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Music Review: Avenged Sevenfold – Nightmare

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Going into Nightmare I felt that Avenged Sevenfold had something to prove. Their last full album was 2007’s self-titled release and it was a big let down. It was not completely bereft of decent cuts but it did not live up to the promise of their breakout album City of Evil. Avenged Sevenfold felt like a rush job that was trying way too hard to be another City of Evil. Sure, the band had heavy expectations following the heights reached with City, I understand that. I also understand that their label was likely pressuring them to put out a similar sounding follow up. With all of that said, Nightmare is a big step forward for the group and they may just be moving on to the next level of their creative output.

Now don’t get too far ahead. This is a step in the right direction but it is not going to change anyone’s world and if you already don’t care for them this is not likely to change that. This is, after all, still the same Avenged Sevenfold that you either love or hate. No sooner had they exploded back in 2005 that a backlash built up. The band had changed their style somewhat, most notably with M. Shadows abandoning of his screaming from their first two albums and there were many who did not really care for this. I am sure there was a good reason for the change, much like the change in David Draiman of Disturbed’s vocal style. Still, many didn’t like this while many did. This album is a natural progression for them in their post-City of Evil career.

Before getting any further there is a personnel change from their last album. Late year drummer The Rev passed away unexpectedly, leaving behind friends and loved ones and a band to pick up the pieces. The band has moved forward but have not yet found a replacement drummer. Sitting in on this album and on their initial tour in support of it is Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy, one of the best in the biz. He does an admirable job of filling for the late Rev, who was quite a good drummer in his own right. Portnoy has stepped in and it does not sound like they have missed a beat, he sounds perfectly at home with A7X, while bringing that distinct Portnoy style with him.

I was really looking forward to Nightmare, after the last disappointment I had a feeling they were going to come back strong and they did not disappoint. The differences have started from the bottom an go all the way to the top. What do I mean by that? Simply put, their songwriting has improved. The past couple of albums have had their share of gimmicky-type songs (like “A Little Piece of Heaven”) and a lot of shredding (no problem there, for the most part). This album feels like there was a lot more attention paid to the development of the song. There has been a cutback on the solos and no gimmick tracks. The songs have a better focus on what they want to be and they go right for it.

Nightmare is filled with the good grooves and high drama that has typified their music for awhile now. They still remind me of an ’80s glam act (like LA Guns) that has been transported trough time and has found a way to update their music to be relevant to the current time frame while losing none of the swagger that attracted the fans in the first place.

Let’s move on to a few of the tracks, shall we?

The album kicks off with the title track. “Nightmare” begins with a chime sequence that leads into a flurry of drum beats and the entrance of the guitars that get right down to business. The track has an eerie aura to it while Shadows vocals and the guitars from Zacky Vengeance and Synyster Gates keep the momentum moving forward. It is like running down hill, you can’t stop it.

“Danger Line” opens with a drum march sound that leads into a dramatic lead run/melody. It is a pretty cool open that leads to a nicely muted guitar chords and an understated vocal open from Shadows. Of course, this doesn’t last long as the song gathers up a head of steam that begs you to rock along to it and sing along, for the first half anyway. The second half of the song slows down and brings in some piano and horn (yes, horn) with a slowed down guitar. I guess that’s what happens when the danger line is crossed.

Track four brings us the first of the mellower tunes with “Buried Alive.” The opening guitars remind me of stuff I heard twenty years ago. It is nice, clean, and quite morose. It is backed by a string section until the rest of the band comes in and cements the downer atmosphere. This is vintage A7X drama. It builds throughout its 6:44 time, picking up some speed and heavier guitars while not sacrificing what was built earlier.

“Natural Born Killer” may be the heaviest song on the Nightmare. It begins amidst a heavy guitar riff, a flurry of guitars and culminates with a bit of an old school scream. Mike Portnoy really cuts loose on his fills here. I can almost seem him beating up his drum kit on this track.

We transition from the prior heaviness into an acoustic driven ballad in “So Far Away.” Brings the tempo down a little bit and injects the emotional quotient, which has been a big part of their music. These guys are not shy to bust out a slow tune and play to the sappy side of the coin. The use of strings and a vocal choir just add to the effect.

To make sure we don’t forget they have an aggressive side, “God Hates Us” follows the ballad and begins very much like a ballad until the :45 mark where the heavy distorted guitars and double bass kick in. This is also the closest we get to hearing M. Shadows scream for any length of time. It is an aggressive track that wants you to walk away with a sore throat.

“Victim” opens with a guitar line backed by a low hum, female vocals, and a bell. It sounds like the precursor to a shootout in the old west. Then the female vocal steps to the front and frankly sounds a little weird. All of it feeds another slowed down song with acoustic guitar entering the mix. The song has a nice flow to it until the end when the female vocal returns to the mix. It sounds a little like something I would hear in a U2 song.

Next up is “Tonight the World Dies,” featuring some more acoustic guitar and electric slide. It is a nice mix that feeds a dramatic build through the middle portions. This may be the most out and out dramatic delivery on the whole album. The title certainly feeds into it. Never do anything small, you know?

“Fiction” opens with a piano and male choir hum that sounds like it belongs on Broadway. I was half expecting to turn around and see the Phantom of the Opera behind me. As much as I like that part, the vocals feel very off to me. At times, mostly towards the end, it sounds like the vocals are being sung through his nose. It sounds awful.

Rounding out the collection is the nearly 11-minute long “Save Me.” The opening with the bass and cymbal  combination reminds me of “Blind” by Korn but that doesn’t last long before the trademark A7X sounds kicks in. Of course, this does not last long as the track takes on an epic feel with the open sound followed by some whisper-screamed vocals around the 2-minute mark before the song truly begins to take shape.

You know, this really is an entertaining album. Not exactly great, but the songs, for the most part, have a stronger focus and feel like they were written by a band that has been working hard towards that goal. Perhaps they realized the mistake they made with the last album and chose to step up their game. Maybe they just got lucky. I cannot say.

What I can say is that there is a lot of good stuff to enjoy here. They make big arena-filling music that is filled dramatic posturing the likes of which we don’t really hear anymore. These guys take me back to my early days of music while still feeling perfectly at home on today’s popular scene.

Bottomline. Listen to Nightmare, enjoy Nightmare. It is really as simple as that.


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  • Josh Currier

    Wow Self Titled was a failure? Which is why they toured for like a year and a half or 2 on it right? It brought almost 1/3 of their fan base and shows that they can do any genre they want and still kick its ass. Complete disrespect to human beings being able to put their grieving aside for their fans and write a well written, technical album which completely displays their musicianship. [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

  • Mike

    Hey fanboys and fangirls. I love Avenged Sevenfold and have for years, however the fact is that The Rev’s vocals on Fiction sound terrible and ruin an otherwise beautiful song. A tribute is a nice idea, but doing it in this way is maybe the worst way to do it. Imagine how popular OUTSIDE of A7X superfans that song could have been if they didn’t put The Rev’s awful demo vocals on it.

