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Music Review: Adam, The Soundtrack

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The task of a music supervisor is often an unappreciated job in Hollywood. That person has the wonderful ability of selecting the artists and songs to be placed on the films soundtrack and used through out the film. For Fox Searchlight Pictures’ film Adam, the music supervisor’s work is a complete success. The soundtrack sets the mood for the film perfectly and may introduce the listeners to some worthy, lesser-known artists.

Released in summer 2009, the romantic comedy about a young woman and a man with Asperger’s syndrome is accented by the acoustic and indie pop-rock sounds of artists such as The Weepies, Joshua Radin, and the beautiful vocals of Lucy Schwartz. The soundtrack also includes the work of Christopher’s Lennertz, composer of the film’s score. Most movie soundtracks only include one or two instrumental tracks of the film’s score, but the Adam soundtrack pleasantly provides five.

Fans of other Fox Search Light films, such as 500 Days of Summer and Once, will not be disappointed with this soundtrack. The indie touch of the album adds to the off-beat, yet beautifully personal feeling of the film. There is an appropriate, subtle theme of personal growth within the lyrics of the songs chosen.

In the song “Someone Else’s Life,” Joshua Radin writes, “And somehow/I'll make tonight our own/I'll show you every way I've grown/ Since I met you.” It’s refreshing to listen to a soundtrack that actually reflects the content of the film, versus those that are just made up of commercially successful artists. A favorite on the soundtrack is “Can’t Go Back Now”, by the folk rock group, The Weepies. The beautiful harmonies of the husband and wife duo are set to lyrics that are sure to become Facebook quotes for indie music lovers. With lines like, “But in the end, the only steps that matter are the ones you take all by yourself,” the listener can start to imagine what the film is about before even seeing it.

Overall, the soundtrack is a great sampler of artists that you may have never listened to before. The album will definitely make you want to see the film if you haven’t already. It’s recommended for use on a relaxing evening with a nice glass of wine. You may just find yourself contemplating the complexities of life while listening.

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  • Joseph Valverde

    I Love that movie, its reall beautiful

  • Cammy Law

    The soundtracks just fit the film WELL!

    btw. The movie made me cry.
    He said,

    Liar is all you are gonna run across in this world.
    A man has got to learn the difference between just plain liars…
    and liars worth loving.

    I am the liar.
    I hope, he would find me still worth loving.