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Music Playlist: Truck Driving Songs

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If you have enjoyed the Rhapsody Playlists I have been posting on Blogcritics I will be posting one playlist each Wednesday on a regular schedule.

Truck Drivin’ Songs For Real Men

The American truck driving life is a poetic and beautiful thing. And the trucker has been rightfully immortalized in a huge heap of great songs. This Radish is excellent for that 3:00 AM, wired on coffee and cigarettes drive. Roll on.

Please add any of your personal favorites that I missed in the comments.

Rhapsody Playlist

1. Six Days On The Road – Steve Earle
2. Lookin’ At The World Through A Windshield – Son Volt
3. Truck Drivin’ Man – Lynyrd Skynyrd
4. Highway Cafe – Tom Waits
5. Highway Junkie – Randy Travis
6. Bridge Washed Out – Larry Stephenson
7. Truckin’ – Bread
8. 30,000 Pounds Of Bananas – Harry Chapin
9. Truck Drivin’ Man (Give It All I Can) – Bottle Rockets
10. Tennessee Truck Driving – Ralph Stanley II
11. Will There Be Big Rigs In Heaven – Buck Owens & His Buckaroos
12. A Truckers Tribute To Red Sovine – Tom Lambert
13. Prisoner Of The Highway – Mark Wills
14. Roll Truck Roll – Terry Allen
15. East Bound And Down – (From “Smokey And The Bandit”) – Jerry Reed
16. Keep On Truckin’ – Eddie Kendricks
17. The Truck Song – Lyle Lovett
18. Drug Store Truck Drivin’ Man – The Byrds
19. Girl On The Billboard – Wylie & The Wild West
20. Hey Truckers – Andre Williams
21. Big Wheels In The Moonlight – Dan Seals
22. How Far To Little Rock – The Stanley Brothers
23. Truckin – Grateful Dead
24. Truck Drivin’ Man – J. Geils Band
25. I’m Truckin’ – Spirit
26. Convoy – C.W. McCall
27. Roll On Eighteen Wheeler – Alabama
28. Roll On Big Mama – Moe Bandy/Joe Stampley
29. Ragged Old Truck – Johnny Paycheck
30. Eight More Miles To Louisville – Grandpa Jones
31. Truckstop Girl – Kelly Willis
32. Mama Was A Rock (Daddy Was A Rolling Stone) – Kay Adams/BR5-49
33. Truck Driver’s Lament – Icicle Works
34. Truck Stop Girl – Little Feat
35. Big Ol’ Truck – Toby Keith
36. Truck Drivin’ Son of a Gun – Red Sovine

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  • “Gear Jammer” by George Thorogood.

  • Ah yes… Good old George. Good call!

  • “Good Luck ‘N’ Good Truckin’ Tonite” by Dale Watson.

    (or anything from his record The Truckin’ Sessions!)

  • I’ve been everywhere
    – Johnny Cash

  • Don Fischer

    One of the most forgotten trucker songs is Michael Dinner’s “Yellow Rose Express.”

  • aussie pete

    there are some great australian truck driving songs,one of the best is “lights on the hill” by Slim Dusty.The original version of “ive been everywhere” was by an aussie called Lucky Star & featured all australian towns,this version actually reached no.1 on our pop charts of the day (late sixties i think).

  • JW Strain

    Can’t remember the artist but there was a song that started out “Hello, I’m A Truck”. I havn’t heard it in 14 years and if someone could find it – Well, it’s funny.

  • john hopkins

    How about two from the great Commander Cody…
    first is Willin and second is Mama Hated Diesels

  • Blue

    Awful lot to learn about truck drivin’ – Red Simpson

  • Hannah

    just to let you know…. that “Hello, I’m a truck!” was done by Dave Dudley, one of the greatest trucking song writers.

  • heather

    can someone help me there is an old trucking album i am looking for.One song is runnin to live and i for the life of me cant remember who sang it and its driving me crazy.Please help. thanks

  • Deshra (AKA) The Death Knight

    Six Days on the road was originally Dave Dudley NOT Steve Earle, IT was also done by Saywer Brown.
    Gearjammer and the Hobo, Red Sovine and Johnny Bond. and Where’s the Truck, Charlie Douglas and Dave Dudley

  • Raindancer

    Dave Dudley’s:
    Tombstone Every Mile,Truckers Prayer,Pullin’ Double, I Want a Woman With A Handle

    Jimmy Martin(?) Widow Maker

    Just about anything by Dale Watson

  • JC Mosquito

    You should Google a band from Canada called THE ROADHAMMERS – made a whole album of high octane trucking songs a couple of years ago. It features Canadian country star Jason McCoy showing his rockin’ side along with Clayton Bellamy, who opened for Dwight Yoakam a few times last year.