  • Ciera

    You really should’ve researched the vocals on “Fiction”. The parts The Rev sang are in red if you look in the lyric book that comes with the CD.

  • Dont worry

    Did you just say that M. Shadows was singing through his nose towards the end, did you do any research to know that the rev sings a lot of that song? He recorded those vocal parts 3 days before he died, so you just seem like a jackass. And to say that you think maybe they realized the mistakes of their last album (which was amazing) and thats why they have more feel in their playing, you are an idiot, their drummer died, do you think their album will have no feeling at all? I know you probably did miniscule research, but use some common sense. The reason the album is so much better, is the emotion they put into the recordings due to their deceased drummer. To call Rev a “good drummer on his own” is like calling Robert Plant an ok singer, the Rev was one of the best in the world. foREVer.

  • agreement

    @katerina hale
    i like how you managed to prove your point without swearing unlike everyone else on this forum!!! its nice to know that there are some mature people out there

  • Katerina Hale

    I think all of you “fans” put a bad view on the rest of us fans!!! So h the guy has a different opinion than you BIG DEAL. grow up get over yourselfs and get a life. I am a huge fan but you make me feel sick and i hate to think there is ppl put there puttong a bad view on a7x fans. No one else i know has ever heard of a7x as i come from New Zealand and when i try to play them some they say they dont like it but i dont get shitty at them because i respect their opinion. have some respect and stop actting like your 2 yrs old!!! As for fiction i thought it wasnt all that good the first time i listened to it but when i came to find out it was the rev singing it grew on me and now it is my favourite song. all im saying is give the guy a break he just doing his job!!!!!

    R.I.P Jimmy The Rev Sullivan

  • jayjay

    WTF are you on? CRACK???? all these songs are awesome!and personally their self titled album avenged sevenfold is also really good!!! some of my fav songs are on that album and as for insulting the revs singing you made a HUGE mistake!!!!

  • chad

    steve,”Thing that really disappointed was I noticed on at least two occasions they used recorded vocals (which during a live set is plain naughty)”.
    they do that because the rev is dead do you want the to just cut him out of the song. fuck that he was a great singer and a big part of their success. in this case recorded vocals are more than ok

  • John Fritz

    Well then, now that I see at least five people here have broken the rule of “No personal attacks”… While I have great respect for the band and I feel it is very sad that the Rev died, that doesn’t improve my opinion on his vocals in Fiction. I’m sorry, I actually thought he had a speech impediment when listening to the one line that went, “I hope it’s worth it, out on the highway, yeah.” Apart from that, it’s a pretty good CD. Not my favorite, but good.

  • the real avenged guy

    @Avenged Guy…that is, in no way, the REV singing. You are an idiot. First of all, you can tell that it’s Matt’s voice because he sings normally right after that part. Secondly, and more vital in proving my point, is that Matt sings that part live. And if you were truly an avenged guy, you would know that all the REV’s parts are played as a recording as a tribute to the REV. Think before you say something stupid like that next time. Have a nice day.

  • Death bat girl

    No offense to you [personal attack deleted by comments editor] but the rev was an amAzing singer. U havent really listened to the album well enough to talk shit about it if u don’t know that. His vocal range was incredible [personal attack deleted by comments editor].

  • Guess who

    A7x is a great band and to say that their self titled album sucked is damn wrong they r musical geniuses who r not afraid to incorporate new things into their genre of music who’s to say that avenged sevenfold is not singin in their typical a7x wen only a7x can decide that? Every one is allowed an opinion but common sence is when u ripp on a well loved band with shitty remarks you r gonna get some shitty remarks about u urself…

  • Seriously?

    All you guys ripping on him for not liking the vocals to fiction are stupid. Sure the rev is dead, and thats a horrible thing, but he’s allowed to dislike the rev’s singing.
    In my honest opinion the rev had a unique voice, with slight appeal, but he really wasn’t that great of a singer. Pretty good drummer tho

  • GTG

    I listen to everything…Zeppelin to House Music, rap, classical…everything. That being said…the song Fiction (imo) is incredible. The Rev was actually on his deathbed and very emotional during the time he wrote and sang this. I can forgive you not doing your research, but disappointed that you weren’t moved by the emotional charge and melody of the song.

  • Mrs. Gates

    I love Avenged Sevenfold. They are definitely my favorite band. I was doing some research and stumbled upon this article and these comments. All I have to say is that I love the album Nightmare. Fiction is one of my favorite songs on it, and I want to cry every time I hear it. The Rev was an amazing drummer, and vocalist! R.I.P. Jimmy-Always in our hearts, forever missed. We have so much to say, but you’re So Far Away. Love you Jimmy

  • Arc

    Heh, pitiful isn’t it? Can’t write a review without people flipping a shit. As some of the people here already said, I don’t fully agree with this review, I’m not gonna sit here and spout ” 0nng yooh fuck3r yo0h 5u(k lawlzz*** ” nor will I say that it was Jimmy on ” Fiction ” because that’s been made clear by angry fanboys. Also I find the ” MTV ” comments illogical, I wasn’t aware that amidst the shows about pregnant sluts that there was decent music. All in all, a moderate review, but the comments make it astonishing. Just ignore the children and ignorant peons, Chris.

  • scythe

    Jesus fucking christ. Just because someone gave a not so favorable review to an album by a band you think it’s your hobby to lick its ass, it doesn’t mean he’s a jackass or he does not know what he’s talking about. Other than him not knowing that the Rev was the one singing, everything in the review was spot on.

    If there’s anyone that does not know who’s talking about, it’s the teenybopper retards and fanboys in the comments section. All of you kids need to stop acting like your opinion is intelligent just because you’d like it to and shut the hell up. Get an education.

    There’s nothing offensive about him not knowing that it was the Rev singing and not Shadows, and his nasally voice would have sounded bad to any music critic regardless if he was dead or alive. Avenged Sevenfold is my favorite band, and I own their every album and Unfortunate Snort, but everybody agrees on the fact that their stupid little fanboys make them look bad.

  • Zach

    Chris. Im not going to bash you at all, but it IS kind of offending to hear that someone thinks Rev`s vocals aren`t good.

    It is YOUR opinion, however, and I will leave it at that.

    Just try to word things a little better.

  • Claud

    Well written review. Although I don’t agree with *some* things you said, I can see your point of view, and I think some of these commenters are ignorant jerks. But I do think the reviewer could’ve done some background search on this album and realized that alot of the songs were inspired by Jimmy’s passing. Especially on the part where the reviewer mentioned Fiction sounding awful. M. Shadows could’ve done it better, I admit (though I know what a talented vocalist the Rev was – Critical Acclaim anyone?) they just wanted to keep Jimmy on the album.

