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Music Playlist: Top 13 Most Overrated Songs

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The Challenge

To create the following playlist I asked some of the blogosphere’s best names for their most overrated song picks. I was not looking for the most hated song or even the worst commercially successful song, but a song that has garnered critical acclaim. Acclaim that they just could not understand. This is the type of list that is sure to create conversation and argument. Most of the tracks here are considered “classic” and as such will create some disagreement.
I would like to personally thank every blog that stuck their neck out for this experiment. Every pick includes the reason behind the decision and a link to the contributor’s website.
I urge you to add your own “most overrated song” picks to the comments or a reason why you think a particular song should not have been included.

The Playlist

1. “American Pie” – Don McLean

Listen… I understand it’s a tribute to Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper all dying in the plane crash, but the song could’ve easily been a fitting tribute at the four minute mark. I’d even take five. But nearly nine minutes? Number one on my list of most annoying pub sing-a-long songs – best time to take a piss or a cigarette break outside.

Selected by Drake of Thus Spake Drake

2. “Light My Fire” – The Doors

There are some words that do not belong in a rock song. “Pyre” is one of these words. “Mire,” and “wallow” also fall into the category. All three of these words are featured prominently in the Doors “Light My Fire.” For some inexplicable reason, the Doors are viewed as some sort of spiritual counterpoint to the more hedonistic examples of rock decadence in the 60s. But “Light My Fire” illustrates an almost paralyzing lack of any redeeming qualities, a fact that seems to have been overlooked by critics and fans alike for more than three decades.
Bands that feature a piano or keyboard prominently are generally pretty goofy to begin with, but Ray Manzarek’s circus riff and odd organ stabs are headache inducing. The opening figures are some of the most memorable in rock history, because, like “Stairway” for shoddy guitar players, many aspiring rock pianists pick it out on whatever keyed instrument they find themselves in front of. Also, the shambling mid-song guitar/organ breakdown is a relic of an age of psychedelic rock that mercifully has passed for all but the heaviest drug users of the present day.

Lyrically, Jim Morrison’s poetry-set-to-music resembles the scribbling of someone who has just finished the Romantic Poetry section of their tenth grade English class. This doesn’t even cover the fact that in the chorus, “fire” is rhymed with “fire,” the second of which is delivered with a strangled bellow that is supposed to convey some sort of passion that is missing in Morrison’s morose and flat delivery during the rest of the song. Also, “girl we couldn’t get much higher”? He sounds like an eight grader who just smoked some oregano he bought in the bathroom of the mall. Morrison is considered a rock god because he removed his pants in public, took too many drugs, and let disgusting overconfidence mask an obvious lack of talent. If this is what makes someone a rock god, then we all went to college with about 50 rock gods who now work at Morgan Stanley.

“Light My Fire” is a novelty song of the psychedelic age. Somehow it has become tied up with equally inexplicable mythology surrounding Jim Morrison and received critical acclaim far beyond anything that it deserves. The gap between the adoration for “Light My Fire” and the intense awfulness of the song is so large, it’s easily one of the most overrated pieces of popular music created in a long time.

Selected by Morgan from Earvolution.com

3. “Free Bird” – Lynyrd Skynyrd

One of the most overrated songs in rock history has to be Lynryd Skynryd’s “Freebird.” The song has good intentions; it is dedicated to the memory of fellow southern rocker Duane Allman. However, the good intentions have gone bad. It is now one of the ultimate rock cliches. Anyone, who has ever attended a rock concert, will almost certainly hear someone yell out, “Freebird.” The song has become a parody of itself. Unfortunately, I have to report that this disturbing trend may have its origins in Chicago, my hometown. There are many theories as to how this annoying habit started, one common thread among them involves The Brady Bunch, an overrated TV show, and a Chicago radio personality.
I would like to quote no less an authority than the Wall Street Journal:

“Kevin Matthews is a Chicago radio personality who has exhorted his fans — the KevHeads — to yell “Freebird” for years, and claims to have originated the tradition in the late 1980s, when he says he hit upon it as a way to torment Florence Henderson of “Brady Bunch” fame, who was giving a concert. He figured somebody should yell something at her “to break up the monotony.” The longtime Skynyrd fan settled on “Freebird.” saying the epic song “just popped into my head.”
But he bemoans the decline of “Freebird” etiquette. “It was never meant to be yelled at a cool concert — it was meant to be yelled at someone really lame,” he says. “If you’re going to yell “Freebird” yell “Freebird” at a Jim Nabors concert.”

Maybe it is time to start a new trend. What songs can drunken, obnoxious, morons, request in the 21st century? How about a Jim Nabors song or the antithesis of “Freebird’s” long winding jam session? How about a short intense hardcore punk song, (by the way I like this style of song in small doses) such as the Circle Jerks’ “What’s Your Problem?” I can hear it now….. “What’s Your Problem?…..What’s Your Problem?….What’s Your Problem?”

Selected by Mr. Bond of Covalent Bond

4. “Hey Ya!” – Outkast

Ya, Ya, Ya, I know Outkast’s 2003 album “Speakerboxxx/The Love Below” was on top of a myriad of critic’s “best of” lists, even leaving the Onion A.V. Club to proclaim Outkast’s Andre 3000 and Big Boi the “Lennon and McCartney of hip-hop”

The Lennon and McCartney of hip-hop? Quick my pills….

“Hey Ya!’s basic 4 chord (G,D,C,E) repetitive structure sounds like it was recorded in a guitar 101 class. Not that there’s anything wrong with 4 chord songs per se, but this one is strummed without any sense of dynamics, much like the way my two year old daughter bangs her toy drum.
I think there’s an attempt at melody since the track is a combination of “singing” and talking as opposed to rapping. What that melody is however, escapes me. Well, can you hum it?

It doesn’t end here though. It’s the lyrics that put this over the top.

“Heeeyyy… Yaaaaaaa.. (Don’t want to meet your daddy, OHH OH)
Heeyy Yaaaaaaaa.. (Just want you in my Caddy OHH OH)
Heeeyyy… Yaaaaaaa.. (OHH OH, don’t want to meet yo’ mama OHH OH)
Heeyy Yaaaaaaaa.. (Just want to make you cumma OHH OH)”

“Just want to make you cumma”? Are they serious? Case closed.

Selected by Robert of the Radish

5. “Pour Some Sugar On Me” – Def Leppard

In an age of overrated songs ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ rose to the occasion. Has anyone listened to the lyrics? “Mirror queen, mannequin, rhythm of love.. Do you take sugar? one lump or two?” It makes absolutely no sense. And the drums might as well be a beat box, or a late 80’s Casio keyboard with the ‘Rock Drum’ button to play along with. The guitar riffs are bland, and for some reason Joe Elliot is trying to passionately scream words like ‘saccharine’. It just doesn’t work, but for some reason people love this song. I guess it’s the loud kick and the double tracked vocals.

Selected by Bryan of Liquid Rivet

6. “Wonderwall” – Oasis

The press was declaring them the second coming of the Beatles, but Lennon/McCartney never wrote anything this sappy.

Selected by the FIQL team

7. “Memory” – Andrew Lloyd Webber

The toughest part of this challenge was to define overrated. Andrew Lloyd Weber’s musical, entitled “Cats”, received numerous awards and was shown live for years and years. Why??? Could it be the tights and the dancing? The story?? The music? I just don’t get it. Someone please help me!!

Selected by Pantagruel, everlasting rhaplink poster on the Radish Message Board

8. “Bohemian Rhapsody” – Queen

Back in May the British selected “Bohemian Rhapsody” as their “favorite single of all time.” Now they’ve done it again, with “BoRhap” taking top honors in the Official UK Charts Company Top 50 #1 Singles of the last 50 years. Allow me to say that I despise “Bohemian Rhopsody” with a fervor that makes want to crush something, anything British. How perverse can one nation be?

I HATE every possible aspect of that song: from the nonsensical pretentious lyrics, to the nauseating waves of overdubbed choral vocals, to Freddie Mercury’s lisping diva lead, to the wretchedly awkward lurching from (bowel) “movement” to (bowel) “movement.” Even the rock-out part near the end that I could at least tolerate when it first came out now sounds utterly artificial, strained, grafted-on, and stupid.

I loved, really LOVED the first Queen album, but there was no way to ever take Queen seriously again after that song, which was okay because the group pretty well sucked ass from that point on anyway, but I remember the sick feeling in my stomach when that poodle puke dribbled out of my friend’s stereo. I had to go take a nap, and I had really bad dreams.

Selected by Eric Olsen of Blogcritics.org

9. “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” – U2

I wanted to pick something I was really familiar with I considered something like ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ which is far from Van’s best work – and for me Rolling Stone ranking at 109 is high…but again I can understand the rating. It is one of the catchiest songs ever with all those “Sha La La”s. “Money” from Pink Floyd was another option – one of the weakest songs yet most played from “Dark Side of the Moon” – but it is still a damn good song and I can still understand why it is on the list. But finally I went with the U2 song,. “I Still Haven’t Found What I am Looking For”. I do own the CD. I quickly got tired of that song. I am not going to criticize it beyond that. Music likes and dislikes are a very personal thing and what may seem pretentious to me may be meaningful to somebody else. It just didn’t’ work for me.

Selected by Mark Munroe of Musicrocker

10. “Totally Wired” – The Fall

Trailblazing indie rock sacred cows the Fall are generally lauded as cooler than anybody. Well, 50,000 Fall fans can kiss my ass. Sure, Pavement’s first album is a wholesale appropriation of the Fall’s sound. But Pavement moved on to different sonic pastures on four subsequent records, while the Fall have recorded over forty albums of this annoying claptrap. If being the first band to combine stunted chops and speaking lyrics because you can’t sing makes you unassailable musical pioneers, then bravo to the Fall. (Now will somebody please bring a shoehorn to help me extract this tongue that seems to have lodged itself in my cheek?)