  • There Ain’t Nothing Wrong with the Radio
    -Aaron Tippin
    (Not exactly a big rig song, but great truck song, nonetheless.)

  • Bill

    There is a new truck driving song on http://www.youtube.com

    It is called Keep Right The Phraze-It Remind everyone on the road to Keep Right


  • Teresa

    Has anyone ever heard of the Shit Howdy Boys?

  • Justin K. Rivers

    Red Simpson did “I’m A Truck” and many others

    my fav is John Stewart’s “18 Wheels”

  • Mary

    Does anyone on here know of a collection of trucking songs that was written and performed by real truckers themselves? My husband had a tape of these songs years ago and he loved it. Wore it out to where he couldn’t read the writing on it anymore. I would love to find that, somehow, for him.

  • christie

    how could you forget?
    Driving My Life Away-Rhett Akins.
    it was also done by Rune Rudberg.
    geesh im 14 and i love this song.
    ironic, huh?
    daddy was a truck driver when i was a kid.

  • Michael Poster

    Willin was done by Lowell George/Little Feat not Commander Cody.

    New Riders of the Purple Sage – Henry is a good truckin song even though Henry is truckin some illegal cargo that he samples on those mountain roads.

    Also Big Wheels by the New Riders.

    New Riders also do a sick version of Truck Driving Man & six Days on the Road.

    If you are a Trucker one song you don’t want to hear is Fifteen Days under the Hood.- Which they cook on as well!!!

  • Jim

    Eighteen Wheels a Hummin’ Home Sweet Home by Red Sovine, also by David Allan Coe

  • gurly gurl

    FYI: Truckers Prayer the original is done by Red Sovine… and Tombstone every mile is better by Dick Curless, if you ever hear it.

  • midnight rider

    turn the page bob seager

  • Heather

    18 Wheels & a dozen roses! I love that song 🙂

  • poorgirl

    listen to joey holiday & leland martin too

  • jeff

    convoy- C.W. McCall

  • Drivin’ My Life Away – Eddie Rabbitt

  • tom

    looking for a song called thats truckin.thanks

  • karen

    I am trying to find a cd from approx 2002, it was a trucker comedy song cd, and one song had something to do with a chicken truck or chicken something, I personally heard the song, but my trucker friend is looking for it again.

  • Legacy

    Pinball Machine by Lonnie Irving. depressing song, but sometimes, life on the road can be depressing.

    On a more upbeat note: Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road. classic!

  • Harvey Craft

    Anyone remember a truck song where a guy had to drive his big rig in reverse for a long haul because he couldn’t get it out of reverse?

  • Ulug

    Nice thread. Some of my personal favorites for the long haul are:

    Don’t Think About Her When You’re Trying To Drive – John Hiatt

    Drive South – John Hiatt

    Highway 7 – RL Burnside

    Many A Long And Lonesome Highway – Rodney Crowell

    On The Road Again – Canned Heat

    Route 66 – Asleep At The Wheel

    You Can’t Get The Hell Out Of Texas – George Jones

    Hustled Down In Texas – Johnny Winter

    Speedball Tucker – Jim Croce

    One More For The Road – Suzy Bogguss and Chet Atkins

    Key To The Highway – Derek and The Dominos

    Dust Down A Country Road – John Hiatt

    Brooklyn Bound – The Black Keys

    Obviously, most of these songs have various versions / covers other than those listed here.

  • Stephanie

    “Asphalt Cowboy” by Jason Aldean

  • How Bout Some New Stuff, Like the “Drive-By Truckers” and “the Road Hammers

  • greg

    does anyone know a song with the lyrics, i lost it on the road mamma somewere down around dallas.

  • sara j silva

    i was raised around tnat music and i have always loved it & i was wanting to know if u have cd catalogs so i can order some music from u all.

  • Sam

    When I grow up i want to be a truck driver like my uncle

  • tobi

    cant remember artist but song is CONVOY
    best truckin song ever

  • Casey

    Hey steve earls best truckin song has to be guitar town, cant believe I didnt see it mentioned

  • Gary

    Lost It On The Road was a Carl Smith song # 45382

  • Jessica

    I know of a couple of songs:

    Garth Brooks: Papa Loved Mama
    Lee Ann Womack: I Love A Man With 18 Wheels
    Kathy Mattea: 18 Wheels & A Dozen Roses

    So this is just what I can think of right now

  • ContryKid

    How about anything by red sovine…

  • amberlynn

    life on the road, what a beauty!