  • Fox

    It’s upsetting that you didn’t do the research to know that it was Jimmy singing in Fiction. And the vocals weren’t studio… because he’d died by then. It’s what was recorded when he pitched the song to the band. As part of the greater “media”, please research in the future.

  • Bleeb123

    While I agree when the reviewer states that the s/t was poor, saying that it was trying to hard to be another COE is nigh imbecilic. The issue was that they threw in too many ill-advised, experimental songs like Dear God and A Little Piece of Heaven. There was no way that the producers were pushing them into a similar sound. A7X were largely left to their own devices which explains the over- indulgent child choristers, vocoder effects and slide guitar featured on that record. None of these were used on COE, an album with far more complex song structures which resulted in many long songs with genuine instrumental sections, instead of the relatively brief solos that litter the s/t. However, many people who bashed the rest of your review are idiotic fanboys. The review, in general is fine.

  • Steve

    Saw A7X last night in manchester, and was rather disappointed in all honestly.. personally I prefere their earlier stuff and most the set was off nightmare. Thing that really disappointed was I noticed on at least two occasions they used recorded vocals (which during a live set is plain naughty).

    All in all, a good review I think – keep it up Chris.

  • It’s all good, Heloise. These don’t bother me all that much. I usually get friends to read them in funny voice. The facts that are brought up over and over again mean nothing in the grand scheme, they don’t change how I feel about the album (which I actually like).

  • I know how you feel Chris. Comments are like being on the cross…it only hurts when they drive the point. Chin up, laptop down.

  • Simmy Atwal

    This review is quite frankly ridiculous. Maybe you did listen it it but I don’t think you really listened to it. 2007’s album was Brilliant. I mean I loved A7X before then but a little piece of heaven is a masterpiece.
    The fact that you haven’t double checked your facts in it self shows that you are not a competent journalist.

  • Dean

    The rev’s vocals were actually taken from the demo track that he recorded in the studio as were the piano parts. if you work in a studio you will know demos are there for reference purposes and are not meant to be perfect. from the recording it sounds like he hasn’t even finished writing the lyrics which is why some parts come across as muffed and ‘nasal’. They put his vocals into the finished track as a tribute to him. poor review. very poor. research before reviewing in the future

  • A7X 11

    I bet Justin Bieber’s album got good reviews from you, asshole. Maybe actually listen to the album next time?

  • Tim

    I mean, I could tell it wasn’t Matt singing at that part, but I thought they were taking the piss or something… like doing it as a joke.

  • Tim

    Okay. Ficiton is a great song and Matt always sounds quite nasally coz that’s just his style. I didn’t know until a minute ago that it’s the Rev singing near the end… Honestly it makes me crack up every time it sounds friggin rediculous. I know it might sound disrespectful to Jimmy, but it just sounded retarded.

  • Martin

    I must say that bob above me is 100% spot on with his analysis of the bands decline. Their first albums were quite poorly produced, yet they were the most genuine and creative BY FAR. Him and I have the perspective that most real A7X fans have (the ones that didnt get into A7X after seeing them playing alongside pop artists on MTV, and havent only heard their latest 2 albums)

  • Martin

    Wow, it seems like A7X’s fanbase has been reduced from true metal lovers to whiny MTV teenagers who care less about the music, and more about the makeup and emotional background of the record.

    Jesus fucking christ, musically, here are the albums rated in order:
    Sounding the Seventh Trumpet (7/10)
    Waking the Fallen (9.5/10)
    City of Evil (7.5/10)
    Avenged Sevenfold (5/10)
    Diamonds in the Rough (4/10)
    Nightmare (2/10)

    Please spare us the fountain of hateful stupidity and musical ignorance that you’re all littering this comment section with. Everyone is entitled to their god damned opinion.

    Fuck the new A7X sound, and yes, I invite you all to come to my house. I have an axe, bring it on you whiny brainwashed fanboys.

  • bob

    Waking the fallen > Sounding the seventh trumpet > self titled > city of evil > nightmare… Nightmare is a big let down for me. I first heard critical acclaim on satellite radio, and that made me look into the band. The farther back in time I went the more I liked what I heard. They started out at their creative peak, and it slowly started to decline after WTF with sparks of genius here and there. They started out a different but amazing metalcore band and are now pop rock 90% of the time. lots of us were anticipating return to heavier music and screamed vocals like in the early albums which most of us love more than any of the others. Stupid for a band to leave their gener imo, they disappoint the fans and leave them behind…

  • zac

    hey all you people who a saying you dont like some of there songs just shut up and dont even comment on here….a7x is a great band and them being able to get that album out was very hard for them cause they lost a brother so back off

  • oreo7x

    is the rev singing in the sonf “fiction”

  • Stevo

    Anybody who commented to Chris’ post and actually attempted to defend the self-titled album is retarded. And if you already have the new album, why the hell are you wasting time bitching about Chris’ review instead of just listening to the damn thing? Don’t you have better things to do than this? I’m guessing the answer is no…..stupid teenagers. get a job

  • kayy

    Singing through his NOSE? seriously? That singing was just days before he died, obviously its not his best vocals, but still, Fiction is my favourite song, not to mention the emotion behind it.



  • Teocosmo

    i agree with those who say that the angry comments below are pretty ridiculous, and make us other a7x fans seem like jerks.
    Yes the rev died, and so what? I like his voice, but if the reviewer doesnt like, he has a right to have an opinion.

    Anyways i did kinda like this review. At least he tried to be objective and not give this album 5/5 just because the rev died! Being an old-time a7x fan i consider this album to be an improvement over the previous one, but certainly not as good as City of evil or WTF. That is ludicrous!!!

  • just no

    no. not to the review, but just, no.

  • Barclaybass

    and DethManZero, are YOU a musician? Do you play drums? Because if u did you would know that the Rev was an AMAZING and very creative drummer, as well as being VERY technically proficient. Not to mention the fact that he wrote and arranged a lot of their music as well which not a lot of drummers can do.

  • Barclaybass

    Listen,the reviewers credibility was lost as soon as he said that the s/t album sounded like City Of Evil, because those two albums are TOTALLY different. There is NOTHING on COE that sounds like “Gunslinger” “A Little Piece Of Heaven” “Dear God” “Scream” or “Afterlife”…..duh!! The s/t album is Brilliant BECAUSE they cover so many different styles of music on it….it’s called stretching out and being creative and not repeating yourself like, oh shall we say, Nickleback. NIGHTMARE is a BRILLIANT album as well.

