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Music Review: Bam Margera Presents – Viva La Bands, Vol. 2

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Misfit skateboarding heartthrob Bam Margera has decided to share his favorite songs with the world once again in Bam Margera Presents: Viva La Bands, Vol. 2. This may not appeal to a lot of people if they do not know who the established skateboarder is but for all of his true fans this is almost a inside scoop of Bam’s life. Even if you hate the kid, he has an ear for music and you are bound to at least find a couple tracks on the CD that will appeal to your ears.

The CD features bands he has helped gain fame by appearing them on his shows. Bam has also included a DVD full of skits and takes from past Viva La Bam episodes. The CD was released under Ferret Records.

Bam Margera is typically known for his appearances in Jackass and his conception of the CKY skateboarding video series. Creating humor by inflicting pain on himself and others has gained his fame with people of all ages. He even invaded MTV with Viva La Bam for a few years and still makes special appearances on the we-hardly-ever-play-music-videos channel. He is without a doubt a professional skateboarder, a comic, and an icon to many youth in the world.

Whether it be death metal, light goth, or even Swedish indie rock, the guy has an ear for music. He has brought Finnish goth rockers H.I.M. to America, befriended the Bloodhound Gang, and has a brother who is the drummer for CKY. What a popular guy!

Bam really has an eclectic taste in music and this CD is full of examples. Some songs are metal, some are more death metal, and then there are the techno pop songs that pretty much made me ask myself “how did this get on here?” Regardless the CD has enough different genres of music to keep your attention span going.

A few of Bam’s favorite bands make a second appearance on Bam Margera Presents: Viva La Bands, Vol. 2 such as CKY, Clutch, and The 69 Eyes. I really was hoping for new material by CKY but was treated to a rather boring remix of an earlier track of their called “Rio Bravo.” Clutch as amazing as they are, are Clutch and “Shadow Of Your Love” by The 69 Eyes was entertaining.

The one track that stuck out the most was “Blackened Silence” by Viking Skull. This band is awesome. Imagine '70s metal with a scruffy metal voice powering along and you have yourself Viking Skull. I look forward to hearing their full length release.

Bam’s longtime friend Bran tries again at making a humorous song along with Gnarkill (featuring members of CKY) but this time I am not laughing. Give me Bran’s freestyle or “Skeletor and Beastman” any day and I will laugh until I can not breathe. This attempt at a lounge song is slow and dull and I kind of with something a little funnier with more humor was put in as a replacement. He is still funny, but not that funny.

The bonus DVD is entertaining at times but I can see why these takes were thrown into the vault. I spend a lot of time hitting the skip button on my DVD remote as I was getting rather bored with some of the segments. There was a couple that caught my attention though but I honestly could have done with out the DVD. Thankfully the DVD was a bonus with the CD.

I really liked the behind the scenes “Let’s Shred” where footage was shown on the day when Bam Margera’s house was literally turned into a skate park; inside and outside. I felt I got a better look on how they completed the transformation and also got better footage of skateboarder Geoff Rowley passed out intoxicated under a tree.

“Pond Scum” was funny but I felt sorry for Ryan Dunn as he was unapologetically shoved into the nastiest pond I have ever seen in my life. To make matters worse everyone made Ryan Dunn sit in the van for a couple of hours before he could change his clothes. The result was a humorous home video complete with leeches.

The “Late Night Snack” really was a little too much for me. I could barely watch the late night snack which included the skinning of frogs… Gross. Do not worry though; they were skinning them to make frog legs. I warn you though, they skin them the hillbilly way.

If you enjoyed Bam Margera Presents: Viva La Bands, Vol. 1 you are going to really like volume 2. This CD has a great mix of up and coming artists as well as some that have been in the scene for years. The DVD is not nearly as entertaining though but that should not be anything to distract you from grabbing this CD.

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