Selected by Jshifty of Ribaldry & Schmaltz

11. “Born To Run” – Bruce Springsteen

It likely won’t make me any friends, but I’ve picked “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen. It may be a result of preconceived music tastes, but The Boss’s everyman rock just doesn’t resonate with me at all. “Born to Run” sounds like Bruce has just run a marathon and now he’s trying to sing, with its breathless lyrics and insistent chiming. What place do those chimes have in a rock song? Sir, step away from the xylophone. “Strap your hands ‘cross my engines”? Please. There’s nothing here for me to hold onto. Keep on running, Bruce, I’ll take a pass on this one.

Selected by Amanda of Rhapsody in Blog

12. “Chewing Gum” – Annie

Every critic is ranting and raving about Annie and even the almighty online indie rag Pitchfork gave this particular song #11 on the best singles of 2004 chart, but I just don’t get it. This song sounds like some of the worst drivel from the late 80’s/early 90’s when dance pop was dying a slow death. Nothing to this song at all. “Oh no, oh no/You’ve got it all wrong/You think you’re chocolate but you’re chewing gum.” Are you kidding me? At least her song “Heartbeat” has a melody and some sort of emotion…

Selected by Chris Anderson of worthymusic.net

13. “Imagine” – John Lennon

“Imagine” was a top-10 hit in 1971, and received enormous airplay when Lennon died. As a result, it has come to represent Lennon; it’s a signature tune and a symbol of both Lennon the artist and Lennon the man. However, if one ruthlessly strips away sentiment and sympathy, “Imagine” is actually one dreary song, not among Lennon’s best. “Imagine” is an amelodic dirge really, with lyrics cribbed from the communist manifesto. Its Phil Spector production is murky, it’s not hummable, and it’s too soupy for rock, but too joyless for pop. It’s not even the best on the Imagine album; the very next track on side 1, “Crippled Inside” (not a single) far better captures what Lennon was all about: it’s playful, jaunty, ironic, tongue-in-cheek, absurd, and catchy– a far more fitting Lennon tribute.

Selected by uao of Freeway Jam

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  • zozoho

    you didn’t get paid for his, right? yeah, the market is rigged; look what sells today. lighten up. if it is still listened to a few centuries out then the world has spoken in its weird way. which is the most overrated Gregorian chant? (you should look into it, might keep you busy for a bit). .if it makes folks happy why does it matter? do you prefer oysters or mussels? life is about choices. don’t worry about what sells. Duo you remember ‘cant touch this or ‘hey, jude’? plagued the airwaves for far longer than necessary. that’s what this venue does. methinks we should get some kind of minister of relevance for cultural endeavors. sh**, that’s what the soviets did with prokofiev, and schostakovich. was their respective 5th’s overrated? in the eye of the beholder. get it? choose a more relaxed view of the world. we don’t need more intelligentsia or rulers-those positions are regrettably overfilled. You are a smart one; compose a song or write a book that will knock our socks off.
    P.S.I am guessing you are young. life will help your judgment and perspective if you allow it. Pax Tecum! Brother Ray


  • Eva

    fuck,my favourite songs.damn.

  • Sybran

    Can’t agree with number one, but purely because the reason it’s so long is because it’s not just a tribute to buddy holly, richie valens and the big bopper, but also a documentation of what else around the 60s caused the music to die (allegories for the beatles and the rolling stones are all in there). If you know what all the verses mean then it’s not unnecessary time, and I personally appreciate how much thought and care went into it.

  • glennr18

    The fact that you consider Light My Fire overrated reveals a profound lack of…what? The mind boggles…Whatever it is, I don’t want to listen to your rock collection. That’s why you’re critic, and not a creator.

  • RB

    “I want you to want me” by Cheap Trick


  • Rich

    Are you kidding? The only overrated one here is American Pie. People at school used to sing it all the time so I figured it must be pretty good, but then I listen to it for myself and I found it to drag and was mediocre. So I agree on that one, but that’s it. Guns N’Roses in my opinon is the most overrated band of all time (can’t stand that guy’s voice)AC/DC is overrated, and I think Green Day and Nickelback are as well. And these are only the rock acts of course.

  • i

    dude, imagine is beautiful and fragile.

    jim morrison did not write light my fire, and it was the first song the guitarist ever wrote.

    and finally, i still havent found what im looking for is still an average song, but bono’s little voice crack on ‘I beleeve in… Kingdom cuhhuuume…’ makes it all worthwhile.

    the MOST OEVERRATED SONG OF AL TIME is Running with the Devil by Van Halen.

  • Casus

    You said you could have included Stairway to Heaven, it should be #1.

  • emily

    the doors are amazing arnt all artist junkies of a form???

  • Kunigunda

    I cant agree with Bohemian Rhapsody either.
    In fact: I don’t agree with Hey Ya, Wonderwall, or Light My Fire either. your affirmation is absurd – how can you categorize words by genre? well, are there like 200 words that are most suitable for rock songs and ones that arent?
    And about Hey Ya. The lyrics are simply…light. Its not a song you play when your doing soul searching, its something you listen to when you’re in a funky mood. And music lovers should know by now: music is absolutely related to your mood, you just let it in.

  • Harley

    This whole article could have been a Pink Floyd album and I would have agreed with it.

  • music

    its nice to see someone who obviously doesnt know much about music berating some of the greatest songs in music history, i can only imagine what this guy listens to

  • Moylan

    i agree with some of the list…but how can you have bohemian rhapsody and born to run on there?? both these songs are incredibly written and took real talent to arrange.

  • bcire4k

    i don’t think it’s very fair to say they (Led Zeppelin) stole their music considering most was by accident that the lyrics matched, some were knowingly recycled but barely at all (they were small 4 word verses), but it was only that, the music is original the guitar work, everything.

    Oh, and Stairway to Heaven’s opening riff is *similar* to Taurus by Spirit, but think about all the riffs out there, do you really think they all sound nothing like each other and there are no *similar* riffs?

  • zingzing

    who’s fucking with the fall? the fuck? the fall is mighty and will destroy. the fall could lace up some boots, go on the pitch and beat manchester united at their own game, while cursing at your grandmother and tying flies into your underarm hairs. and you would fucking thank them for it. i hate you, whoever you are.

  • You could have filled this list at least twice over just with Oasis songs.

    And, yeah, don’t fuck with The Fall!

  • David

    Don’t FUCK with the Fall.

    Hey Ya is to this day a great song.

  • Jon

    Morrison didn’t write “Light my Fire”. Robby Krieger did, watch the freakin’ movie, read the freakin’ book.

  • And by the way, Morrison did write some of LMF! Go Jim, Ray, Robby and John!

  • Hey man! The Doors was the best band ever, beatles and many others are overrated, and LMF is the best song ever written, it was was primarly written by Krieger and Morrison and with arangements from Ray and John. The Organ is the best in history, the gituar solo are good, and morrisons words and lyrics (he wrote the second part) are great! Its no way overrated, its the BEST !!1

  • arzu

    çok güzel bir şarkı

  • I gotta chuckle out of the story about how “Freebird” got to be yelled out at every concert. I was watching a Porcupine Tree concert video recently and I could clearly hear someone doing that. The concert was, of course, in Chicago.

  • Vikas

    my top 10:

    10. Hey Jude – “Na na na na na na na na. Na na na na.” Those are not lyrics. Those aren’t even real words.
    9. One Way Or Another – Blondie. The song lost its greatness when fast food companies used it in their commercials.
    8. Sweet Home Alabama – Same reason as above. Anyone find it strange that they use Sweet Home Alabama to sell Kentucky Fried Chicken?????
    7. We Didn’t start the fire.
    6. American Pie.
    5. Hotel California.
    4. Teach The Children – Teach them to hate this song.
    3. Scenes From An Italian Restaurant –
    2. Rosalita – I hate this song!

    And the worst, most overrated, overplayed song is:

    1. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes – Listen to the song. I wont say anything else. Just listen to it.

  • THIS.LIST.SUCKS.REAL.BAD. Pop music is full of overated tunes and there are almost none in here…

  • Sameer

    I think that you and anyone who agrees with you has absolutely no taste in music whatsoever. You could make a playlist of the all the songs you listed apart from Hey Y’all and I could listen to it all day.

  • yerbametalera

    bohemian rapsody???’ sobrevalorada????????
    falta seriedad en esta pagina

  • miss marianna j. SHELLEY!

    Monday 13th November 2006




  • Johnnu

    You cannot even come close to saying the the Bohemian Rhaposdy is overrated. That song is an absolute classic and nothing can compare to it. It blends modern and classical while entrahlling the masses. Judging by most people’s comments on here though, a moajority of you won’t understand what I justs stated.

    Queen is corny and cheesy???!!! That’s called entertainment buddy and no one did it better than Freddie Mercury.

  • Canaan

    What is it? Bashing some of the most popular songs is supposed to be “edgy” now? Why not bitch about the bull shit rap “top of the charts” crap..? Or how ’bout all the hip hop that sounds the exact same? Or pop where the females are sluts and the men are gay. Like they could come up with anything better than “one lump or two”.

  • patrick durney

    How come nobody mentioned the most overrated band of all time The Beatles. How about these for lyrics –

    Love love me do, you know I love you(LOVE ME DO).
    I’ll pretend that im kissing the lips I am missing (ALL MY LOVING).
    Oh yeah i’ll tell you something I think you’ll understand, when i’ll say something, I wanna hold your hand (I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND).
    Come on come on come on come on,
    come on come on come on come on,
    please please me, whoa yoah like I please you (PLEASE PLEASE ME).
    For good measure throw in You’re going to lose that girl, Do you wanna know a secret, I feel fine, She loves you and you have bunch of the most turgid sickly sweet love songs ever put on paper, and I only mentioned a few of their songs. Everyone of the above could have been written by a five year old on a five minute session on the John. How this band are so adored is a total mystery, overrated is an understatement.

  • the liberator

    let me state one thing to get the record straight……you have the worst taste in music of any human being I’ve ever seen!!!!!!!and so is anyone who agrees with him

  • Oh, no no no no. This list is really, really missing some songs.

