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Music Review: Adam Lambert – Glam Nation Live [CD + DVD]

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Adam Lambert released his first concert DVD, Glam Nation Live, last week with an accompanying CD. The release features 12 tracks, including hits like “Whataya Want From Me” and “If I Had You” from Lambert’s debut album, For Your Entertainment, which has sold over one million copies worldwide since its release in 2009.

Lambert takes his Glam Nation Tour from the road into our homes with the new release. After popping in the DVD, we begin our journey through Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation Live and land in Indianapolis, Indiana at Clowes Hall at Butler University on August 31, 2010. Before the concert begins, we get to see a little sneak peak of Lambert, the band and the dancers backstage, along with footage from the rehearsal and the crowd lining up for the concert. You can feel the anticipation and excitement in the air.

Lambert appears in the purple-and-pink spotlight with the moon in the background and heavy black eyeliner rimming his eyes as he opens the show with “Voodoo.” You get the feeling that you are watching a circus and Lambert is the ringmaster. He tames his animals-like dancers just like puppets under his spell.

Lambert goes back to his American Idol roots in “Ring of Fire” and belts out his signature high note, except it’s more subdued than on Idol. I remember when Lambert performed this song on Idol; it’s really when I took notice of him in the competition and when he took a chance and stepped above his competitors.

Lambert faced a little controversy when he kissed his keyboardist at the American Music Awards back in 2009. He redoes this moment on stage with his guitarist in “Fever” and sings, “You burn me up.” Lambert also heats up the stage with his sexy gyrations. He uses the entire stage to his advantage, always the showman and looking comfortable on stage.

Lambert takes a small tribal dancing interlude before slowing down his hyper-production for “Sleepwalker.” He appears from the shadows with a long theatrical jacket and shows his great voice with super range and control in this song.

Lambert stops his singing to talk about the theme of the concert, which is love. He says, “Sometimes love sucks” before going into his mega hit, “Whataya Want From Me.” Lambert does a soft acoustic version of the song with just a guitar and very light drum.

In “Soaked,” I felt like I was watching the pivotal moment in a play, where the lead does a solo with just the piano. He hits a high note and keeps it going while milking it from the crowd as they erupt in applause. Lambert stops again to talk with the audience about love a little more, about finding it in the wrong places, but that it will all be ok in the “Aftermath.” He sings, “You will be ok in the aftermath” almost like a reassurance that everything will be ok.

“Jamming with Lasers” gives Lambert the opportunity to change clothes while we are dazzled by the laser display, guitar and drums. “Sure Fire Winners” reminds me of a glamorized Steven Tyler rendition. The song is very rock, with a little toughness and a ton of sex appeal.

Lambert wraps up his Glam Nation Live performance with his most pop rock song, “If I Had You.” He gets the crowd up and hopping with this danceable hit. The images go from black-and-white to color and add vibrancy to the song, and Lambert gets a little sexual with his dancers.

The Glam Nation Live performance was fun and energetic. Lambert eats up the stage with his booming personality. In just over an hour you get a cool Adam Lambert experience, plus a few touring videos to wrap up your tour experience. This DVD comes with a CD, so you have all the audio from the concert.

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  • LisaW

    this reads more like a description than a review and it was pretty good. I will be picky here and say the following: you see him rise up against a full moon background and sing voodoo and play puppet master and you think circus? Watch it again and note all the details, the midnight setting, rising up, clumps of brown fun on his shoulders look like dirt, the fringe like moss hanging down – he is barefoot even. Then the images switch to the raised tombs of new orleans, he’s the voodoo master luring people down into a type of hell that obssessive love represents. hence the use of ring of fire, which is fantastic!! not as good as AI? well cuz its not against that show, its known but his vocals on it as just astounding, one of my favs on the CD. How you dont mention Sleepwalker I dont know, another amazing vocal, also in this tortured love theme and monte pittman on guitar on that, wow a show highlight.

    IIHY was indeed fun and the encore of Twentith Century boy another great rockin vocal. i love the DVD but listen to the CD all the time…..great… cant wait for the next tour.

    get the feeling that you are watching a circus and Lambert is the ringmaster. He tames his animals-like dancers just like puppets under his spell.

  • Sandy

    I only got to see one glam nation show. Not nearly enough. This cd and dvd fills that void. I watch the dvd everynight. The live cd is actually better than the cd he recorded in the studio. How can that be????? Never have I ever experienced a talent like ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!!

  • James

    I watched it once and believe it or not, I had to see it again. Adam Lambert has talent and stage presence that will surprise you and is very impressive. Worth buying and checking out.

  • YUKC

    I was on the road and did not get to watch the DVD till last night. Thank you for your excellent and detail review describes almost exactly!

    I am so glad there is a DVD available since I was not able to make it to any of the GNT tour last year. Love it! The CD is a great idea! The live Soaked and Sleepwalker were beyond words.
    Hope there will be DVD release on each of Adam Lambert’s future tour. He is truly a great performer with the whole package!

  • Gina

    @PR62 I was at Foxwoods too. What fantastic acoustics in that place. Plus the dance party at The Shrine afterwards was a blast. A reviewer was sitting in front of me. I could tell despite his best intentions of being objective he was really getting into the show. The next day there was a great review by him in the paper. A DVD gives you a glimpse and helps you to understand but to see him live is so much fun! The dance party during intermission is a blast. I took someone with me who never even heard of Adam Lambert (at that time). On the ride back she kept saying “I see what you mean, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him”. It’s hard to put into words. He’s different. He’s different than the run of the mill performers that clog our radios and concert halls now adays.