  • Richard

    I have been looking for a album i think came out in the 80s Smokin Joe in over drive if any one can tell me where to find it

  • Tim

    Leroy Van Dyke – The Auctioneer

  • rob

    Does anybody know a song and who sang it with the lyrics
    ” i was born to be a diesel cowboy i,ve got the fastest stagecoach on the road ” I,m certain the line is in the chorus but I can,t find the song any where
    It,s a fantastic song and would love to get a hold of any versions

    please please help

  • dixie

    looking for a truck driving song with some of the words:
    10 days on the road,sick wife,something wrong with the kid, and the barn needs fixed

  • Paul

    “Drivin’ My Life Away” -Eddie Rabbit

  • dixie

    How do I get an answer to my question? I’m comment no. 49

  • Mindy

    Asphalt Cowboy by Jason Aldean is my all time favorite trucking song. My boyfriend is a trucker and we love it.

  • Chris

    What about “Phantom 309”? Or do you not consider that a true “song”?

  • larry allen

    I was one of the “Shit Howdy Boys”

  • Munz

    Lowell George wrote “Willin'” and Little Feat recorded it, but Commander Cody covered it, as did the Byrds and many others.

  • louis

    what is the name of the song that has the following words: I want to put my life on the centerline,… and i know peace i’ll never find, as those big old wheels keep rolling thru my mind. – thanks

  • Tyler

    Merle Hagard white line fever

  • Debbie

    Does any one know who sung the song Little Sister Bobbie Jean And where you can find it

  • michae

    the white line is getting longer

    teddy bear

  • carl

    The Shit Howdy Boys! I have one of their albums signed by the band. They played Orange County CA in the mid to late 1970’s. One of the most pathetic bunch of clowns I’ve ever seen.

  • carl

    I mean that in a good way, of course.

  • tony

    “The original version of “ive been everywhere” was by an aussie called Lucky Star & featured all australian towns,this version actually reached no.1 on our pop charts of the day (late sixties i think).”

    1962. Same year Geoff Mack rewrote it for Canadian-born Hank Snow, who sang mostly North American place names. Two weeks at #1 in November 1962.

  • Teresa- My dad was the bass player for the Shit Howdy Boys

  • Just a little thank you Robert, for putting ‘A Truckers Tribute To Red Sovine’ in with the best.

    Take care,


  • Julie

    Help, I am looking for the artist of a song called “Reefer Madness” he talks about driving the truck and having “Reefer Madness” and I can not for the life of me remember who it is!! Please Help!juevans@sparks.org

  • Hey ULUG some of those aren’t really truck driving songs but just mention driving!
    Tom Waits does a great “Phantom 309”. Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen lp “Hot Licks Cold Steel and Truckers Favorites”. I remember a song but not the artist “I Come Awful Close” about a driver trying to stay faithful while out on the road. On a Dr. Demento collection I have “Phantom Windbreaker” by Red Bovine! There is “I’m Comin’ Home” Johnny Horton, and a strange one by The Beat Farmers “Big Ugly Wheels”. A satire song by The Agoraphobic Cowboy called “I Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere” is worth seeking out.

  • Nikky

    Hi does any body knows a trucker song that starts with the banjio and its a very fast song i mean tempo and the name is”something trucker” it is a song from the 80`s?

  • Ken Nicholson

    Steel Ridin’ Cowboys by Smokin’ Joe Lee Smith. Google it!

  • Ken Nicholson

    Richard the album you are looking for Smokin’ Joe In Overdrive is available.

  • John

    Yes I have a album by the Shit Howdy Boy’s.

  • John

    Trisha…The Shit howdy boys had guitar player name Tom that was an anazing picker

  • John

    Jack Barlow also had a great truckin’ song called (Shift Or Get Off The Lot).

  • Roger

    I’ve got a single from the Shit Howdy Boys given to me by a long lost friend, Jack Rotar. He owned the Swallows Inn in San Juan Capistrano when they played there. The single contains “Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Beaners” that I still love to hear. The flip side was Jack, singing with the Boys about the day he learned his lease was not being renewed. Last I heard, Jack bought a bar in Mexico somewhere – haven’t heard from him in 20 years…

  • WizarD of AhS

    The only times I saw the Shit Howdy Boys was in Mammoth at Whiskey Creek. They did parodies with stand up. If no one laughed at a particular joke, one would say “SHIT” and the other “HOWDY” – that ALWAYS got a laugh from the audience

  • Ken Nicholson

    Julie, the song you mentioned, Reefer Madness, is on the album Smokin’ Joe In Overdrive by Joe Lee Smith. Overdrive magazine is doing an article on Joe and the album in the November issue. Check out the website.

