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Music Review: All Out War – Assassins In The House Of God

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New York’s creators of metalcore, All Out War, have returned with an all new album Assassins In The House Of God. The disc released under Victory Records proves to be one of the more mature heavy bands on the Chicago based label. Many adorning fans have waited almost four years for this release and I do not predict any sort of disappointment.

There have been a lot of bands out there, currently and in the past, who reference themselves a metalcore band but really do not even come close to what the early 1990’s five some was credited for. This band is a heavy loud powerful act that has been playing out all over the world for years without really letting up on their abilities. Their live shows are said to be amazing and brutal. Many have stated All Out War reminds them of almost a Slayer like band with Cro Mags mixed in and I would have to say that they are correct. The band blends in a perfect amount of thrash and heavy metal resulting in what the term metalcore really is all about.

The CD starts out with “Curtain Call For The Crucified” a song that reminds me of the eighties thrash metal that was not cheesy. With fast hammering drums and heavy riffs on the guitars this song caught my attention. There were some tracks on this disc that sounded a little repetitious but not to a point where any of my interest was lost. Another track that kept my attention was “When Your Gods Have Failed”. I loved the drumming and the guitar solos. “Cursed In Damnation (And All Shall Suffer)” was one more track that kept my blood pumping and also was the final track on the disc.

Although I really enjoyed the music on this release I can not say I was really too into the lyrics. A lot of the lyrics  talked of God and betrayal. They were not poorly written by all means, but maybe I was looking for something else. I guess I am one of those listeners out there that the band addressed on their website recently by stating, “Apparently there has been some controversy over the lyrical content of Assassins in the House of God. Well, what can I tell you? We have never been a band to write lyrics about the pleasantries of life, abstract neo-Freudian poetry, or lost love. The lyrics are basically typical All Out War and we spare no religion or political agenda. If you are offended by the lyrical content, maybe you should be.”

Despite the whole lyrical issue I guess I am having, this is one hell of a release. With that said, I suggest to anyone out there who loves heavy loud music to check these guys out, after all, they did invent metalcore.

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  • mckennal

    I picked this up myself last night, having no idea who All Out War were. Having recently graduated to Testament, Exodus, Arch Enemy, and Dublin Death Patrol, I have to say this cd has the same intensity with a very different and unique style. Heavy, hard, brutal, and worthy.