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Music Review: 50 Cent – “Straight To The Bank” and “Amusement Park”

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First of all I am sorry for posting about 50 Cent, so let me first say this: I do believe fiddy is a good rapper, and I have high expectations for his upcoming album. Therefore, I am going to write a review of the singles "Straight To The Bank" and "Amusement Park."

After taking a few years off to work on his movie career 50 Cent is back, and still as hard-core as ever. 50 Cent's new album is entitled Curtis, his real first name (real gansta' if you ask me). One can already pre-order the album, which is set to release June 26th. Curtis will surely be a success on the Clear Chanel charts, but the question is if Curtis will actually contain decent rap. It is rumored to have a "souly" sound, which will help make this an excellent album. It already has an A-list group of celebrity appearances; Eminem will be featured on the track "Peep Show," and Dr. Dre produced the single, just to name a few.

The first released single is entitled "Straight To The Bank." This track, produced by Ty Fife and Dr. Dre, has an excellent beat. The song starts off sounding like another "Candy Shop," but it rapidly turns into an ode to the classics (I think it sounds like a Biggie beat). The song is about money, but don't start bantering on how rappers only talk about money and ho's; 50 Cent said in an interview "Straight To The Bank" is the only song about money. So look forward to 17 songs about Ho's! Overall "Straight To The Bank" is a sure fire chart topper, and a well rounded song.

The second single "Amusement Park" is not quite as good as the previously stated. "Amusement Park" sort of makes me queezy, much like an actual amusement park. The beat is really choppy, and sounds unfinished. Besides that problem, the song is a real jem! 

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About Dillon

  • fifty is 1 of da good rappers of all time

  • straight to the bank,amusement park and fully loaded clip are all hot. i am not surprised they are becus 50 is da best rapper after jay-z.

  • billy jean

    50 fell off, straight to the bank is such a short song, doesn’t even have as much bars as his past work

    he really half assed on these songs, if you think they are good, you are truely a 50 fan, i am a 50 fan, and I can tell he really stopped trying, but i believe his next album, will be hard as ever

  • Dawg

    Dont say you love fifty n shit than download his shit buy the fucking cd its 15 bucks dont download

  • Straight To The Bank is sure fire no doubt. I am also getting to like Amusement Park and fully loaded clip.

  • killa

    50 gonna sell i million in first week.

  • Afi K. James

    These songs are just a piece of junk, 5-0 is another MC Hammer without the parachute pants, he’s a disgrace and talentless, thank god I’m planning to buy Hip-Hop is dead, Nas is the real truth.

  • there is no rumor about a “souly sounding cd” thats true, but its not this upcoming cd. its an entirely different cd titled “before i self destruct” which will be released later this year or 2008

  • What Afi K. James?

    if you were planning on buying hip hop is dead, why havent you bought it already? The joint came out in december…its may.

  • Big L

    nas fell off after he started messin with kelis

  • m.c

    50 2 real 4 yall hataz man

  • S.S.K

    Dad dude who sed thank god he guna buy hiphop is dead plz dnt waste ur money jus dwnload it, im a Nas Fan n was upset wit dat album i thought u know wat hiphop is Dead, last dope shit i herd nas on was jus a moment, still he aint kikin nuttin like he did back in da day wit (nas is like, in too deep, the message, i gave u power, affiritive action n da rest)
    the best song on hiphop is dead is Hustlers ft da game (Dr Dre Beat) n if fifty talentless why did nas work wit him back in da day (Guess whos back album fiffty ft nas too hot) Fifs lines are even better dem nas lines n nas says in da song “my Ni99a Fiffty Bravehearted”

    hate all u want but plz stop tlkin sh!t
    fiffty has bin lazy wit it but da dude aint talentless go get “Power Of The Doller”

  • Game Over

    Every time you think 50 isn’t living up to your expectations, just go back and listen to “What up Gangsta?” or “Heat” and believe me you will fall in love with 50 all over again. If you can listen to those songs and not be pumped up for whatever then you need to check your pulse because you most likely already have 1 foot in the grave. Curtis will be hot, can’t wait for the come and go track. Not really feeling the Havoc produced “Fully Loaded Clip”. Lyrics are on point but the beat just isn’t 50ish. Other than that I can’t complain.

  • kid50will

    youll haters stop youll some foneys 50 is the realest and you know it

  • kid50will

    gangsta is 50 i should be his son

  • cv queen 07

    damn what can i say 50 is hotttttttttt he can rap theres no other artist out there better then he is he can lay any rapper down with his rymes. all u haters talk mad shit but u know u be downloading his shit so stop fronting and buy his cd$$$$$$$$$

  • asif

    ice cube 4 life

  • Drew

    50’s definetly gonna outsell T.I. no matter what everyone thinks.

  • Mike

    50 is the shit

  • im goin set the record straight 50 cent is NO LYRICISTS…50 Cent is a buisness man and is damn good at it, he knows how to munipulate his lyrics and the sounds of his songs to grab listeners attention…dat nigga 50 kno what he doin and is doin it big dont get it twisted for a minute cuz he is takin ova the rap game in a buisness perspective….but if we wanna talk about a real Rapper and get off the buisness level all eyes must go to da nigga LIL WAYNE…cuz hes the best rapper alive

  • lil-g

    50 cent is a good gangsta rapper i know 1 thing he what he’s doing i am 2 a gangsta rapper

  • pendie

    50cent is my favourite rapper

  • nebrazy aka vencha

    oi!!!!!,no one can stand with fiddy.

  • R2r

    50 is very good, But I’m better!

  • what?

    Has the reviewer actually listened to the tracks? 50 should stick to selling stuff…water, tracksuits and all that, coz it’s pretty clear he can’t rap. Tired beats.

  • Sean

    50 cent is the best rapper of all time next to 2pac

  • cr-rush

    yo man 50 cents new songs straight to the bank and amusment park are the best songs out right now everybody knows it and his new cd is gonna friggin blow my speakers from me crankin it so loud i cant c anyone hatin on 50 everybody buy his cd

  • fifty sucks a rapping the game is the realist shit

  • kanyelover

    This album sucks as hell. 50 is another fake ass bitch who can’t rap

  • Jon


  • 50 iz da real rapper

  • the kidd with the flow

    First off fuck 50 fuck em fuck dre and nwa …and the whole gunit
    Fiddy is a bitch he all talks about how money the bank could hold
    And he ain’t da best rapper wayne is he sold a mill and fiddy will never sell dat cuz em never sold dat with relapse
    so em and 5o ya done quite rap and pass the thrown to lil wayne