  • Andy

    I totally agree about the annoying song by U2 “I Still Haven’t found what I’m looking for” probably their worst. Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run was so far overrated it’s not funny. And Springsteen’s Spirit in the Night and Blinded by the Light were done better by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. Spirit in the Night was the worst song on the ‘Earth Bands’ Nightingales and Bombers album. Otherwise I like Bruce Springsteen’s other work in songs.

  • Mike Hunt

    I would trade Light My Fire

    And put Nirvana Smells like teen spirit up there as overrated!

  • Mike Hunt

    Your list is stupid.
    I may punch you
    and maybe spit in your eye.

  • Touch Me Im Sick

    I see a lot of people critisizing The Doors and Jim Morrison. Which is rather pathetic considering you have Queen up there – I dont see anyone telling it like it is.

    You are all complete idiots [apart from a few people – like the person abouve me, who actually know what they are talking about]

    Queen are rather cheesy – corny and overrated wouldnt ya say?

  • Cory

    I’ve just read through all of the comments and i honestly cant believe the people who have dissed Jim Morrison, Hes not only one of the greatest lead sings of all time, if you have somewhat of a brain you would relize that his lyics were not only interesting but they were ground breaking, i way he used different words in songs were something people had never seen before. The Doors not only changed the face of rock they have stood the test of time. How many hits have the produced, i would dare any of the “doors critics” to right songs like, Break on Through, Five To One, Lover her madly, Peace Frog, Riders on the storm, Love me two times, The End, And Yes LIGHT MY FIRE, when you have thousands of people chanting than you have the right to critisize someone. Their music was before their and will be around for as long as rock and roll is still being created.

    My friend you have no sense of talent when you say Morrison is lacking it, my advice to you is to sit and listen to an entire doors album and listen to the crap they play these days and you will see that The Doors deserve the multi platinum records they have.

  • Mike Hunt

    falling snow inside a collindar does not shift

  • joe

    this list is fuckin wrong
    who ever the fuck wrote doesnt no shit
    alot of those songs r good
    and with imagine have u listne to the lyrics
    its about peace what john wanted
    and those baggin stairway
    fuck u
    its the best song
    it didnt rip of any1
    if u listen to the shit u said it ripped off its hardly anything like it

  • iceman

    ok i came here looking for lists of music….as i love music of all types i have to say this list is trash. you ppl need to look up what “art” is. to say these song all overrated is one thing to call songs like imagine “one dreary song, not among Lennon’s best. “Imagine” is an amelodic dirge really, with lyrics cribbed from the communist manifesto”. this is proof to me you would look at a picasso and say it is ugly cause the face in it is mixed up. it really makes me sick, as im SURE you couldnt write,sing,or play a song to save your lives. so maybe before you trash good art try to remember there are songs like the “maccarina” and “who let the dogs out”

  • Jimmy

    I never could see how Stephen Bishop’s On and On was ever released and in the charts. This has to be the worst song ever written. All it says is “On and on and on” in an atunal fashion. A five year old could have done better. Actually, Mozart was doing compositions at Age 5.

  • Mike Hunt

    who gives a fuck if theyre overrated. What thats gonna stop you from listening to the music you like? Fuck that!


    Fuck YOU ON SOME of your choices

  • Taylor

    i was cursed with singing Bohemian Rhapsody in my 8th grade select choir and now every time that song is excitedly warbbled by some naive teenager who thinks they know Queen i cant help but to sing along in my head. its a sad sad thing i have to live with…all thanks to my 8th grade choir teacher.

  • I definitely think that American Pie is up there. As is Bohemian Rhapsody. Would this song have nearly the following if not for “wayne’s world”. Kind of sad. And imho not one of queen’s best.

  • Jimmy

    I don’t agree that “American Pie” is overrated. I think it is a great song. Overrated songs include “Stairway to Heaven”. Led Zeppelin had talent, but they weren’t the best song writers. “Always Something There To Remind Me”. The Naked Eyes. They didn’t even write it. It puts me to sleep. The Eurythmics ruined the 80s. “Sweet Dreams”. Blaah. “Satisfaction” by the Stones. I like the Stones, but I also agree with Steve Allen – it’s stupid. “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”. That’s dumb. “The Letter”. Even Joe Cocker couldn’t save it. “Kokomo”. The Beach Boys struck out with this comeback song. Yoko Ono. C’mon. She is not a singer. She sounds horrid.

  • bla bla bla

    overrated. Erm

    Any song my morrissey/ The Smiths.

  • Amanda :(

    I am very sorry about what I wrote above.
    I was just very very angry about your comment on Freddie Mercury, I love him. I feel sorry every time I hear something about the disease he suffered with. But anyways I am sorry, It looks like you had out a lot of effort in to creating this website.

    Good luck in all…

  • Amanda

    You do not have a clue what you are talking about! Bohemian Rhapsody is one of the best songs of all time. You are pathetic, what are your favourite songs? I bet that they are all crap, just like your shitty website. Get a life, and listen to some better music [Personal attack deleted]

  • hey robert u 2 bit freak.may b u dont understand d doors.u need a personality transplant.bludy slave..

  • re.doors
    hey ur a GOD damn slave.ok i agree to it light my fire may not be the best doors song but learn to watch ur tounge buddy..u guys have made a ver embarising statement which you should take back.u guys dont like the doors it`s kool may e u neva understood them.wel i dont believe it d God damn rolling stones din make this list…hmmm..those ass clows.seemed like mick jagger was getting an orgasim each time he was singin.

  • this sucks

    Pour some sugar on me? Man you suck. That song is a classic, it doesnt matter if it makes sense or not its a good song. You jackass.

  • It almost seems as though this would work as a most overrated artist/band list…Most songs themselves are imbued with meaning by the culture and the time, you can look at almost any song lyrically and scoff…

  • I did not pick American Pie. I suggest you practice retaining what you read a bit better.

  • music lover

    Robert Burke listed “American Pie” as overrated because the song is too long. Obviously, he thinks there are lyrics that don’t belong in the song. I think he wants to get rid of the lyrics he doesn’t understand. So tell us what the song is about, Robert, what lyrics you think should have been left out?

  • bohimian rhapsody was a very good song the rest i agree are rubish

  • Steve

    I agree with most of the picks, though I haven’t heard of two of the songs. Not that I necessarily dislike them all, though I actually dislike most of them, but they are overrated (at least the 11 or so I’ve heard of lol).

  • wagner

    Eric Clapton.
    “I shot the sheriff”,”Layla”and “tears in heaven”
    these songs are utterly overrated,and totally boring.

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  • courtney

    who cares if they are most overrated. they are out there making millions of dollars, i would trade places in a heartbeat, shoot, i bet they dont care either. we are the ones who are buying their albums.

  • Sophie

    Jim Morrison didnt write Light My Fire you freakin moron!
    i SUPPOSE its an overrated song but thats because its the only Doors song those rock radio stations know and probably the only doors song the person who added them to the overrated list has heard.

    I love The Doors and Jim Morrison was a lot more than the description the person who made this site gave him.
    The Doors had a lot better songs than light my fire.
    Go pick yourself up the album “Strange Days”
    or “L.A Woman”
    and you may change your mind about The Doors!!

  • I totally respect your opinions but based on what the majority of americans say doesnt it bother you that you are maybe the only one who holds this opinion? Sure there may be a few who agree but overall…. There is hardly any fact in it at all. You might have been better off chosing “My heart will go on” by Celine Dion. At least ONE song that MOST people will go YEAH too. I sat and went WHAT??? to most of them as I suspect most people did. Where do you hang out dude?

  • reggie von woic

    Am i the only one who hasn’t heard the song by Queen – Bohemian rhapsody?
    The song is in top 10 highest selling singles ever and i haven’t had a chance to experience it.
    Anyone know a link where i can download it from (for free)?

  • ME ME ME

    Yeah……Im do your homework you idiots. You all know NOTHING.
    Appart from the people who know something and agree with me.

  • I disagree with the Doors song Light my Fire, it was actually written by Robby Krieger their guitarist, so by all means do your homework.

  • mememe


    NIRVANA SUCKS ASS, If Kurt hadnt offed himself then they would have just faded away with most of the other fucking shitty 90s music!!!!!!!

    I really love the 80s. If only i could go back in time. The 80’s = Amazing !!!

    It would be before the early to mid 90’s!
    That was when rock n roll slowly began to rot and die! It went stale and now its six feet under
    NIRVANA/KURT IS TO BLAME IN MOST PART! So i hold somewhat a grudge againsed this band!

    He sould NOT be called a rock ledgend, jeez he complained in every one of his songs, people say he was murdured!
    He Killed himself
    Im glad
    End of story

  • hrtrhtrwthryhrtyrty

    I agree on all appart from
    American Pie
    Light My Fire (sure the doors did better songs but its still good)
    Free Bird


    p.d i like def leppard

  • America the Beautiful – overrated?

  • henry M

    To Bob, concerning music. “Our own pysical body posses’s a wisdom of which we who inhabit the body lack.”

  • judy

    Bob I think ‘mike hemens’ is super right. I envision him as youthful tall and athletic where you, I envision as portly and unshaven.

  • mike hemens

    Hey Bob. In my statment it may seem that I’m a little ‘blissful’ about the meaning of dynamic in a “musical” sense(I happen not to be) but it isn’t a big F’n D. One might propose that music can please an audiance or the guy or gal playing it. All I’m saying is that taking the concept of ‘quality’ and applying it to somthing like music is going to be hard(I think it’s pointless) and you’ll be the minority,(which might be your intention,sorry about that). Bad songs don’t get ‘stuck in your head’ is the essence of what I’m saying. P.S, Andre 3000 might have somthing to say about the general public’s attention span for the study of ‘musical dynamics’ in the song’Hey Ya’. “Yall don’t want to listen to me, you just wanna dance.” However if you hate Hey ya I except that. I hate the smashing pumpkins and their popular, S.F.I.