  • awesomeness

    i am awesome and dude dont EVER write about this band again

  • Beckie

    Shocked this article actually got published… I would of thought an A7X fan might have read it first seeming that one didn’t write it….

  • Aaron

    You guys are so disrespectful. Damn the mans just doing his job. If you have your own opinions write your own review instead of trashing someone else’s

  • Shark

    I quite like the album, but I really have to adjust to the style, it’s much more meaningful than any other album to date, for obvious reasons, yet I think I prefer city of evil and avenged sevenfold to this album, but it’s quickly growing on me πŸ™‚

  • DethManZero

    dude you people are fucked in the head. this CD isnt that great. Waking the Fallen was and always will be A7X’s high point. and i dont care who sings on Fiction it sounds like shit. it sucks that the Rev died, but that doesent make him a great drummer…cus…he was good, but not amazing. hes kinda fast and kinda tech, but overall hes not that amazing. all you 14 year old boys and girls need to go to bed. its past your bedtime.

  • Ed

    It says just above this comment box ‘Personal attacks are NOT allowed’ take note! And I’m glad he gave a mixed review, I’ve seen so many positive ones it’s nice to see the other side of the coin, and also, just because the Rev died doesn’t make it a good album, so leave the review alone guys!

  • DMAN

    Dude you have no idea what good…GREAT music is. A7X is the next, the future in rock music. They will be up there with maiden and metallica. And whats with you leaving out the song welcome to the family in your review? maybe actually listen to the WHOLE ccd next time. And never disrespect the revs final masterpiece again, that was one of the greatest and sadest songs ive ever heard in my life and its something the rev wanted the world to hear. ASSHOLE!

  • Srsly?

    People are freaking out a little more then necessary here, but I must say I was personally disappointed when you called Jimmy’s vocals “awful”. Sure, there weren’t the most incredible thing, but he was a drummer as well, and he IS a good vocalist. You should do your homework just a little bit more so you have an understanding of what you’re critiquing. What’s even more disappointing is that you barely delve into the emotional side and painful reasoning for creating the album to be so dark and melancholy. Clearly the entire band was struggling to put out such heartfelt and honest music and you barely acknowledge that admirable task they took whatsoever.
    Anyways, that’s all I have to say.

  • Sk8ghost

    i ain’t have to say nun. yal told his bitch ass.

  • Jason

    this album is either to your taste or it isnt, i like a few songs on the album but not all of them, the review however could be a lot better, it really does just feel like the writer just skimmed through the album didnt do any real research into the band or the album, im suprised that he didnt even bother to consider it could have been a different singer for the song fiction, pretty obvious stuff really, and if your going to critisize a band that people feel a lot about then people being threatening to you over the internet is the least you expect.. you chose a widely disliked occupation so just deal with it.. bands like avenged sevenfold envoke meaning into the songs by every day circumstances that a lot of people have to deal with and it helps them with it and can and has ultimately saved lives through it, it may sound pretty cheesy but thats just the way it is, real music after all is all about raw emotion, capturing it, then using it for music.. critic you’ve just been critisized

  • Kamile

    You know, a lot of these comments are just outrageous. If you truly read the article, you would see that Mr. Beaumont here actually liked the album. Am I saying that I loved everything he said or agreed? No, but I am saying that I understand where he was coming from when he wrote this.

    I must say that I found this album to be a complete delight, and I enjoyed listening to it. I thought that they redeemed themselves, and they did a wonderful job honoring the life of “The Rev”.

  • A7X

    Some of The Rev’s singing was only a demo version, when he sings the lines, ‘I hope it’s worth it, here on the highway, yeah. I know you’ll find your own way when I’m not with you…’ it’s only the demo part, since he never finished recording it properly, The Rev recorded his demo vocals 3 days before he died (or that’s when the song was written not sure) R.I.P Always in our hearts as an amazing drummer

  • Justin Sane

    ok people, i love avenged sevenfold, i have ever since i heard their first album, sounding the seventh trumpet, but i mean come on, i love their new album but so what if he doesn’t like it as much as you kids who do nothing but listen to them, do not wear anything but A7X clothes or crap like that. learn not to get obsessed with things on this planet. and just cause he got the part about the rev singing, i didn’t pick it up at first, i am sorry that not everybody sits there and hase the back up vocalist voice memorized so they can tell when he sings. i miss the rev and no disrespect to him, but so what if the guy didn’t get that it was the rev singing? Grow a pair and learn to live with other peoples opinions.

  • TheBigRico

    This is the biggest piece of shit ive ever read, how dare you right a review that suggests that the revs amazing voice is m shadows singing through his nose. you are so disrespectful, this song is a masterpiece and their self titled album was absolutely amazing, better the city of evil in my opinion, afterlife, also written by the rev is amazing [personal attack deleted]. Get your facts straight before you review anything ever again.

  • Ryan Callstrom

    This ain’t a personal attack, just a recommendation.
    To Chris and Jordan:
    I myself am definatly a hardcore Avenged fan, caught in the ride with City of Evil, listened to the rest and have been hooked ever since. But I get your point about one mistake shouldn’t piss that many fans off. But Chris, you made a critical one, that’s Jimmy you insulted. I personally think Fiction is a great track, in fact it’s the last track Jimmy wrote before he died. So with the thousands of fans backing me on this, lay the fuck off. I know it’s your job to review albums and put your piece of mind into it, but you’ll do well to remember, We Don’t Fuck Around. Avenged Sevenfold is a awesome band, that gives hope and heart to it’s fans, many of which listen to their music religiously. Myself included. So watch what you’re saying in front of us. [personal attack deleted]

    That’s all.
    P.S. R.I.P. James “The Rev” Sullivan!
    P.S.S. Avenged Sevenfold fucking rules!

  • the second i pushed play and heard Fiction i knew i was listening to a masterpiece. for anyone who knows a7x, knows theRev was more talented than we will ever know. he was creating music before a7x was birthed by him and his mates. so for you mr. beaumont get your head out of your ass and do some homework be for your write another paper.

  • I gotta give this dude credit for putting a considerable enough effort into his critique.
    I mean, you are all saying that he has no musical knowledge; and that he clearly did not listen to the album (among other things), but it is clear that he does in fact know what he is talking about, whether or not you are in aggreeance.
    While he may not be a musical scholar, look for key musical terminology. He uses it decently enough to constitute some credibility.
    The fact alone that he was able to write a mini review on most of the albums tracks means he listened to them closely; end of story.

    Regardless, I DO NOT agree with many of his opinions.
    This doesn’t make the man a douche, he just has a different opinion.
    All a review is-is an expression of ones opinions. Take it or leave it. Everyone is entitled to their own.

    I personally believe A7X has been making a steady climb up the ladder from where they began. Each album in succession has impressed me more and more; without fail.

