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Music Preview : Beck – The Information

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So one of my all time favorite artists, Beck, has been working on a new album. The Information is due in stores October 3. This much anticipated new album is a mix of indie alt, hip-hop, and other random sounds. If any other person tried to meld these sounds into some sort of fusion it, would fail completely. But that's the genius of Beck.

No one else has a sound like his. He is completely original! The single "Nausea" was recently released on iTunes. The single has not been a stunning success, though. In fact, it isn't even in the top 100. I think once the CD is released, though, it will be the top seller. My favorite song so far is "Cell Phone Is Dead". Here is the music:

icon for podpress  Beck – "Nausea" [2:59m]:Download

This song is a mix of hip-hop and alternative. It is totally Beck. I think the next song is better, BUT this is still a really good song. I like the chorus of this one — it is really catchy.

Download Today  Beck – "Cell Phone Is Dead" [4:43m]: Download

By far my favorite song, "Cell Phone Is Dead" is a catchy, upbeat jam. Beck really brings it with this track. I think this should have been his iTunes single. It would have sold better.

icon for podpress  Beck – "We Dance Alone" [3:57m]: Download

This is another good song off of the album. I really like it. I hope the rest of the CD sounds like this. 

icon for podpress  Beck – "Sexx Laws" (remix) [6:04m]: Download

So I don't know if this is actually on the CD, but I love this song anyway. This remix really highlights the good sections of the song. Very good!

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