  • hey

    U2 is horrible….Bono has a brick for a brain and he needs to stay away from polotics

  • Scott Butki

    Ok, getting back on topic any new picks?

  • Bob

    To mike hemens

    You should go learn what “dynamics” mean in a musical sense, then come back and try not to make a fool out of yourself.

  • Heya

    QUOTE – Son Of Huxley
    Howz about this Morrison lyrical jewel:
    “I am the Burger King,I can eat anything!


  • mememe

    NIRVANA SUCKS ASS, If Kurt hadnt offed himself then they would have just faded away with most of the other fucking shitty 90s music!!!!!!!

    I really love the 80s. If only i could go back in time. The 80’s = Amazing !!!

    It would be before the early to mid 90’s!
    That was when rock n roll slowly began to rot and die! It went stale and now its six feet under
    NIRVANA/KURT IS TO BLAME IN MOST PART! So i hold somewhat a grudge againsed this band!

    He sould NOT be called a rock ledgend, jeez he complained in every one of his songs, people say he was murdured!
    He Killed himself
    Im glad
    End of story

  • bri


  • katie

    pour some sugar on meeeeeyyy!!! yeah i love def leppard.

    But the Doors are my FAVE EVER!!!

    So no i dont agree that either was overrated!


  • Kent Night Walker

    I like your choices I graduated in 1979 and will see 45 years of age on 2/7/2006. I like all the bands but I can think of a better song for everyone that was posting. Good call all around!

  • mike hemens

    The hey ya songs’ pretty good. “played with no dynamic”? Is that a naive statment or should you enlighten everyone shaking they’re ass to this song that the chords are “played with no dynamic” Where’s you soul brotha. If you’re a musian and you wrote this review on hey ya i say you’re in it for the wrong reasons.
    Stop being reactionatory, who cares if everybody likes this band or that song or if you listened to them before everybodyelse did. That’s not music, that’s highschool. Oh yeah i’m 30 now and i’m a music slut.

  • U2 blow nuts

    i really despise them and is fugly
    god they piss me off soooooooooooooo bad please someone must agree

  • uao

    Well said!

  • whatever…

    You dont know anything, thats all I have to say. Sorry.

  • I (for the most part) appreciate every song on this list (EXEPT hey ya), but putting Imagine on?
    thats just sick. I am a huge beatles/Lennon/Harrison fan. I own EVERY beatles album exept revolver, which broke sadly. and i own the lennon legend DVD, and the imagine record.
    I’m only 14 and have been collecting beatles albums for over 2 years now(most of the albums were my perents), and im just saying that even though imagine got played like a jillion times after John’s murder in ’80, that dosn’t make it a bad song! thats like saying “that’ll be the day” or “peggy sue” are overrated just because buddy holly is dead!

  • “Alot of U2 tunes are overrated, but I just don’t think Still Haven’t Found is one of them”

    I agree JD (back up on #43)

    The live version on Rattle and Hum is nectar.

  • GoHah

    anyone who doesn’t like “Born to Run” has ice water in his or her veins.

  • alejandra

    look person
    you should stop dissing jim morrios because he is a great singer/writer.i think he had a great poetic mind and i reall rispect him for that.have you ever heard the end or riders on the storm does are very GREAT songs.

    hay ya is a very crappy song.i could understand you on that one.stupid lyrics.
    just like the pussycat dolls don’t cha is the most stupid song ive ever heard.the lyrics are just slutty.they sound like prostitutes

  • Edd Anger


  • haha

    Jim Morrison gets criticized here just a bit too harshly – maybe Light My Fire is overrated, but I really refuse to believe that Morrison was a complete hack.

    Hey Ya, on the other hand, is the worst song to ever be called “good”. The lyrics are not only bad and stupid, but they’re a bit offensive too. The only reason it ever became popular is because you can’t get it out of your head, like some sort of parasite. Hip-hop’s Lennon and McCartney? Let’s be honest. OutKast had one good song – maybe one and a half. I’m just glad they’re done.

  • uao

    Obviously Chris, you either missed my comments in the article and the discussion below it, didn’t understand them, or ignored them.

    I gave Lennon a pretty nice compliment as a man in the musician by making that pick.

    I also did him a favor by alerting those who only know “Imagine” that there are 0 other songs on that album, at least six of which are better ones that deserve a listen.

    If that “disgusts” you, then either you aren’t a Lennon fan, or you aren’t a very judicious listener of music.

  • Chris

    To list imagine by John Lennon as overrated is dead wrong. One of the best songs ever written. Absurd that this would be listed on an overrated list. This
    disguists me

  • hey

    i dissagree with what u say about the doors

  • Heh, good list, except I have to disagree on Lennon, but whatever.

  • Michael Neff

    This list is crazy to me but everyone has an opinion. I think that most of the songs on here are great and freebirds guitar solo’s are just awesome. I’m a working musician and i’m not one to judge music unless I can do something better and I think that critics should try that sometime.. Kudo’s for having the nuts to put a list up tho!!

  • doesnt matter

    i would never go even close to saying that any of these songs are bad, but your comment on imagine was perferct, rolling stone magazine ranked it like 3rd of all time, there are much better songs than that. It’s a good song, but I think that it only is listened to so much because people are told that it’s so good.

  • Scott Butki

    ti= it

    Damn typos.

    I meant to say that I once watched in pain as someone tried to do Hey Ya in a karaoke nite at a country bar.

    You haven’t understood the concept of time standing still or redundancy until you’ve seen someone more tone deaf than yourself reading/saying the words “hey ya” over and over and over…

  • Scott Butki

    Or maybe the people critics slamming those songs don’t know what they are talking about…

    Nah, that can’t be ti

  • MT

    Some people like music for its lyric, others for its beat and others for a variety of other reasons. I happen to like Imagine / American Pie / Born To Run / Light My Fire and even Hey Ya.
    So what does that prove — that I’m musically illiterate and have no taste? Maybe. But I’ve made a living in the music biz for 30+ years making records. (Hmm, maybe I’m tjhe reason the music biz sucks today).

  • Scott Butki

    Nugget, please elaborate on how that song can be worse than, say, anything by Kid Rock or Jay Z?

  • nugget

    i’m glad this thread is up and running again.

    “Imagine” by John Lennon is quite possibly the worst song ever written.

    kudos on that one burkmeister!

  • I disagree with Imagine being overrated.
    Here is that mashup link I mentioned

    I agree American Pie is too long but it does have some fascinating verses. Here’s an interesting dissection of.
    the words.

  • The only musical noise you shitheads could make are the yells you make after taking it up the ass and the squeaky noise you know so well of sucking a man’s c0ck.

  • Pardon me? PARDON ME??

    To say that John Lennon’s “Imagine”, which encompassed the hopes, ideals, and wishes of the time, is overrated and that the lyrics are ANYTHING but beautiful and innocent and well-meaning, I swear… you must have a serious problem.

    As a side note, GET A FUCKING LIFE. I’m sure you have better to do than rate songs you dorkwads could have never written in your worthless lives in your grandmother’s basement. Do something useful and stop analyzing every little fucking thing and enjoy listening to beautiful music for once!

  • So I guess my habit of putting Freebird, American Pie and The End by the Doors on bars’ jukeboxes as I leave for the nite is even more annoying than I realized?

    Speaking of Imagine have you heard the Bush mashup of it?

  • hey buddy, my name is jack and i am here with ny good ole’ friend ass over here and we think u should go fuck yourself , only if your shlong is big enough but i doubt it is because nobody with a big shlong will post JOHN LENNON”S IMAGINE AT # 13on your top 13 over rated songs you fucking prick. not even tom jones, so good luck and have a shitty life you stupid fuck

  • Chris

    God damn it, how many thesauruses do you losers burn through just trying to make a post? Way to impress strangers. You can easily make the same point using layman’s terminology and I won’t have to pause to think about what the fuck you might be trying to say every other word.

  • I agree with most of whats been said here in fact some of the most overrated songs have poor arrangements.
    Thats why I decided to search for more indie music in the future.
    advice check the following sites for new great music thats well worthy buing digitally or physically

  • Hey, I like “Brown Eyed Girl” and (surprise) “Like a Rollin Stone.”

    And Spacehog sucks.

    That is all.

  • Richy

    You sir, are an idiot!

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  • nick7913

    I don’t agree with half the stuff on this list, and haven’t heard the other half. Normally I would comment more, but I’m too tired right now so I’ll only say this: WAKE UP! Sweet Home Alabama isn’t a song that praises Alabama; it trashes it! Hasn’t anyone heard the lyrics? I can’t believe that universities in Alabama have their f-ing marching bands playing this! It’s like Reagan using Born in the USA as his campaign song. (and by the way, whoever trashes anything from the album Born To Run sucks c0ck)

  • Wit (half actually)

    Great list! No complaints…well maybe just one. Why was “Schizim” by Tool not on the list?

  • Taloran

    Just ending the italics.

  • JAH

    I wanna know why Metallica’s “Unforgiven” and “Nothing Else Matter” have been overlooked! Man, I remember buying the Black album in Toronto after the long wait for its release. I was literally sick when I heard Unforgiven.. Metallica has never been the same since. Someone got a free copy of ‘Black’ if they picked it up off the 401 before it got run over, that day.

    I guess you forgot the KING of all overrated shmucks… Kurt Kobain. You wanna talk about a song that doesn’t make sense, pick one, any one from Nirvana. He even admitted to it in a Much interview.. “People can interpret my songs any way they like, that is the intention of my songs.” -Kurt ‘no talent’ Kobain, on MuchMusic. That is pretty much admitting that he just threw a bunch of words together. That would be like saying “whoever made that cloud look like a Doberman is a master artist”. I’m glad he shot himself, because I woulda if I had to smell his teen spirit just one more time.

  • Bob

    You’re right about all these songs. I especially hate “Hey Ya”, it’d be my number one.

  • Rocco

    Most overrated???