    On the most controversial topic in this review, Fiction.
    You all can not sit there and say that without some research you wouldn’t take a second glance at the nasally vocals and think “Wait, what?”
    Only once I was able to look into it and found out that it was, in fact, the Rev singing did I understand, respect, and fully enjoy that portion of the song.
    It did set me aback at first, but due to it’s meaningfulness, and it’s execution, it has become more magical than anything else; especially not awful.

    R.I.P. Jimmy
    We all love you.


  • Jonny

    Oh and by the way Jordan Richardson keep owning up all these people that don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. It’s pretty funny to see them complain about the review and then you come and just put their words to shit.

  • Jonny

    The reviewer to this album shouldn’t even care about what anyone says about his opinion, it’s HIS opinion. Plus, these kids only say they’ll “beat your ass” over the internet. But they’re probably all 11-15 year olds. They’re all acting like if Avenged Sevenfold is their family, defending them and all. I’m a fan of Avenged Sevenfold but there’s no need for me to hate on the reviewer for what he thinks about the new album. Everyone who comments and says that this guy shouldn’t review of Avenged Sevenfold’s material again should just be quiet.

  • Cigarley

    Haha, these comments are way better reading than your review… Disrespect my ass, you were just being honest about Fiction being a crappy song… everyone’s getting butthurt, god forbid you talk trash about the dead guy… this is worse than Heath Ledger getting all those awards for his average performance portraying a homicidal Andy Dick in The Dark Knight

  • Jordan Richardson

    Dave, then don’t read reviews. Simple enough.

    Jon (#69), what “right” do people need to have in order to offer their thoughts on something? Here I thought there was freedom of speech and so forth, but I assume you consider that to be a big step backward in the progress of our species. Too bad.

  • Jon

    dude you have no right reveiwing shit. just give up

  • Matt

    Eh? Why are people getting pissy? Have you “fans” actually heard the song? Towards the end, 3:30 minutes in, there’s a part of the song that is ACTUALLY sung through the nose. It’s an intentional effect, nobody was taking the piss out of anybody’s vocal talent… it just happens to sound really weird.

    And just so you all know, the part of the song that the reviewer was supposedly berating was in reality sung by M. Shadows. It’s definitely his voice; his voice is too unique to get confused with anybody else. The Rev’s voice actually comes in AFTER the nasal-voice segment ends, where he EASILY outshines M. Shadows, so I don’t get why you’re all getting huffy over this.

    I’m pretty sure that the reviewer is already aware of the Rev’s vocal talent anyway; I mean, who isn’t? All you need to do is listen to the chorus in Critical Acclaim to know that. Easily the best part of the song.

  • jimmy foREVer

    dude your a fucking retard not only was there self titled album amazing but it was also a huge leap from city of evil. i say there always geting better and without that self titled album we wouldent have afterlife or a little piece of heaven. so fuck u and go back to listening justin bieber, stay out of metal ur not worth it

  • Dave

    Critics ruin everything anyways. But I am a hardcore A7X fan so if my last “time” using this site is over the span of a week then I’m still keeping my promise. “This” could have been referring to any time frame I so choose, and with that. I bid you adieu… and hey, I don’t feel like I’m wasting my time if I just check on this reviews comments for like a minute or two everyday. Ttyl! Lawlz.

  • Jordan Richardson

    John, hate to break it to you but Avenged Sevenfold is about as “mainstream” as you get. They’re opening for Limp Bizkit, for crying out loud. Also, Chris “probably reviewed it” because he friggin’ liked it. He reviews tons of stuff like this. If you bothered to look at his bio before spouting off, you’d realize that.

    Dave, looks like you didn’t keep your word from #47.

    Me (#60): And if you can’t even be a critic, leave anonymous comments on the internets. Sounds about right.

  • Alex Barker

    okay okay the review on Fiction was kinda shocking . i’m not gonna call you names and stuff considering my age but that was kinda rude thing to say . you either didnt know it was the drummer or did . but anyway for the fans it’s kinda painful to hear such thing .

    besides that i think its a pretty good review . exept for the 3.5 out of 5 it’s worth a 4 or 4.5 . and also don’t forget their 4th album debuted on #4 on the billboard 200 and also was awarded Album of the Year at the Kerrang!Awards .
    i mean these guys are great . they write their own lyrics , tunes come up with other stuff like putting in a choir or ad some strings and horns .
    and they perform exellent live.
    so they dress funny . c’mon it’s like every genre has his dress code ? hell no.

    but in the end it’s someones opinion that matters . and this review is yours and i can only respect it .


  • jess

    And jeremy yes the liner notes state that jessi collins did backup vocals for fiction and he did……but not for the chorus that was srictly the rev.he wrote it three days b4 he died and did guitar drums bass and vocals on a demo and played it for the band. They kept his voice on the track but only briefly………so you stop being halfassed too

  • jess

    A little piece of heaven was not gimmicky and critical acclaim was awesome.nightnmare rocks as does the rev….who died in 09….. well this gut should be fired cuz he obviously didn’t do his home work! Wow soooooooooooo many mistakes in one review! How sad he halfassed a7x πŸ™

  • Armagedn

    A Little Piece of Heaven? Gimmicky? That was the best song on the whole dang album.

  • Me

    If you can, Do….if you can’t, become a critic.

  • Jimi

    While i feel that the one line was a slight towards The Rev, it most likely was an honest mistake, no need for all the hate. Personally i like the album, but that doesnt mean a person should mad because of differing opinions on music. I dont like all, but appreciate all forms of music bc it takes talent of at least some degree to make any music.

  • Dave


    I’m pretty sure I said I liked the review. And I’d say most of my statements were pretty solid and backed up; then again I just felt like getting some points across rather quickly on a random site that I also have never heard of.

  • John

    Haha. He probably reviewed it because it’s… wait for it… wait for it… NUMBER 1!

    At least it’s not shitty ass jungle music. Or some mainstream Disturbed or Trivium crap.

  • abc123

    jerm, you need to leave this site because you have no respect.

    “i don’t care if it was written about ten dead people that were in the band.”

    I am a huge A7X fan and I disagree with Chris’ view that ‘Avenged Sevenfold’ was a bad album because I personally think it was their best album, even including ‘Nightmare’. But seriously, we are not narrow-minded, however due to being fans of the band, we understand the emotion and the extreme difficulty into creating this album.

    “Perhaps if the A7X fans here weren’t so narrow-minded they’d realize value in other perspectives.”

    We are willing to take other people’s perspectives but when they are just being rude about someone’s death (see jerm’s comment above) it is quite disgusting to see.

    Jimmy ‘The Rev’ Sullivan put his everything into the band and so after his death, it was like losing a brother because the band were so close to him. I don’t know if you can understand that but it is the reason why the album is so good because of the raw emotion in the songs.