  • Mike. D.

    I listened to a song when I was a kid.one part went. Well I aint never drove a truck before but I dont quess it would hurt me to try and you know that man musta really needed some help cause he didnt even ask me if I could drive. Does anybody know this song or who did it.

  • Ken D

    I am trying to find a trucker, come on in the early 60s, it sounds like “I’ve been everywhere” but only talks about all the trucks that he has driven, and trucking companys hes been with…can anyone help me finding the name of this song


    Watermelon Slim does a bunch of driving songs. He was a driver before becoming a recording artist. He does a song about all the companies he drove for just can’t remember which one it is. Others: Scale Master Blues; Caterpillar Whine; Blue Freightliner; Mack Truck; Truck Drivin Buddy; The Wheel Man and my personal favorite for the tune is Truck Drivin’ Mama!

  • Dann Ferrin

    Does anyone remember the old truck driving song Idah Red? and who was the artist?

  • icyheart

    i’m from indonesia,, i always listen truck drivin song before i go to sleep,, it’s make me feels like i’m driving a truck in the rocky road and great highway lol,,
    here some title that always listened every night..

    eddie rabbit – driving my life away
    red simpson – hello, i’m a truck
    red simpson – trucking tree for christmass
    alabama – roll on 18 wheelers
    alabama – end of the lying
    son volt – lookin’ at the world through a windshield
    dan seals – big wheels in the moonlight
    toby keith – big ol truck
    reba mcentire – turn on the radio
    rodney atkins – farmers daughter

  • AJ

    48 – rob answer Jack Daniels Band – Diesel cowboy on youtube

  • Meg

    My father was an owner-operator for about 18 years and he passed away today. He wanted me to play a trucking song at his funeral. I believe the song is called “Heartbeat” or “Heartbeat of America” by Dick ? My copy got corrupted, can anyone help me find it, please? [Personal contact info deleted]

  • Mike up north

    #58 David Lynn Jones, sang Peter built a truck for a man to drive ( little sister bonnie jean ).

  • Gerald

    Wolf Creek Pass – C.W. McCall

  • lee alley

    does anyone know where to get the3 disk set by starday? it had pinball machine, radar blues, no passing in maryland

  • Blue Goose

    In the mid seventies there was a song played on WWL between 4 and 5 am every morning. I can’t remember the name or artist but it had to do with a trucker nearing home. Big surprise on that uh? But it was a great song.

  • mary

    does anyone know the name of the trucker song that starts with an air horn???

  • mary

    ok it isnt an air horn it is an air brake sound. It isnt 18 wheeler or teddy bear.

  • Amanda

    am trying to find a song for my husband. Something about hammer lane Jane.

  • Chris

    Red sovin, teddy bear, phantom 309, giddy up go. Freightliner fever, how fast them trucks will go. Ode 10-33. White knight, white line fever, cb lingo, passing zone, give me forty acers.

  • Chris

    And there’s looking at the world through a windshield. And by the way I know red sovine did not sang all them im on my phone and I couldn’t figure out how how to make the space to ad the names so I just done or like that. Then you have the one off smokey and the bandit were it first starts out with the trucks air brakes is The Legend
    Jerry Reed

  • Chris

    Little joe red sovine

  • Unique

    Jason Alden, asphalt cowboy is great. Blake shelton done the some before Jason

  • Bobby B

    Maybe I’ve just missed it but I haven’t seen my personal favorite from back when I was jammin gears. “Big Wheels Rollin'” by Merle Haggard. I always played it at the last coffee stop of the night, where ever that was.

  • mark

    The song is Lost It On the road from carl smith. lost it on the road momma on a range down in new montana

  • mark

    and as long as i know its only avilble on a single vinyl

  • brian

    speed ball tucker by Jim Croce

  • corn chip

    How can yall forget teddy bear, the cowboy song, my heroes have always been cowboys, mommas dont let your babies grow up to be cowboys, stone cold fingers, smoky mtn rain, phantom 309. Yall aint from georgia, lol.

  • Ken Nicholson

    Comment # 89, You might be looking for “Hammer Lane” on the album Smokin’ Joe In Overdrive. Google the album name and go to the website.

  • papa loves mama

    Papa loves mama by garth brooks

  • Rob

    Thanks A.J!!!!!! Comment 81 I owe you a drink.