    1. Refugee by tom petty ughh
    2. Brown eyed girl Van morrison
    3. All i want to do and everything by sheryl crow (doesn’t anyone else think she sings out of tune)
    4. Satisfaction – Stones so boring
    5. Sweet home alabama I personally like it, but my friends in the south act like its a religion
    6. like a rollin stone -dylan..how could anyone think its that good! Try tomorrow never knows by the beatles..now that still sounds like it was mixed today
    7. bohemian rhapsody – queen. Check out Back seat of my car by mccartney on ram. Queen made their career by copying this sound.
    8. Anything by Destinys child please..
    9 Anything by 50 cent. Check out jay z for a real rapper
    10. I can’t think of anymore because if I hate it I turn off the radio

  • Jeremiah

    Jim Morrison didn’t write “Light my Fire” Robby Krieger did. There goes your whole argument about his poetry.

  • Tony

    I mean no rain damnit dmx. haha.

  • Tony

    top 13 most underrated songs of all time

    1-s. stills – tree top flyer
    Neil young got so much more recongnition then stills.
    2-b. dylan- shelter from the storm
    *way better song then like a rolling stone, that is if u give it more then one listen. this song isnt a radio hit, but ulike radio hits, it gains value the more u listen to it rather then losing it each play.
    3-Radio Head- Planet Telex
    4- Radio Head- Everything in its right place
    5- Blind Melon- Change
    *how the fuck is no sunshine their most popular song? Give this a listen to, download it and ill change your view in about 3 seconds.
    6-Pearl Jam- Yellowledbetter
    *all their other songs that are big hits deserve it but this song is jimi hendrix influenced to the max. Influence people is what its about not money, too bad we need money so much.
    7-spacehog-in the meantime
    ok this might be “popish” but fuck its an awesome song. And cuz u all hate it i love it right? nah id like it either way, however it would be less cool to listen to knowing everyones heard it hundreds of times before. Also the lead singer dude married the hot fucking babe liv tyler. Jesus she is hot.
    8-creed- torn
    shit ill get it for this one. but hold up yeah christian rockish but hold on negros just fucking hold on. All their other songs like higher and fuck whats that other song, u know the one im talking about im sure. anyways this song is better.
    9- counting crows- whole bunch of songs
    these guys get overlooked too much by grunge type and eespically ESPICALLY pop type music. august and everything after and recovering the satilites are awesome albums. *if those are the 2 im thinking of, see this shits off the top of my head so fuck it. im bored as fuck i have 2 more days down in my home town till im back in the city so dont blame me for this if i come off a little angry. 😐
    10- The Band- The weight
    its too bad it took a fucking commerical to make people take notice of this song from like 30 years ago. The point is when i heard this on a commerical it made me sick, hopefully someone will read this download this and know the song for the whole thing other then just “that one tune from that one commerical”…..

  • Tony

    Firstly id like to comment about an earlier post. I 100% that songs today are way too short. And its no suprise they have no point to them. They repeat themselves like broken records.

    Secondly, I love these guys, they are my favorite band and they rock. But Under the bridge by RHCP’s should be on that list. THEY have so much better shit. But any true fan would have taken the time to listen to an album through instead of listening only to the song that makes u first go buy it.
    Thirdly, forget the 13 most overrated songs of all time, lets go to the fucking sorce.

    1. Jessica simpson
    this isnt music, its selling sex for money. If i want to spend money on a fine looking chic ill go to the strip club. Which i do already and i get alot more out of it then anything this dumb mother fucking bitch has to offer. Its a shame some dumb fuck is rich, her face seen by all, and her voice heard by all when she has nothing to say. I guess if u have nothing to say at least you can smile. Hey all explorers, conquerers, hero’s, philosphoers etc of history guess what this generations legends are JESSICA SIMPSON, BRITTENY SPEARS etc. Congradulations you fucking faggots.

    2. Ashley simpsons.
    Firstly im not proud of this. But i have seen her show once and after puking all over the tv screen i emidiatly rushed to the bathroom to vomit some more. What a bitch, this is my interpretation of her “oh i am so important, look at me, im famous for being famous, i am so important, look at me, love me, idolize me.”
    Piss ant bitch.

    3- Tom cruise
    Damn this guy has been in good movies but now days he is all over the place for dating one fine ass chic. But fuck come on, now think about this sensibly, has he (or anybody else so far on this list) done anything that special or profound that we coudlnt live without him? He didnt fucking discover america or invent penacillin. Oh thats right i forgot he is in war of the worlds, ALL HAIL TOM CRUISE. k.

    4.Andre 3000
    He was compared to lennon? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah holy shit hahahahahahahahaha. I didnt read that until moments ago and im about to piss my pants in laughter. The only thing that this “self proclaimed pimp” could pimp are woman with a heavy case of the down syndromes. Big forhead mother fuckers.

  • Robert Burke, where have you been all my life?

    I think I love you. The only song I disagree with on your list is “Imagine.”

    I slightly disagree with Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me” as well. It’s meant to be a stupid song and it’s not unpleasant to listen to if you don’t pay attention to the lyrics. Plus, if this song had never been recorded, strip clubs around America would suffer for it. Will somebody PLEASE think of the hobags? PLEASE?

    For the rest of your comments:

    “Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC is NOT overrated. AC/DC was the only enjoyably stupid band that ever came out of the dreck of 70s cock rock, and that’s because they were playing blues as much as they were playing metal.

    No one’s taking Hollaback Girl or Milkshake seriously. Gwen is doing her new teen-friendly Japanese-flavored hip hop street girl thing with tongue firmly in cheek. And she looks hot doing it. Good for her. Keep in mind she’s from the OC — there is no such thing as “selling out” or having integrity there and No Doubt was never really a band with much hardcore, underground cred to begin with. They started out as one of many poseur bands that caught onto the brief ska trend and later wrote mainstream pop with a slightly punky edge.

    Fred Durst is an idiot, but Nookie was not meant to be taken seriously and no one’s overrating it.

    “Hey Ya” deserves inclusion on that list because while it’s written as a pop song, it’s a pretty piss-poor pop song that every lame white rock critic who doesn’t know how to dance and doesn’t know rap has praised to no end. Outkast is nothing special — they’ve become critical darlings and white-friendly cross-over stars, but “Hey Ya” is annoying and definitely overrated. Any critic who puts that song on their all-time best songs list (ahem, Olsen) is pandering to fashion to seem like they’re hip with what’s jive. Guess what? Outkast’s not hip nor jive. No one will remember the song in five years and those “best of” lists will look silly for including it.

    Gangsta rap is the new pop music and anyone who’s scared off by the lyrics or the label just doesn’t get that some of the best pop melodies in the last 20 years are being written by producers like Dr. Dre and Pharrell Williams of The Neptunes/NERD.

    Johnny Thunder, you are a rock savant. Please write more often and wrote longer posts yourself — you are absolutely right about everything you said, for the most part.

    The White Stripes get more critical acclaim than anyone deserves, but they’re not a bad band.

    Natalie, your kid seems like he has good taste. And he’s right about Jim Morrison — he’s a creepy, pretentious narcissist. The Doors were one of the worst bands in human history and the necrophiliac cult that’s been built around Jim Morrison “the poet” can only be explained by rampant drug use and a failing public education system.

    Marco, I like the top of your list. Springsteen’s not horrible, but he’s so decidedly average and phony. He’s Dylan-lite with better melodies and more pop-friendly rock hits. He’s way overrated by anyone who grew up in blue-collar suburbs during the 1980s.

    U2 is a good band, but not THE BEST BAND OF ALL TIME, as it seems Bono thinks and so many of you follow him in thinking. Their fans are all idiots and U2’s cheap sentiment and easy moral politics continuously annoy me.

    That Jonestown Massacre singer is hilarious. He heckled Dashboard Confessional from across Grant Park during their set at Lollapalooza, shouting out things like “There’s an argument for birth control” and “Don’t quit your day job, boys!”

    I hate Skynyrd, but “Sweet Home Alabama” is a good song. I hate Zeppelin more.

    I haven’t heard the Annie song because I’m old and lame. I’ll check it out.

    Pink Floyd sucks.

    I think that about covers it. If you need me to comment on anything else, name the song or band and I’ll drop some truth on you.

    And Robert Burke, I think you are my soulmate, whoever you are.

    That is all.

  • Danny

    I don’t know if anybody said this already, but Jim Morrison didn’t write “Light My Fire”, Robby Krieger did…

  • Eric Bass

    And basically whoever made this list is really jacked up on drugs. Keep away from the acid and try another list (except for a couple of songs).

  • Eric Bass

    I utterly disagree with Bohemian Rhapsody, Imagine, and Light My Fire being some of the most overrated songs of all time. All in all though i agree with everything else, especially American Pie (great lyrics, NOT!)and Hey Ya by Outkast. Anyone that says Stairway To Heaven is an “overrated” song should really think themselves over or head over to the neighborhood shrink because that is utter bullshit!

  • Here’s a little English lesson for you BloggerCritic since you’re obviously in dire need of one:

    “Myriad” – Usage Note: Throughout most of its history in English myriad was used as a noun, as in a myriad of men. In the 19th century it began to be used in poetry as an adjective, as in myriad men. Both usages in English are acceptable, as in Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s “Myriad myriads of lives.” This poetic, adjectival use became so well entrenched generally that many people came to consider it as the only correct use. In fact, both uses in English are parallel with those of the original ancient Greek. The Greek word mrias, from which myriad derives, could be used as either a noun or an adjective, but the noun mrias was used in general prose and in mathematics while the adjective mrias was used only in poetry.

    In the future, you should be certain to know what you’re talking about to avoid making a complete fool of yourself again.

  • BloggerCritic

    Perhaps, just perhaps… anyone who follows the word ‘myriad’ with the word ‘of’ should be posting in the remedial section.

  • Anya

    You are so wrong..

