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Music Review: 69 Eyes – Back in Blood

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Not only are The 69 Eyes back in blood, they are back with hooks, riffs and tunes that shows growth, exploration and strategy. The album invokes gone but not forgotten memories of 80's metal in various forms, rock that has an appetite for destruction and gothness. Listening to the album allows you to enjoy what you love of The 69 Eyes while reminiscing of all that awesome rock and metal that are the roots of today's music. Without straying from the path down memory lane, Back in Blood keeps it fresh with their signature sound.

The album opens up with the title track and it is a killer song. "Back in Blood" is a catchy track and offers the best range of vocals from Jyrki. Definitely my favorite song from the album. The second track, "We Own The Night" was obviously written to get your fist pumping in the air while encouraging brotherhood and sisterhood. Yes, with lyrics "if we stay together!" you have to double check that this is a goth rock song. With "Dead N' Gone"The 69 Eyes Logo and the middle part of the album we see the Helsinki vampires waking the dead with their Motley Crue and L.A. Guns style riffs and song structure. You can feel Mick Mars and Tracii Guns haunting the studio. Then, the goth returns with "Lips of Blood". Invoking shades of Type O Negative (definitely back with blood), goth elements are prevalent throughout the song.

The first single from the album, "Dead Girls Are Easy" is what every rock band wants from fans and critics – shock! With an abundance of tongue-in-cheek in place, these rock zombies display their ability to have fun while shredding through the song. The next three tracks slow it down, as The 69 Eyes show their goth colors: darkness and blackness. "Suspiria Snow White" revs it up before ending the album with a folksy goth song that feels like a fairy tale.

There is definite growth which is seen in the song structure and putting the different melodies together so that they blend well. All the while, the band explores classic elements that made metal giants famous and infuses those elements into their music without rehashing what has been done. While listening to the album, I sensed a strategy to reach out to more music lovers. Basically, trying to bridge different cliques as The 69 Eyes seek to rock the world.


The 69 Eyes 2009Wait… there's more. I had to listen to the album a few times to wrap my head around an enigma. The 69 Eyes is a goth rock band fronted by a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador (for Finland) who has also been given The Outstanding Young Person of the World award (Seoul, Korea 2006). Jyrki has also been part of the campaign against child trafficking and sexual exploitation in parts of West Africa. In addition, he has a Master of Science degree in Analytical Chemistry. Humanitarian, scholar and headbanger.


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