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Music Review: Band Of The Week – Locksley

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This week’s Band of the Week are the New York-based foursome Locksley. Locksley’s sound is similar to The Beatles pre-Rubber Soul, mixed with the Kinks, a bit of The Beach Boys and plenty of the youthful enthusiasm of punk. Fantastic, energetic harmonies and melodies that harken back to the early 60’s but mixed with garage rock guitars, and modern spiky production, creating a sound that is completely addictive.

With all the style, substance, and savoir faire of a British rock band, the dynamic magnetism, and brutally hot men of an American rock band mixed with the bygone art of timeless songwriting from the era of Rogers and Hammerstein or Gershwin, Locksley manage to encompass all these things and sound fresh and original.

Locksley's sound has been an overwhelming success with advertisers and critics a like — their tracks "She Does" and "Don't Make Me Wait" have been featured in two major national television ads for Payless Shoes and MTV commissioned Locksley to create the theme song for it’s new reality based series Why Can't I Be You?, currently airing everyday on MTV. They are renowned for a blistering live show that has earned them an adoring fan base. That fan base has helped them achieve tremendous success for an unsigned band as evidenced by three successful tours, thousands of copies of their EP sold (no longer available), a stint as the house band for CBGB and opening slots for several big name bands like We Are Scientists, She Wants Revenge and OkGo.

Dont Make Me Wait And now with their debut album Don’t Make Me Wait, Locksley are ready to take on the whole world and this is certainly the album to do it. From the very start this album is full of their fun, guitar-driven melodic music. The catchy guitar work and sublime vocal melodies of "Don't Make Me Wait" are the perfect way to start this utterly addictive first album.

The album continues with the effervescent and lively “All Over Again”, “She Does” and “Why Not Me” –  beautifully crafted pop songs with almost over the top energy and enthusiasm. Even the slower “All Of The Time”,  “My Kind Of Lover”, and “Into The Sun” are filled with Locksley’s unique brand of hooky, melodic, modern 60’s retro guitar-pop.

Overall, Don’t Make Me Wait is magnificent retro-garage-punk-pop made by four guys you would like to have a pint with. I highly recommend it but you can judge for yourself by watching Locksley’s “Don’t make Me Wait” video


You can also hear Locksley’s on their MySpace space or visit their website.

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