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Music Review: Avril Lavigne – “What The Hell”

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It seems that Avril Lavigne is continuing to embrace the pop side of her musical self that we were introduced to on her 2007 album The Best Damn Thing. The infusion of pop in her music is continuing to work out in her favor. Her latest single “What The Hell” (co-written and produced by Max Martin) was released earlier this week and climbed to number three on iTunes within a matter of hours.

Lavigne continues to do what she does best, which is make songs that people, especially women, can relate to. “What The Hell” is about tossing caution to the wind in life and relationships, and doing things that we normally wouldn’t do. What person doesn’t at least daydream about doing this?

The melody sounds pretty simple upon first listen, but when you listen closely there are a lot of layers to the track which in turn give it that kick of fun, bop-around-to-it-pop sound.

Overall, the song is produced well, the beat is catchy, and the lyrics are relatable and easy to sing-a-long to. Those are definitely the necessary ingredients of a hit song in the making.

“What The Hell” is available of iTunes now. Avril Lavigne’s fourth studio album, Goodbye Lullaby is due out March 8.

For more information on Avril Lavigne, please visit her official website.

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  • Dee

    I have been getting really sick of most of the currently popular female artists of the last couple of years. But this new song from Avril is a refreshing change, and I love it.

  • Andy

    I agree with Dee. The radio has been dominated, in the past few years, by the same artist. Avril Lavigne never fails to create a great pop song. My ultimate favorite artist!

  • TareX

    I’m glad she went for her signature style… Seeing the competition, WTH deserves the #1 spot.

  • me.

    Relatable? As in, millions of girls randomly turn into sluts because their last relationship wasn’t going good?

  • you

    I really think this song it’s really lame boring and repetitive she shows us nothing new, I mean the girl is what 26 27?, and she still acts sings writes 17 there’s no improvement whatsoever or maturity in her music style or anything, I mean a 12 year old girl can write those lyrics, the only thing she shows is her in underwear LAME nothing kim kardashian or britney or any so called “celebrity” has shown before

  • Lee

    I think this song proves a point that Arvil is a whore :). and the music video it’s self is filled with advertisments.