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Music Plus TV – New Station for Indie Talent

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Music Plus TV co-founder Marc Cubas is tired of Britney Spears. “I’m tired of listening to the same stuff,” he complains. He believes he has the cure.

On June 15th, Cubas and co-founder Dennis Tzeng officially launch Music Plus TV, a Los Angeles-based 24-hour live streaming web television station that will devote the majority of its air time to undiscovered and independent artists.

“MPTV will showcase the best of the indie music scene,” says Tzeng. “So many of these bands and artists have talent and appeal that could be just as strong as mainstream artists, but they don’t have access. We’re here to provide that.”

By January of next year, MPTV will also have a cable television network up and running with 24/7 programming. The TV station will air independent short films, music videos, documentaries, concert footage, indie artist interviews and original shows.

Some of the televison programs currently in development include “Alternative Angles,” “Unsigned,” “Fashion Forward,” “Urban Roots” and “In The Garage.”

Cubas identifies with the plight of independent artists as he and Tzeng work to realize the MPTV vision without corporate backing. “We built Music Plus TV from scratch,” says Cubas. “It’s our blood, sweat and tears. I want everyone involved to succeed, including the artists. Especially the artists.”

Music Plus TV is currently accepting short film, music video and demo submissions.

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  • This sounds great — I really hope MPTV fares well.

    You’d think this kind of station would make for easy tie-ins with all that’s going on with podcasting, no?

  • Can you take this great service to us unsigned and indie artists and give us the specifics on how to submit, or at least a websitte reference to check. I see nothing on the MTV website about this.

    We really appreciate your support for us “Indies”. You’re absolutely correct… there’s a lot of great music out here!
    Bill Farkas

  • Bill — It’s MPTV, not MTV… check it here.

  • Here’s the official site address. Not sure why you guys have the wrong address. http://www.musicplustv.com

    keep logged on, y’all!!

  • curious

    MPTV? Where does it broadcast? What are the call letters? Does it have advertisers? How can we get it? I ask because I have never seen it listed on my cable options.

  • VinQ

    Now you can watch MPTV on Google Desktop, directly in front of you, on your desktop, live 24 hours – albeit the small screen it has for google gadget, it’s fun and much better than a boring desktop. besides its free.