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Music Review: A Perfect Murder – War Of Aggression

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After waiting a couple of years, finally A Perfect Murder (APM) is back with War Of Aggression. Released under Victory Records, the Canadian thrash groove act seems to shape themselves a little differently since their last release Strength Through Vengeance with frequent guitar solos and less breakdowns. The line up consists of Carl Bouchard on lead guitar, vocalist Kevin Randel, drummer Yan Chausee, and debuting members guitarist Kyrill Ducharme and bassist Michel Labrie.

From the second you listen to this CD I am sure most will agree that these guys are definitely the modern day Pantera. Like it or not this album is loud, heavy, and full of screaming vocals guaranteed to grab a lot of attention from metal and hardcore fans alike. With more variety than previous releases I have to say this is one of my favorite albums by these guys to date. I am digging the departure of the metalcore sound that they once constructed and am enjoying their thrash groove change ups.

Starting off the ten track CD is album title “War Of Aggression” a loud, heavy, hardcore anti war cry that full of double bass and awesome guitar solos. Kevin Randel replicates a Phil Anselmo scream so perfectly at times it is scary. Following is “Enemy Of Mine” a relatively heavy tune but with shocking Scott Weiland like vocals accompanying the screaming. Album track favorite “Label Me” has everything you need to make a good song including the vocals, the drumming, and the solos. Man, I missed this type of music.

I admit that at first I thought “Fortunate Son” was a Godsmack song when it first started. I was so used to all the heavy music that when this track came on I thought my mp3 player had skipped to another band. The song is not bad at all, but definitely a 180 degree turn from the rest of the CD. Who knows, you might even hear it on the radio one day.

Some people have already stated that War Of Aggression did not impress them and that they felt APM was losing their style. I disagree with that opinion; I believe the album they created is excellent. I like the change musically. If you are a fan of Pantera, Anthrax, or even know who Metallica is, APM is really a band you should check out.

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