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Music Review : Band of the Week – The Trucks

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When I first heard The Trucks self titled debut CD, I was a bit in awe.

You just don’t find bands – especially ones comprised of all women – that combine solid sex appeal and wholesome effervescence which fully engages both men and women without the threatening vibe some groups exude. But Kristin Allen-Zito (vocals/keyboard), Marissa Moore (vocals/xylophone), Faith Reichel (bass/vocals), and Lindy McIntyre (drums) pull it off in a big way. Think of the sound produced by this Bellingham, Washington group as Go-Go's meet the Detroit Cobras or even Pink. The music is punk mixed with a healthy dose of retro-pop, sprinkled with elements of garage band sound.

The first time you hear "Titties," the second song on the CD, you’ll get the picture from both the sound and the in-your-face lyrics: "What makes you think we can fuck just because you put your tongue in my mouth and you twisted my titties, baby?"

Yeah, these women are all about turning the tables on men who think they have strong handles on what women’s sexuality is all about. “Diddle-bot,” a love song to a vibrator, brings on the same kind of tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic, shake-up-the-status-quo feel.

But those that write off The Trucks as some type of novelty band are mistaken.

Just listen to “Zombie” or “Comeback” and you’ll hear some interesting musical texture mixed in these top-notch pop tunes. Move to “Messages” for a hearty, fairly serious ballad. Look behind the pop sound of “Shattered,” and you find a fairly serious laments about betrayal and heartbreak. 

The groups' lyrics and personalities are so infectious that it's almost easy for casual listeners to take the excellent musicianship (especially on drums courtesy of McIntyre) for granted. Hopefully the major labels won't when they hear this indy's band music that just begs for a major contract.

The best way to sum up my thoughts about The Trucks’ music is spelled out in the lyrics of “Introduction,” the first song on the 13-track CD:” “I like it, I love it, I like it, I love it…”

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  • Nancy

    This band is really amazing! You will love them!

  • Sherry

    Love your “Band of the Week” column. Always makes me try something new,fresh and fun like The Trucks.