    We are only being ‘narrow-minded’, as you put it, because of the shock that this review was so blunt and had no regard to the agony of the band members and to be honest, he may have listened to the album but the stuff he says in this review shows that he hasn’t got an proper understanding of Avenged.

    I don’t care if this comment isn’t well written but it is so difficult to write the rage some of the comments cause because of people’s lack of knowledge and understanding.

    Also ‘Welcome To The Family’ is by far the best song on the album, in terms of musical talent but fiction definately has the strongest effect on me. R.I.P The Rev

    Finally, before I get a load of people hating, I would just like to point out that even though this may not be as good as other albums, musically, this album has the most emotion I have ever heard in an album.

  • Jim Norton

    I have known Chris for a long time and he does this purely for his own enjoyment. He doesn’t get paid to review music or movies. I know for a fact he has a lot of stuff he never gets a chance to write about so the fact that he reviewed the new A7X album means he likes it. He definitely doesn’t get the opportunity to learn all the facts about everything about a band, what reviewer does. I personally really liked the last 2 A7X albums a lot but I’m not feeling Nightmare yet, maybe I will grow into it. (I know now you are going to bash me) He gives his honest opinion and I know your comments aren’t going to sway him either way, he expresses his opinions and likes/dislikes. We all have our right to express our opinion and the reason art has such a wide diversity is because of these opinions and tastes. Chris keep up the good work and reviewing.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Finally heard “Fiction.” It sounds like it was rejected from Axl’s Chinese Democracy for Christ’s sake. What a mess of a song. It’s so busy and layered that it’s incoherent and the vocals, especially at the end as Chris says, are almost laughable. It sounds like he’s singing “Pffn pfffn pfffn pfffn” over a pretty good piano loop.

    What utter shit.

    I honestly wouldn’t have known who the hell that was singing on it and if it’s true that they didn’t credit him in the liner notes of the album, I think all of this criticism of the review is just all the more silly.

  • I Hate New A7X Fans

    I’ve been a longtime fan of this band, so when I see 15-16 year old teenage girls running around with their a7x shirts, I die a little inside.
    Yes, the Reveverend Tholomew Plague is dead, but his performance on “Fiction” is HORRIBLE.
    I understand the band’s reasons for placing it on the album, but it doesn’t make the song any good.
    Just because a retard tried really hard to get on the basketball team doesn’t mean he’s actually good enough.
    Only teenagers would somehow try and make the incoherent ramblings of a drug addict into something more than what it is.
    For what it’s worth, Chris, I thought the review was spot on. And I wish The Rev was still here, drug free.

  • Ash

    Look, we all have our opinions, sure we may or may not like it… but the main thing is, its not affecting us directly. Sure, that “Fiction” part of the article isn’t the nicest reviews for one helluva drummer, but then again, I question how much of a A7X fan he really is… not liking their self-titled album?

  • rob

    i actually agree with most everything he said, honestly fiction isnt that good and the singing is off, hes not disrespectful hes just stating his opinion, to say that this is their best album and sugar coat everything because the rev died is unrealistic.

  • Jordan Richardson


    If this review managed to get you not to “use” this site anymore, I’d consider that a big Blogcritics WIN.

  • Mersadies

    Well, he did mention Rev’s death, but full acknowledgement of how hard a death like that can be is not really hit.

  • Mersadies

    I am a HUGE Avenged Sevenfold fan. Obsessed almost. And yet I do not understand the hostility coming from these other “fans.” I think the review was fine, a little critical and more opinionated than factual, but Chris is a Critic. I’ve heard much worse reviews that are just plain harsh and rude and you can tell all they want is to discredit A7X. The problem that I have with this review is that he failed to mention that they lost someone that most of them had been best friends with almost every day for about 18 years. That will take a toll on anyone. What they have produced is amazing. If it stands up to the other alnums, I don’t know. I have to listen to the album more than five times to get a feel. But he got it right… mostly. =p

  • Dave

    Comment #40, Phil Foley? Are you kidding? Whether we agree with it is not of concern? Who the hell do you think reads these articles? It is ALL about your readers. This is laughable.

    This is my first and last time using this site. blogcritics fail…

  • Dave

    No attack here, but I like this review. Other than the fact that Chris here isn’t owning up to his mistaking Shadows’ voice with Jimmy’s.

    And for a lady to be singing on the track “Victim,” IMO, sounds cool. A7X just proves that it can do anything (including country, as from their self-titled album’s “Gunslinger.”)

    This band is also for the open-minded, Jordan, because they have shown exactly how many styles of music they can pull off and do it better.

    I’m sorry, but Metallica’s drumming doesn’t compare to this band’s and the guitars that Syn comes up with are amazing; considering that he’s jazz influenced and plays metal, though, it doesn’t surprise me.

    As for Matt’s voice, it is one of a kind. It’s got a rock style with his nasal twang, and, sorry to let you guys know, but a lot of singers sound like one another. “Style” is different than voice. Think about Leona Lewis and Mariah Carey. They’re alike, no? And don’t even get me started on rappers and country music. Every male artist in that genre sings the same damn style (for the most part.)

    An Open-Minded Man πŸ˜€

  • Gray Hunter

    I believe I’ll agree with Jordan. Avenged Sevenfold is, at best, boring. The only reason I’d even want to listen to them now is because Portnoy handled some of the drumming. He is the best. Beaumont has written some good reviews, give him a break. You Sevenfolders are a bunch of freaks …

  • Stefanie

    You are correct. I did not mean my post with a rude tone. But a mistake is a mistake and I will admit mine.
    I guess maybe it is still a little raw for a lot of people. It;s weird losing someone that you do not really know. You still get defensive. So peace on my part. A critic is a critic. If it weren’t for bad criticism (or rather, “constructive” criticisms) how would we know the good stuff?

    Sorry about that.

    I will admit, my initial reaction to the part that The Rev is being credited was not altogether positive either. It was such a stark contrast to M. Shadows voice, but knowing now about the vocals makes them a lot easier to digest.

    So keep it up Chris, (and jordan.) You have a job to do.


  • Disney lover 420

    I used “Fiction” as the soundtrack to the birth of my child. This album is beautiful and reminds me of being a child and picking strawberries with my grandmama. This could be used as a soundtrack to little house on the prairie.

  • SnowWhite

    I loved this album. “Fiction” was my wedding song. I think the back up vocals and the instrumental was amazing. This totally reminded me of Woodstock and brought back alot of memories.