  • will


  • Matt

    Whoever made that list is retarded. Freebird/American Pie/Light My Fire are quality songs and are the label of the classic rock era. They were all high when they made the damn songs and I’m willing to bet you were all high when you were listening to them! How the hell did Outkast – Hey Ya make the list? How does that fall in with the other songs when it’s a rap song with a little bit of guitar in it? Most of that list is good quality music…especially Queen. Whoever made that list can go to hell..

  • Taylor

    your an Idiot you actually thought of putting Pink Floyd on your list then you go and put Queen on why not just put on more U2 crap

  • nugget’s mom

    Yes, I tried my best to turn little nugget on to the great classics, but he really only wanted to listen to Air Supply.

  • nugget

    by the way, Light My Fire was not written by Jim Morrison. It was written by their guitarist Robbie Krieger.

    and by that, I mean, Light My Fire was not written by Jim Morrison. It was written by their guitarist Robbie Krieger.

    one more time, Light My Fire was not written by Jim Morrison. It was written by their guitarist Robbie Krieger.

    but, do you shitheads know who wrote Lambchop’s Sing Along???

    you guessed it. LAMBCHOP.

  • nugget

    what the frig, NATALIE DAVIS: you are teaching your kids to like the Grateful Dead and Red Hot Chili Peppers? I hope your son and daughter go to good schools and get solid upper level education and learn the value musical genres OTHER than what the latter half of the 20th century managed to shit out. I like the Beatles too blah blah, but why not enrich your kids’ understanding of harmony, rhythm, and creativity by exposing them to all types of music? By all types I mean renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic, impressionistic, serialism, blues, ragtime, jazz, swing jazz, be bop, bluegrass, electronic, chance, broadway musicals….individuals and great songwriters like Leonard Bernstein, Gershwin, Duke Ellington…

    Your limited orb of post-1950 “revolution” music is pint sized food for thought any retard could know, listen to, and appreciate. I love Hendrix’s virtuosic streamlike improvisations, the Beatles knack for for harmony and catchy hooks, but for crying out loud music encompasses so much more.
    It would be tragic if your kids grew up lauding the Beatles/Bob Marley as the pioneers of musical creativity and modern social consciousness.

  • Godfrey Daniel

    If I were to pick just one, it would be Imagine. “Straight from the Communist Manifesto”, perfect. There are a lot of stupid songs, but few as stupid, and even fewer taken as brilliant, by the stupid.

  • lol

    lol, you’re just a prick. Just listen to the music and enjoy it instead of over analyzing it.

    You can do no better.

  • Duane

    I’m pretty sure that You Light Up My Fire was a Debbie Boone song.

  • Really? Get out!

  • Mike

    Light My Fire was not written by Jim Morrison. It was written by their guitarist Robbie Krieger.

  • Rolf

    This list sucks, apart from no.4.

    I’d like a list of all of Bob Dylan’s songs, and then this list would be complete.

  • Judge Dread

    Free Bird is great, you might have a point about the rest.Find your inclusion of The Fall veeeery strange….

  • Alie

    so, was it freddy kruger that wrote light my fire? I forget, since it hasn’t been posted in a while

  • Provide your list so we can compare, please

  • evil devil

    Jesus christ man!! There`s gotta be more overrated songs than this out there. A song is about the melody and the lyrics.. A good combination makes a great song, and most of this songs are great. They are not overreated just because you think so..

  • Akronym

    Hi mom!

  • forked tongue

    This Kevin Matthews person is full of it, BTW. “Late eighties,” hell. I saw a Jackson Browne joking from the stage around 1975 or so about assholes yelling for “Free Bird,” which of course brought forth a hailstorm of “Free Bird” shouts from the audience for the rest of the show.

  • SID

    Wow, what did you just pick from the list of a TOP SONGS??? What’s the matter, did the 16 year olds who compiled this list forget to add their precious Justin Timberlake and Snoop Dogg collections to the mix??? Go back to your blogs and stolen MP3 tracks. You punks wouldn’t know good music if it ripped your head off and crapped down your throat…

  • Eric Olsen

    you rule Nat, and Dan has no more persuasive champion

  • I haven’t heard 90% of those songs up there

    You poor dear!!! Can’t believe I am saying this, but in this sense, it is lucky to be OLD OLD OLD… I hope you will address this condition — today’s music is fine, but try the music from years before too. I have been teaching my kids about previous generations’ music since they were in utero. My teenage daughter is pretty into hip-hop (sigh), but she loves Frank Zappa and Steely Dan too. My 9-year-old son digs Franz Ferdinand, the White Stripes, and Usher (can’t win ’em all), but he reveres the Dead, the Beatles, Hendrix, Queen, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and he knows every song (we know of) that Bob Marley ever recorded. (Interestingly — and I am a Doors fan — both of my kids think Jim Morrison is creepy, but hopefully they will get it someday.) There is value in diversity, in genres and era-wise.

    If influence is a benchmark, then I have to take a stand for Dan Fogelberg.
    Yes, he is sometimes guilty of awkward and clumsy lyric constructions.

    Moments fleet, taste sweet within the rapture / When precious flesh is greedily consumed / But mystery is a thing not easily captured / And once deceased, not easily exhumed.

    from “Make Love Stay”

    But his career included a helluva lot more than “Leader of the Band” and “Run for the Roses.” Many of his compositions are just brilliant, and the quality of his guitar work has to be heard to be believed — check out the stuff other than the singles and catch him live if you get the chance (he is now suffering from advanced-stage prostate cancer). And as a matter of fact, his music is admired by many major artists in folk, country, bluegrass, and rock, and many singer-songwriters consider him a major influence. Best of all, my son worships him. 🙂

  • Uh…Bohemian Rhapsody…overrated…?


  • Errrr, OK…

    Am I to understand that Van Morrison wrote “Light My Fire?” Or was it Van Halen?


    No, it was Don McLean, so he could ensure doubly that he no longer would have to work.

  • “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” is one lame ass song all right. I can’t ever think of “Freebird” without envisioning a local incident from several years ago where a disgruntled teen with his girl friend as willing passenger killed themselves by running his Camaro into the side of the school gym while playing, you guessed it, “Free Bird” (I guess “Don’t Fear The Reaper” was TOO cliche for them). Sad incident, yet somehow it makes me chuckle.

  • bhw

    And Def Leppard is the greatest band of all time.

    Well, that pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

  • Erik

    This is a cowardly, politically correct list. Afraid to say RAP s*cks? So attack a bunch of great classic rock songs. The easy, cowardly way out. And Def Leppard is the greatest band of all time. They are UNDERRATED… not overrated you nitwit.

  • wvmcl

    Dissing the Doors seems to be a popular pasttime these days. But seriously folks, out of the zillions of bands and songs you’ve heard over the years, how many have been as attention-getting and memorable on a viscerial level as “Light My Fire.” I remember when it first apeared on the radio, by a then-unknown band, and everyone knew it was an instant classic. How often does that happen? If you can do it once in a career, you’re damn lucky.

  • Match

    Led zep is a good band who cares if the ripped off lines
    every band will have songs that some like and some dont. it just goes to show you can’t please everybody even the pubic hairs on here that think they are gods rocking gift to the world. give it up we are tired of your opinion and now that its wrong we don’t care

  • QUOTE>robert you brazen slime!

    Common man, I may be slime, but “brazen slime”?

    I am gonna tell my mommy on you.

  • rod

    Good list. I love some of these songs, and hate some of them. Some of them (“Free Bird,” anyone? “Imagine?”) I might either love or hate, or maybe both at the same time, depending on my mood.

    I find the absence of “Comfortably Numb” inexplicable.

    Am I to understand that Van Morrison wrote “Light My Fire?” Or was it Van Halen?

  • nugget

    robert you brazen slime!

  • nugget


  • godoggo

    You know I don’t know what you mean, don’t you?

  • nugget

    I hate to rate rater-rater-rater-raters, but consider this rating a direct rate source from the Father above. The ultimate rater, at any and all rates, rates according to a chosen rater at which rate he then rates the rater raters not subject to previous rating by rates metaphysical and unratable, however, uao must not dwell on the trump card (which of course is unratable) because the rate at which he does depends on his better judgement, not his perception of nugget’s rater-rater-rating, inspired by the terminal rate enforced macrocasm.

  • uao

    Rating rater-rater raters is overrated; rating ratings is underrated. At this rate, I’d rate the rater-rater rater’s rating rated about right by the implicit rating the rater-rater rater’s rater rates him. nugget may well underrate the rater-raters’ iQ rates as well, but the validity of such rates have been overrated by those who claim the overrated claims underrate the overly rated resulting rates.

  • nugget

    i just posted that, weird. I put your name in my name slot. Does that mean we’re related now?

  • godoggo

    rater-raters? can i call you god? rater-raters is obviously a terminal concept.

  • nugget

    hey robert. yea i’m talking to you, robo.

    your list is racist, fascist, communist, monarchist, anarchist, HOGwash. I wouldn’t be surprised if you fathered the anti-christ. Are you from Mexico? Only a Mexican named Robert could rape the very soul of America. You need to seriously need to rethink your commitment to staying alive.

  • godoggo

    Just imagine how over-rated the rater-raters must be!

  • nugget

    look at it this way…

    The aforementioned songs are rated perfectly because the raters are overrated. The overrated raters rate according to what their underprivileged IQs have the capacity to rate as even rate-worthy, let alone underrated overrated music relative to their rating systems. you dig?

  • Ok, I had to get it off my chest concerning pick #13: John Lennon’s – Imagine

  • I humbly suggest that anyone who thinks that “Freebird” or “Stairway to Heaven” are overrated just doesn’t know music, or they’re just trash talkin’. “What’s Your Problem?” indeed.

    On the other hand, even as a Beatles man, I could live out the rest of my days without hearing that sappy ass “Imagine” song ever again. As Elvis wrote, “Was it a millionare who said ‘imagine no possessions’?”