  • barbara amirto

    I had the opportunity to see several of Adam’s concerts..including… Germany,Paris and Zurich…they were fabulous…each one had a different flair…I liked the venues in Europe the best…he was really at the top of his game,naughtyand sexual…get this DVD…it is amazing…Great review!!!

  • Leigh

    Brilliant performer – gorgeous voice – unique in every way. A treasure.

  • pr62

    loved, loved , loved it!! just like the show i saw at foxwoods this past june. now let’s get adam into the major arenas. he can handle them

  • Mel

    My last comment wasn’t a dis of the DVD! That’s brilliant too, I was just saying that I am so grateful that I can have instant access to the vocals of the GNT at my easy disposal any time I want. And like kat23 said above, your really have to see him LIVE live to fully experience Adam’s brillaince and energy, do not miss out next time if you are even a little interested! This dvd helps, but it doesn’t even come close to what it was like to be there live, so just make sure you get yourself some tix next time! LOL. But in the meantime, purchase some of his music, familiarize yourself, you won’t be sorry!

  • Mel

    Saw the tour, and if I absolutely had to, I could have lived without the DVD component, BUT ONLY BECAUSE OF ALL THE AWESOME VIDS ON YOUTUBE :), but what I am so thankful for that I don’t have to live without is the LIVE VOCALS from the Glam Nation Tour, thank goodness for the CD component of this set. So worth it peeps, check it out. If you haven’t jumped on board yet, do so with this live cd, the vocals are simply not to be missed! Jump on board, you’re missing out.

  • Rochelle Layton

    I went to a few of the GNT concerts last summer and each one had its own energy, but each was infused with joy. Adam loves his fans and they can feel it. To hear that ethereal voice in SOAKED and SLEEPWALKER then have the fun and silliness in SURE FIRE WINNERS and STRUT shows Adam’s emotional range. Any time he does something sexy, he follows it with a silly grin that lets you in on the fact that it is all FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT. When he comes out to the barricades after the concert, he is smiling, humble, appreciative, and again, joyful. His whole cast and crew follow his lead and spread the love. Adam really is one of a kind both as an entertainer and a human being…. do I sound like a fan girl?
    Well, if the shoe fits, as they say.

  • kat23

    It is a great buy…great concert, loved it when I saw him twice last year with my daughter…he is so talented…And if you did not see him live this kind of gives you a glimpse into this amazing talent…but to truly experience him…you need to see him live…Why? The live quality is even better live…redundant as that sounds…Example..you do not get the feeling of when he is about 8 feet from you and is singing and staring right at you…my daughter and I experienced this…He is so shockingly handsome…and his voice and performance quality is so good that it leaves you mezmorised…We were driving home the next day and suddenly my daughter said…Mom …did you notice how he starred at us…I was like…OMG…I was not imagining it…he has very strong connection with his audience…We suffered from Adam Concert fog for a week or more…it was just so cool…Yes the concert is like a wonderful voyage…At our second concert…the whole audience …made up of all ages, genders, races…just had a huge dance party before the show started…we all were singing and dancing in our isles…was fantastic…And Adam came out after this one and signed autographs…he is very tall, very handsome and very sweet.

  • MaryL

    Thanks for the great review. I saw Adam perform four times on the GNT and still couldn’t wait to get the DVD. It was wonderful to relive the concerts. He’s such an amazing performer.

  • sue

    I missed his Glam Nation Tour and was so disappointed, but when it was announced that the DVD was coming out, I went and bought it and sat with a glass of wine and watched this amazing talented guy do his thing. I realized what I had missed and will sure be there when he has his next concert. Amazing guy and great review

  • Lock

    All I want to say is don’t miss this master piece amazing product if you haven’t yet.

  • Linda

    I picked up the DVD yesterday but haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. All the reviews have been good so far. I’ll have to put it in my DVD this weekend on my large screen with a bottle of my favorite wine. Anyone want to join me?

  • jesse

    thanks for the review. i saw the concert this summer because some friends took me. i had noe expectations and was totally blown away! the man is such a natural entertainer with charisma and a voice that is just beautiful. i hope the DVD allows others to see what they are missing. it’s about so much more than just the singing! lambert is amazing.

  • jinniet

    Thanks for the great review~! Adam Lambert is the most talented and sexiest man ever!!
    The Glam Nation Tour has been not only a wonderful wonderful concert, but also an educatinon of LOVE. Like an angle sent by GOD, Adam conveys all positive emotions to the Glamberts thru his amazing performance.
    Im so damn lucky and proud to be a Glambert!!!

  • Ruthfan

    Wonderful review…thank you! I saw Adam perform live 7 times for the Glam Nation Tour Concerts and all I can say is WOW! This man is mega-talented! His voice is beyond amazing. The control, power, emotion he displays while singing and dancing is breathtaking. He is drop dead gorgeous, charismatic, he owns the stage, oozes personality, connects with his audience and his mega watt smile is blinding! He is so lovable, sweet, kind, generous, intelligent and sexy, sexy, and more sexy. Watching this live DVD is almost like you were lucky enough to be there in person. What a fantastic DVD/CD that showcases the wonderful Adam Lambert.