  • Gerry

    I’ve now listened to this album three times through, and I agree it is not their best. I think Waking the Fallen was probably the bands breakout album. City of Evil redefined the band again, showcasing their talent in a mainstream friendly forum. “Avenged Sevenfold” showed the band in another new light, mixing in what seemed like experiments such as “Little Piece of Heaven” and “Dear God,” which seemed to play off City’s Seize the Day and Sidewinder, and let’s not forget “Lost” with the vocal effect and poppy chorus.
    But this album does something different. First and foremost, it reflects on the Rev’s death. RIP Rev. It seems the whole album is themed for the Rev, but the past albums have not shared a common theme. Secondly, they seem to revisit the style heard through Waking the Fallen. If I listened to all the albums so far without knowing their original release, I would guess tht it would have existed between “Waking” and “City.” Simply put: I don’t think they’ve accomplished anything new here.
    But I will say this. I never expected this to be a master album. I personally can’t imagine the pain these guys have gone through the past 8 months, and to record and release a full length album that sounds as good as this one does is a feat in itself. Avenged will be back stronger than ever in 2 years or so. They’re human. They need time.

  • The fact of the matter is that Chris is a critic. He critiques things and offers his opinion. Whether or not you agree with it is of no concern. If you enjoy his opinion thats great and maybe you can get turned onto something new. If you disagree then thats great as well because it just means that you have a difference of opinions. Personally I agree with many of the comments Chris has made about this album. Those of you who have commented negatively seem quite immature and your opinions appear closed minded at times and offers little to no valid arguments more then f you, dont f with avenged sevenfold or dont go to their concerts because we will beat you up. I am impressed that he got such an emotional response from you which only validates the fact that he is a talented writer however you really are disrepecting his right as an American to voice his opinion and critique this piece of art. I would advise you kids out there to increase your linguistic skills open your mind to other peoples opinions and grow the fuck up.

  • Eric

    Jordan, I completely agree with you. I was going to say something like that, but I couldn’t say it any better than that.

    Someone said “He didn’t listen to the album, he just fast forwarded through the songs.” Did you actually read the review, or did you just skim through it and read the parts you didn’t like? He liked it, he just didn’t think it was their best. I’m a big Avenged Sevenfold fan too, and I agree with most of what he said. You gonna bash me too?

    Don’t call someone a jackass when all you’re doing is making yourself look like one.

  • Jordan Richardson

    No, Stefanie, it’s an honest mistake. Chris was not intentionally disrespectful in any way. The comments here, on the other hand, use the deceased as a way to vent their angst. That, to me, is intentionally disrespectful.

    Not one of you decided to point out the mistake in a respectful or polite manner.

  • Stefanie

    “As for the factual issue, it’s a mistake but so what? Who among you has never made a mistake?”

    There is a “mistake” and then there is disrespecting a great man that is now deceased. You, Chris, SHOULD have done more research on this vocals in the album before you print anything that could be this touchy. That is just good journalism.

    So perhaps, next time you review an album with a deceased member, you will find out the logistics of the song, eh?

  • Joe

    [personal attack deleted] like every one said why dont u actually take the time to listen to the songs and not to disrespect the deceased [personal attack deleted]

  • Syn

    Oh i meant to put “Im a big time a7x FAN” lol my bad.

  • Syn

    Some fans just make others look so hostile. Im a big time a7x and i respect other’s opinions. I wont kill myself because someone doesnt like them. Fact is, not everybody is going to love Band X. I bought this album, and i loved every bit of it. The lyrics, the emotion, the way they put it together in tribute to their deceased brother, made chills run up my spine. This album is great, and im hoping they continue to make more.

  • the only thing funnier than this string of comments is the fact that Avenged Sevenfold is opening for Limp Bizkit. hee!

  • mitch

    Yeah [personal attack deleted] its the rev singing. That part you talk of is my favourite part on the album. Its such a strong sending off from the Rev… its almost closure im sure alot of fans needed…

  • Nate K

    Wow, seriously? You guys need to check your facts before you write a review. You are probably the most disrespectful bunch of fucking pricks I have ever seen in my life. Go to hell you assholes.

  • keepinit holy

    cmon guys. i love A7X more than any other band still making music and i agree with both sides. were all losers here, its an internet chat room on a website i’ve never heard of. lets not get ourselves hopeful here. the guy has a right to his opinion. so what if he’s wrong, we dont have to yell at him. wwjd (what would jimmy do) but i also have to say the review was a bit vague. i only heard part of the album so far and i was hoping for a comprehensive analysis of the music. this was just talking about bells and what not. so cmon guys, lets all chill. does it really matter?

  • jeremy

    Sweet! I read the interviews as well and thought and hoped that was the rev’s voice I was hearing and was dissapointed to not get confirmation in the liner notes. Wonder why they didn’t make it official? They listed all these other people, you’d think they’d identify and clarify that he did indeed have vocals on the album too. Weird.

  • fred

    Most certainly they are. He and M. Shadows are both singing the verses of Fiction and The Rev is solo on the chorus. Sorry I didn’t read the liner notes to hear the distinct difference within the song. I did however read the band interviews over the past months discussing the album (and that song in particular).

  • jeremy

    The rev’s vocals are no where on this album (I wish it was). Read the liner notes. Or did all you dedicated fans just get the album from a torrent? That being said, I love this album. For it’s brilliance, and it’s flaws. A7x has something that has been missing in rock music since G n’ R. They do what THEY want and feel sounds great. And the emotion of this album is haunting. I love it. LOVE it.

  • Paul Roy

    Jesus Christ! Remind me to never review an Avenged Sevenfold DVD. No pay raise for you this year Chris!

  • teejay

    To quote Jay-z, “Do you listen to music or do you just skim through it?”

  • Sam

    Not necessarily idiocracy, I would say on the reviewers part on getting his facts wrong. I guess it’s a minor mistake considering his conciseness on the rest of the review. Besides, the Rev did record these vocals for a demo. It sounds like the rev sang like how he thought Matt would sing it so Matt had an idea of what to do.

    That being said, I do disagree with a lot of things in this review. I feel like this album is far more genuine than most any music nowadays. I’m no Avenged Sevenfold fan, but I heard a lot of buzz about this Record. So I checked it out and did some research before I listened and I was completely wowed. Hard Rock doesn’t give me goosebumps, but this album certainly did. So much so that I could not sleep that night.

  • Cory

    I’m somewhere in between on this review. While I think it’s one of the worst Nightmare reviews I’ve read, it’s not because he gave it a lower score than most. This album is about pure emotion, and the writer barely even touches on it. It’s a shame people went as far as they did on some of these comments, but at the same time, I’m sure this reviewer can do a much better job than he did.

  • Puckingham

    I have to agree with most of this review. I have to say one thing that bothers me with this album is the pacing. I really think they should have spread the longer songs more evenly among the others. Its like the album is divided in half, between the fast and slow songs.

    Also, no mention of welcome to the family??? C’mon, you know that lead guitar is the catchiest thing since they invented the baseball mitt.

