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Music Review: Al Di Meola – Consequence of Chaos

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Consequence of Chaos is Al Di Meola’s first studio album in four years. The sticker on the front of the CD advertises that it’s a return to the solid-body electric guitar. This statement is only partially true. Certainly it was put on the CD to attract the fans of Di Meola who enjoyed the electric albums early in his career.

I have enjoyed Di Meola’s music over the years. Literally, everything he has recorded I have taken pleasure in at different levels of intensity, dependent on the styles covered. This album covered bits and pieces of everything Al has been as a solo performer since he left Return To Forever to pursue a solo career. Interesting enough, Chick Corea reunites with Al to play acoustic piano, and another name you will recognize readily, John Patitucci is on bass.

This album has a consistent flow yet it comes at you with varying speeds and textures. You will not hear the blazing guitar licks, as on Elegant Gypsy or Electric Rendezvous, those days seem to be gone forever, although I still have hope that he will return to that format for another album someday. As much as I can appreciate all the styles Di Meola covers, I think his electric phase is the most exciting and The Al Di Meola Project album Soaring Through A Dream, although a departure from everything he had done at that point, was one of the more interesting musically.

Regardless of personal preferences, the man never ceases to amaze me with his command and virtuosity on the guitar, acoustic or electric. He is one of those artists that you always anticipate hearing great things from every time a new album comes out. From my experience, since I started listening back in 1981, I have never felt any disappointment.

With Chick Corea, drummer Steve Gadd, keyboardist Barry Miles, bassists John Patitucci and Victor Miranda, and percussionist Kornel Horvath there for stellar support, Di Meola easily transitions from one style to the next, stretching out and pushing himself to the edge of every genre, finding a home for each style within his own to create memorable compositions. Di Meola is indefinable and when you hear his music, you know it instantly; there is nobody in the world that plays the distinctive brand of jazz, rock, world, and Latin style guitar as he does.

He is a like Segovia plugged in. There was only one Segovia and to compare anyone to him would be unfair, however if Di Meola lives until he is 90 something like Andre did, I am sure he will be remembered with reverence like his predecessor. My only complaint is that I had to wait four years for a new album, hopefully the next one will come much sooner.

Artist: Al Di Meola
Title: Consequence of Chaos
Genre: Jazz-Rock-World Fusion
Label: Telarc

01. San Marco (moderna) (4:55)
02. Turquoise (7:28)
03. Odyssey (0:56)

04. Tao (6:00)
05. Azucar (7:44)
06. Sanctuary (2:09)
07. Hypnose (4:46)
08. Red Moon (4:26)
09. Cry For You (4:14)
10. Just Three Words (1:20)
11. Tempest (9:00)
12. Storm Off-Shore (1:04)
13. Black Pearls (3:07)
14. Africana Suite (4:47)
15. San Marco (Vecchio) (1:49)
16. Untitled

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  • Very nice review. I has been a very long time since I have listened to Al. I really loved Elegant Gypsy, Cas ino and Electric Rendevous.(note I had to put the space between “Cas” and “ino” because to put them together would be a banned word)

    The original shred guitarist!

    I am going to have to get this one.