  • Ron

    I have a little filter. No song is overrated, IMHO, if it was insanely influential on other musicians. I say that because musicians are both a tough audience and an easy one. On the one hand, we can listen to “Freebird” and immediately say, “Easy guitar solo.” We forget that difficult is not supposed to be the measure for solo. Instead, fitting and catchy, in a pop-rock song, are enough. (NOTE: I still hate Freebird, don’t get me wrong. I’m merely saying that the fact that the song sucks doesn’t make it overrated.)

    On the other hand, we can easily be swayed. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been able to play with people and know who was in town last week. I know that I’m vulnerable to this as a songwriter and player.

    That said, if a song sticks around in our heads enough to influence us for long enough to not just write a song, but to practice that song, work out the kinks and lay it down on record (a process that takes a LOT longer than you probably think), the song may be terrible, but it’s not overrated. Thus, the Bee Gee’s Saturday Night Fever stuff is awful, but its influence gives it a certain cachet.

    So, which of these songs (and others) now fit? Here’s my list:

    Baba O’Reilly (I’m a huge Who fan, but this was both a terrible song and one that, unlike the rest of Who’s Next, didn’t cause anyone to pick up the guitar and writing pen.)

    Tears in Heaven (been commented on already. Again, I’m a huge Clapton fan, but c’mon.)

    And while I’m on the topic of music I love that is probably overrated, I have to add Dire Straits. What can I say? I love Knopfler’s playing style (very few notes, spaced exquisitely) and they can be a lot of fun, but, despite my affection for them, well, I have to add “Sultans of Swing” to the list. Sorry, Mark, but mentioning Jazz doesn’t give your music inherited coolth.

    Love the U2 call, the Bohemian Rhapsody (I don’t count influencing ELO), and Memory (though it’s not rock and roll, so I’m not sure it counts).

    Dear LORD, I hate the Doors, but I’ve got to say that they in general, and Light My Fire in particular, win on the influence count. That bouncy opening taught any number of musicians about how to build a song, and how to use dynamics to move an audience, than anything else I can think of except for (maybe) “River Deep, Mountain High.” (OK, now nobody say anything bad about Phil Spector, or we’re going to have to fight this one out! 🙂

    On the other hand, Freebird is just lousy, though I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for Gimme Three Steps.

    As to the number 1, American Pie was truly something new in a lot of ways. I can’t think of a lot of meta-songs – songs about how music influenced people’s lives – before then. Perhaps Woodstock. I’m not talking about a musician’s eye view, but a listener’s view of music.

    Yes, it’s trite due to overplay. Yes, the chord structure is disturbingly simple and boring. But we all had music and songs that made us want to take up instruments. Don McLean just decided to talk about his in music. I don’t begrudge him that, and it certainly inspired others both lyrically and musically. Besides, he was just a folkie who somehow got dragged into the rock’n’roll pantheon because of his one pop hit.

    Doesn’t mean I ever need to hear the song again, but I think the criticism is unfair.

    Now, if it’s “Songs I Hate that Some Critics have Liked,” I have to go with anything by Todd Rudgren, anything by Yes, anything by Led Zep (and that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t give anything to wake up one morning with Jimmy Page’s licks, but if it means I have to play his music, it’s not worth it), and anything by Rush. All of these bands are, IMHO, pretentious and boring. Of course, your mileage may vary. But all of them have had too much influence on other bands to make overrated lists.

    Hell, maybe “I’ll be your roundabout, the boys will make you out and out” means something to you. Maybe you just listen to music more carefully than I do. Or maybe I’m right and you should really listen to something else. Anything else.

    I love lists like this. We get to find out what each of us means by overrated. I’ve put out my definition. I’m curious about other people’s.

  • Cactus Cook Sunday

    Stairway to Heaven
    Running with the Devil
    Layla, or anything by Eric Clapton, for that matter

  • “‘It’s Raining Men’ is the new ‘Freebird.'” ~Mike Doughty

  • uao, you said
    “Just my extra two cents ;-)”

    If it’s only a penny for your thoughts, whats the extra penny for?

  • Dan Fogelberg, although not rated a rock-and-roll “great”, should have at least one mention on the list, being responsible for these musical mis-cues:

    “The leader of the band is tired and his eyes are growing old
    But his blood runs through my instrument and his song is in my soul,” from “Leader of the Band”

    “From sire to sire, it’s born in the blood
    The fire of a mare and the strength of a stud,” from “Run For the Roses”


  • Raye

    Somehow I think that you might have corresponded the meaning of overplayed directly to overrated. True, many of the songs are overplayed and this list seems to be a rant of how these songs suck just because you can’t avoid them while radio surfing. But to go as far as calling them overrated?

    Honestly, I think you should have titled your list Top 13 Most Annoying Songs or something to that effect because clearly through your some of your explanations you don’t really know what overrated means.

  • Ritzu

    I haven’t heard 90% of those songs up there, nor do I listen to most of the bands mentioned up there (although I am currently getting into Oasis). But here’s my opinion:
    Bohemian Rhapsody: The “review” of it was pretty opinionated, so there’s not much to argue with, but I liked the song for the most part. I wouldn’t call it one of my favorites, or on par with songs like “Death On Two Legs”, but I liked it.
    Hey Ya!: There’s a valid point in there about it trying to be a melody, but there was some rapping in there. About the lyrics, like I said, there was rapping involved, even if it wasn’t really a rap song, and often times, words are created that don’t really exist.

  • This list could also be Top Songs That Make Me Yawn………Thanks, Robe……zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • MJ


  • Chuck

    Wow, another bitchy blogger who’s too full of himself. At least half of those songs on the list are classics for a reason, and it’s not because you’re a self-important whiny geek.

    For all of you who mentioned Zeppelin, and especially Stairway, please roll over and die now. You obviously are not fit to live.

  • Gaynor

    Bohemian Rhaspody is overplayed, not overrated, same with John Lennon and The Doors.

  • nugget

    question 1:

    were Jim Morrison and Van Morrison really brothers???!

  • nugget

    Top 3 Most Overrated Music Genres of ALL Time:

    here it goes

    1) Rock n Roll
    3)Celine Dion

  • Maggie McGill

    After you take your rx of Ritalin & Tinactin 😀

  • Ben

    Thats old, OLD ,, OLD ,,,YOURE TOO OLD !!!!Get some geritol already !!!

  • Maggie McGill

    I’m very offended to read all the negative comments about Jim Morrison. He was no more of a “Junkie” than these icon’s of rock n roll: Elvis, Ray Charles,Keith Moon, Sid Vicious, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin Brian Jones, Bradley Nowell,Shannon Hoon etc.
    For those of you who are too imature to know who these people are, you might have heard of this list: Courtney Love, Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy, Whitney Houston, Kelly Osbourne, Jo Dee Messina, Scott Weiland. The list goes on…Get my point?
    For those who despise Morrison, You should look at yourself to find why. Is it that your jealous of his power, talent, intellegence, and sexuality? I think so and you know it too.

  • Ben

    You still dont get it !
    Rock and roll was built on the premise of old folks dont like it
    it must be cool …
    Therefor you are too lod to listen ..
    Maybe you would prefer some nice polka music…lol

  • funkybone

    I must speak up in defense of The Fall, as you obviously don’t have a clue.

  • That would be a bad song title, unless it were on “Bob And Tom”

  • purvisxiii

    Someone shaved my wife tonight.

  • Eeeeeww!

  • Eric Olsen

    and the vivid squirting imagery

  • bhw

    Excuse me, while I kiss this guy.

  • JR

    Deuce: A hot rod, a deuce coupe (archaic). Bruce wrote “cut loose,” Manfred Mann inexplicably changed it to “revved up.”

    Aah, “revved up”. That actually makes some sense and explains why it sounds so much like “wrapped up” – I was having a very hard time getting there from “cut loose”.

    With the mush-mouth singing in both versions, the “douche” interpretation, like the poor, will always be with us.

  • I’m pretty sure most Japanese soldiers stranded in Okinawa and even members of cargo cults around the world know that the word is “deuce,” don’t they?

    Even the lonely astronaut knows that…

    Though he might still be in the dark about who wrote “Light My Fire.”

  • purvisxiii

    Deuce: A hot rod, a deuce coupe (archaic). Bruce wrote “cut loose,” Manfred Mann inexplicably changed it to “revved up.”

    (This has been Roseanne for the world of facts.)

  • Robbie Krieger woud never put the word “douche” in any of his songs!

  • Eric Olsen

    Mother of pearl! I refuse to believe there is anyone left on earth — short of Japanese soldiers still defending Pacific island caves — who think that the word “douche” appears anywhere in the song “Blinded By the Light.”

    The thought is just too much to bear.

  • Bennett

    “cut loose like a deuce….”

    Draw Poker?

  • bhw

    I don’t know, man, it was the early 70s, man, and he was trying to sound a little like Dylan, man.

  • JR

    bhw: It’s Springsteen’s song. And it’s “cut loose like a deuce….”

    And what the hell does that mean anyway?

  • Eric Olsen

    this is more like round 10

  • Eric, can I listen to the show anywhere or is there a transcript?

  • uao
  • Hey, who wrote “Light My Fire”?

    ‘Cause, you know, the list seems it indicate Jim Morrison did, but there’s a rumor going around that says otherwise…

  • Eric Olsen

    wow, the MJ Morning Show is popular, thanks guys

  • Eric Olsen

    it can now be revealed that Robbie Krieger wrote “White Christmas”

  • Wow Francis, Thanks!

    I had no idea that Robbie Krieger wrote “Light My Fire”!

    I appreciate you taking the time to read the article and all the comments before you posted!

    I also do agree with you sir, that opinions do not make something true.

    A brilliant deduction indeed!

  • Francis

    2. “Light My Fire” – The Doors

    Who says this? You sir, this is just your opinion, but still doesn’t make this true.
    You say it is featured prominently: if two times in a 8 minutes during song is prominently then you really need some help!!!

    So you would call b.e. Mozart’s music goofy too just because it features piano? That’s just some goofy full of shit phrase you wrote down.