  • mark

    the review was well written. just because he doesnt think the album is a masterpiece doesnt make it bad.

    however he should have researched the rev singing in fiction

  • For those of you writers who think an articles merit is measured by the number of comments it gets…well, here’s what you’ve been missing.


  • Geez

    These kids want totalitarian rule over what people say…this is incredible the horrible remarks..

  • Greg

    This is ridiculous!1 People make mistakes, way to make us other A7X fans look like a bunch of juvenile idiots. How disrespectful of you all to get angry over one persons opinion over an album. So he compared an album to LA Guns who the hell cares!? ITS HIS OPINION!! Grow up, all of you. I loved the self-titled A7X album but I am not about to rip off this reviewers head over something he feels was not great. Calm down kids its just an opinion.

  • WOW

    this may be the worst review ever written im serious. the Rev was amazing and I think he has a great so stop witing reviews on this band

  • jerm

    Don’t fuck with A7X what do you think they are gods? NOT. This album is mediocre at best, i don’t care if it was written about ten dead people that were in the band. Its sad yes that The Rev died, but was he sacred, no, people can have an opinion, lay off! I’m so sick of people thinking this band is some sort of metal messiah, and people are afraid you’ll show up at the door with a shotgun if you say something bad about them. I liked a few of there songs during there career but frankly i hate most of there stuff, there i said it. Am i a sinner now destined to burn in hell? Idiots. Dio died and you don’t see a bunch of people wining about being disrespectful because he sung about wizards and warriors. He was great, but also flawed.



  • Jordan Richardson

    Mrs. S. Twiztid,

    What staff are you talking about? Do you operate a particular publication? You seem to rule with an iron fist if you do indeed have a staff, so I fear for those individuals who have to work for/with you as they must never be allowed to disagree with you or make basic mistakes.

    The fact that you think ANY publication should can a writer or critic after making a mistake is just juvenile and you’re letting your silly fandom of a rock band (a BORING rock band) cloud your judgment.

    More to the point, suggesting that “we” don’t really care is not only presumptuous but silly given the fact that you, y’know, COMMENTED on this article. Obviously you care enough to do that.

    More to the point, the fact that you advocate violence over something that you claim “we” don’t care about is just idiotic. Is that really the type of world you want to live in? Are you that angry about this review that you’d advocate physical harm?

    What else? Do you have your staff routinely beaten and flogged for taking too many bathroom breaks?

  • Jordan Richardson

    These comments are ridiculous, as they usually are among obsessed fans.

    The accusations that Chris “didn’t listen to the album” are idiotic. It’s actually valuable to, you know, hear different perspectives on a record. Hearing something else, another angle perhaps, doesn’t mean that someone didn’t “listen.” It means someone listened in a different way. Perhaps if the A7X fans here weren’t so narrow-minded they’d realize value in other perspectives. How boring it must be to exist like that!

    As for the factual issue, it’s a mistake but so what? Who among you has never made a mistake? Is that reason enough to not be “allowed” to express your thoughts on something? Are you advocating censorship based on one line in this review? I surely hope not.

  • Sticks

    Mr. Beaumont did appear to like the album but it did not seem he listened to it enough to give his educated opinion. As the other fans stated, Fiction has The Rev’s guide vocals as to how Shadows should sing it and A7X decided to keep his vocals in the song. It’s actually funny because it was Rev almost kind of impersonating/teasing Shadows. Also Victim does begin with acoustic guitar but the chorus is actually pretty heavy. Personally, I get the feeling of Metallica, Guns N Roses, Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana from this album but still with that distinctive A7X sound. This is their best start-to-finish record to date.

  • Chuck

    Good review, and as a long time fan of the band, I can honestly say these comments are unwarranted and silly.

    But… Avenged does seem to attract a younger fan base since they are the heaviest thing on MTV.

  • Mrs. S. Twiztid

    Chris Beaumont should not even be allowed to write about A7X ever again. If he were on my staff and he wrote this garbage he would have been canned ASAP. Chris-don’t write any more reviews on A7X because you don’t know anything about them and frankly your point of view reeks. It really doesn’t matter what you think about their albums because we really don’t care. And the Rev sings on Fiction and obviously you have never heard of Pinkly Smooth but Jimmy can sing. You really put your foot in your mouth this time Chris. You best not show your face at any concerts, because A7X fans are the kind that will kick the sh*t out of you. City of Evil was awesome and the 2007 album was even better. A7X has evolved over the past decade and their music has only gotten better over time. I honestly can not point out one song that I dislike. Maybe I should have your job Chris, atleast I would give the artist more credit for their hard work which you obviously do not appreciate. Avenged has talent and you are obviously just another hater. I wish you no ill will but you need to keep A7X out of your articles and out of your mouth. I could keep ranting but I am going to save my breath because there will be other pissed off fans on here that are going to post things way far worse than what I have so by the time we get through you may be cleaning out your office. Under the circumstances I have spoken lightly compaired to what the other fans may have to say. Bottom line-don’t F*ck with A7X!

  • uhh…

    no, this is what happens when you don’t bother to read up your facts, hang your head in shame. He obviously wasnt a vocalist, he won’t be as good as Shadows, just don’t appear to be above it all because obviously you don’t put the effort into your job it requires.

  • Yeah Jordan, I knew it was coming. Being hated on for an album I actually like. It is terrible to have an opinion.

  • wtf?

    dude you should not be reviewing music. Your musical knowledge is ZERO. Learn something about A7X and music before u try to write a review

  • Wow…

    Did he listen to the album or put any thought into this review? I mean he’s entitled to his opinion and has made it clear that he dislikes earlier a7x stuff but come one, at least make sure your facts are right before you argue for or against something.

  • foREVer

    Dude, you know nothing about music….the avenged sevenfold album in 2007 was great….lots of good songs. And to say that fiction vocals sound awful? THATS the rev you dickhead….learn something about music before you review albums. Fix your fucked up ears

  • Jordan Richardson

    Careful, Chris, they’re coming for you.

  • Laurence

    Wow, it’s almost as if this reviewer fast-forwarded throughout every song and thought he had the right to actually write this shit review. If you’re going to comment on every song, at least give some indication you actually took the time to sit back and feel its vibe.

  • Alixx

    “At times, mostly towards the end, it sounds like Shadows is singing through his nose. It sounds awful.”
    Wow I think that is the most disrespectful thing I have ever heard. That was the Rev’s masterpiece who died LAST year not this year. It’s apparent this guy has no idea what he’s talking about.

  • Avenged Guy

    Hey asshole, the part where you said that M. Shadows was singing through his nose on “Fiction”, was actaully The Rev singing, Ya know? Their deceased drummer. Get it right next time before you make yourself sound like a jackass.