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Music Preview: Fergie – The Dutchess

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Fergie's new album The Dutchess drops in stores September 19. The Dutchess is Ferg's much anticipated solo debut. The album is typical Black-Eyed Peas (not surprising since it's produced by them). It has booty shakin' beats, and head boppin' choruses. The CD also has its fair share of slow jams, all of which flow very nicely.

The first single off of this one is called "London Bridge". It has made a splash in the pop world, and is currently in iTunes' top ten. If you didn't know already, I hate the FCC, they can go fuck themselves. I hate it how they make artists change their lyrics. Fergie is fully aware of this (can you say, "let's get retarded"?). "London Bridge" starts off with a ranting of "ohh shit," but for the censored — "ooh snaps." What really bugs me is that the song is subtitled "Ooh shit." iTunes of course doesn't like this, so they just omitted the "ooh shit," and now it is just "London Bridge".

But enough ranting about the FCC. Here are some sample tracks!

Fergie – The Dutchess – "London Bridge"
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This song kicks ass. It is a total booty shaker. If you liked "My Humps" you will love this one. Fergie really brings it with her chorus, and the beginning chanting is infectious. The video and her performances are really funny. She did lose weight, but she still dances like a broke stripper. But I still love her!

Fergie – The Dutchess – "Fergalicious"
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The anthem to Fergie's life. This song has a faster beat to it. Will.I.Am also makes an appearance. Like I said above, this whole album is just like a BEP album, but not quite as good. This is probably going to be her next single, and I predict that it will tear up the charts. Can't wait till the album drops, then we can really see what she's got!

Fergie – The Dutchess – "Clumsy"
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This one has a slower, more intimate feeling. It has a great beat. This song really shows off Fergie's vocal guns. I wonder how long it takes her to get through airport security? (Pardon my really crappy pun, I had to say it!) Anyways this is a killa' song.

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