” is given a retooling to close out the first disc of the collection.

A pulsating synth greets the listener to start the second disc, unleashing another wave of powerful club pop with Shara Nelson’s enticing vocals on “Go That Deep,” another sexy-as-fuck track that’s sure to keep things moving in the right (or wrong, depending on outlook) direction.

Joris Voorn’s “Blank” is a nicely textured track that unfolds with the perfect beat and a vivacious background, delivering a hot dance track suited for any environment. And accordions (!) pop up on the stellar mix of “Birdy.”

“Kept Within” shuts down the show with a beautiful cascading synthesiser and a magical beat that feels relentless and yet soothing.

For a gorgeously mixed and impeccably produced compilation that spans club history, Pure Behrouz NYC is your hot ticket. This comp is tough-as-nails with hard-slamming beats and fearless loops, yet contains a soft and sensual edge sure to drive any party to the limit or simply close out the day with some tenderness.

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