    If you, mister – I’m – such – a – great – music – journalist, just would have taken the efforts too look who wrote it (more than a zillion websites describe this song) you easilly would have seen that this song WAS NOT written by Morrison but by Robbie Krieger, only small phrases were added by Jim.

    No, Morrison is considered a rock god because of his faboulous podium performances and he never totally removed his pants in public. You say this but you were not at the concert, otherwise you wouldn’t write this nonsense. He did tell the public he would take his pants of (because he rejected the sex symbol the press made of him), but never did this.

    < “Light My Fire” is a novelty song of the psychedelic age. Somehow it has become tied up with equally inexplicable mythology surrounding Jim Morrison and received critical acclaim far beyond anything that it deserves. The gap between the adoration for “Light My Fire” and the intense awfulness of the song is so large, it’s easily one of the most overrated pieces of popular music created in a long time. >

    The fact that you put this song in your list makes you participate in the Morrison mythology. So this make you guilty too.
    You describe this pearl in musical garbage as too long. Well, maybe that’s just because you only like easy to listen to, 2 and a half minutes pathetic love songs more then a wonderful piece of art (like most of the doors songs are).

    By the way, YOU SIR are an idiot!

  • gear

    i wanted to applaud you bros for finally having the balls to stand up to don mclean and u2. fuck, i’m sick of hearing about those dudes and everyone gushing about their tunes. and it’s high time someone noted the fact that yelling “freebird” is annoying. nothin makes me roll my eyes more than that, except for maybe the constant fall chatter i hear everywhere. turn on mtv and some asshole is like, “the fall influenced me”. shut yr yaw, punk. listen to real music like radiohead. for reals, i bet you guys at a party, if asked to do a collective dj thing, would be kickass. i bet it would be good shit like ryan adams and son volt and ben folds, too. keep yr lighters held high, bros. this battle is about to be joined, between those with the good taste to listen to stripped down nu-folk and those who listen to norwegian pop music.

    and sir! “It likely won’t make me any friends, but I’ve picked “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen.” sir i must disagree. you have made a friend for life here. sir, you have taken a stand, lashed yourself to a post against the hurricane that is everyone else, and you come out with an ally, sir. fight on, friend.

  • godoggo

    What the hell is an “augmented key signature?”

  • bhw

    Manfred Mann’s “wrapped up like a douche” song is so embarrassing you have to turn off the radio rather than have to endure one more minute of it. Yet it’s been one of the most covered songs ever, including by Bruce Springsteen?

    It’s Springsteen’s song. And it’s “cut loose like a deuce….”

  • LauraT

    I cannot believe that I am reading the bullshit that I am reading about Jim Morrison! Yet again I am encountering fools, Light My Fire may not have been the best rock song of all time, but to deny that Jim was a poet is unreal to me- Aside from Doors albums, try listening to An American Prayer- Pure Poetry-
    As Morrison would say…”You’re all a bunch of slaves….you’re all a bunch of fucking idiots” “You’d eat shit wouldn’t you”
    Yeah Morrison was a fool but Hey Ya is a great song, I cannot wait and see 30 years from now how many people are singing along with that and buying some greasy chicken eating assholes cd, HHHMMMMM that’s a hard one- But I can tell you this The Doors will still be around-

  • arjen

    Don’t you guys have anything better to do?

  • Flann

    you got the chord progression for Hey Ya wrong its G-C-D-E. You also failed to mention the unique phrasing pattern and the augmented key signature.

  • uao

    For me, this exercise in community building and discussion starter (which is what it was meant to be) wasn’t so much an attempt to change anyone’s opinion or even dis the artists and music, so much as it offers an opportunity for reflection and re-examination.

    Many times, people glom onto something because someone tells them it’s “great”. Often, people won’t take a critical look themselves; if the world says it’s great, then it must be great.

    I can’t speak for the others, but I wanted to offer the chance to consider what makes a song great. Are these songs beloved because they are indeed great songs? Or is it for other reasons.

    Doesn’t matter if they’re “great” or “overrated” or whatever; they’re beloved and will remain so. But if it got some people to think about the music they listen to with objectivity, then perhaps ultimately a service has been done.

    Just my extra two cents 😉

  • Shiroz

    It’s okay to acknowledge that people have different tastes musically.
    If we are coerced into another’s opinion, than what’s the point of variety.
    If I need to hide my CD collection because some AH isn’t fond of my taste, it probably makes me the bigger AH.

  • I really have to wonder about the mental capacity of people who get so worked up over someone’s opinion.

    Great list, Robert and an enjoyable read, even if I don’t agree with all of it.

    (I am making my own list, which I’ll post on BC when I’m done – I only hope I can fan the flames of hatred the way you have)

  • Carl Johnson

    These songs should be on there for sure:

    Blinded By the light- by Manfred Mann
    and Fool in the Rain- by Led Zeppelin have to be the worst songs of all time.

    If Fool in the Rain had been Zeppelin’s first attempt, they never would have made it into the studio, much less become the penultimate founder of heavy rock.

    Manfred Mann’s “wrapped up like a douche” song is so embarrassing you have to turn off the radio rather than have to endure one more minute of it. Yet it’s been one of the most covered songs ever, including by Bruce Springsteen? Why? Have they no class?

    Carl Johnson

  • Sam Boogliodemus

    I used to have to hide my ‘Stairway To Freebird Side of The Moon’ album whenever people came over.

    So let me get this straight, Freddy Krieger wrote ‘Light My Fire’?

  • Bill

    I think you are all nut, they are some of the greatest song

  • RobbieKrieger


    I never said it wasn’t a success. I said it was funny stuff. And it certainly is. Because I’m guessing the goal was to create conversation and argument. We could talk about the most overrated football teams of all time too. And if one of the guys who got a pick talked about how they hated the Dallas Cowboys because Sonny Jerguson was such a jerk and was a fat boy. But you might get some people saying that particular person’s opinion doesn’t mean much, since he obviously doesn’t know a thing about the Dallas Cowboys. But again, very funny stuff.

    And neither myself or Jim wrote “Light my Fire”. The drugs wrote it…..

  • I would like a reiterate a couple of sentences from this posting. Was I psychic?

    “This is the type of list that is sure to create conversation and argument. Most of the tracks here are considered “classic” and as such will create some disagreement”

  • If anyone out there has a music blog and would like to be part of the next community playlist. Drop me a line with your URL.

  • Mr. Krieger,

    I am flattered that you are elevating this “article” to encyclopedia standards, but it was not an academic exercise. It was a freakin’ community OPINION piece. And the reaction it got in the bloggosphere is proof enough to me that it was a quite successful one.

    So anyway, was it you or Jim who wrote “Light my Fire?”

  • RobbieKrieger

    The funny thing about this “experiment” is that Robert and his blog buddies get such a kick out of people pointing out that Jim Morrison didn’t write “Light My Fire”. They’ve made it into their own little inside joke posting the question everytime it’s pointed out. The fact is, most of the people pointing this out probably didn’t read through the other posts, so they never saw that it’s already been posted and never saw the “funny” posts afterward asking “who wrote Light my Fire, I’ve searched everywhere!”

    Fact is, they read a criticism of a song from some guy or girl named Morgan who doesn’t even know who wrote the damn song!!! More than half his/her criticism is aimed at the lame lyrics of the song and what a terrible poet Jim Morrison was for writing it. And he didn’t even write it! Talk about funny.

    Robert, you need to pick your “panel of experts” a little closer on the next experiment. Pick out actual people that know something about music before you let them spout off their opinion. Funny stuff though.

  • Lou

    ou didn’t have LOUIE,LOUIE in there Ever been to Vietnan Jerk

  • chris

    hoe can u say freebird is overrated it is one of the best rock songs of all time next to stairway. Who ever wrote this article should be fired and then tortured!!!!!



  • Paul Jordan

    Your lists are stupid. Songs are subjective. It’s as ignorant for a hillbilly to walk condemn the Louvre as it is for ignorant cafe’ culture morons to post there thoughts on classics. If it sold it was good to somebody. Period. Try not to be so stupid, hillbilly.

  • stupidgirl

    I think all those songs suck, the only song good on that list is outkast ” hey ya” how can 1/2 those songs be overratted if they suck ?

  • pat

    Remember, opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and most stink.
    I think STEAM with Kiss Him Goodby and AMERICA’s Horse With No Name should be on the top of the list.

  • PeteMoore

    I know it late in the day, but could i possibly add one song for your consideration as meaningless drivel posing as lyrics?
    Namely, Procul Harems, Whiter shade of pale.
    In my youth I used drugs and drank to excess, am older and wiser now but still don’t know what the hell those words are supposed to mean.
    See for yourself..

  • strapshoechris

    I compleatly agree with Skynyrd and Springsteen being on the list, but Queen and Doors? You’re messing with two groups that classic rock is all about…How about Journey’s Faithfully and Eagles’ Hotel California, both are garbage when compared to Light my Fire or Bohemian Rhapsody…

  • Miguel

    dear Bruce, Bon Jovi sucks!!!!!!!!!!! You guys forget about all the new crap. Brittany, Jessica, the White Stripes, come on what the hell is wrong with you people, Geddy and the boys in Rush fucking rule too. You guys keep listening to the Back Street Boys, man that shits gonna rot your brain. If you had one to begin with.

  • Joshua

    Obviously Robert Burke the poster of this article has NO social life. He is using songs that sociable people like to listen to and love to sing along with. Sorry to say but from his 13 judgements on the 13 most overrated songs, im sure he hasnt much taste in any other subjects either. NICE TRY ROBERT BURKE YOU SUCK!!

  • nugget


    What a poor excuse for intellect.

    Count Bassie said “you can make one note swing.”

    Louis Armstrong– “If you hear something that sounds good to you, then it’s good.”

    By quoting two greats no one infer that I give a shit about opinions. Opinions blow. Everyone on this thread thus far has associated some type of popularity with due reward, whether it be bad or good. Musicians reap what they sow, just as the critic does. Morons such as yourselves should listen to Philip Glass, Charlie Parker, Wynton Marsalis, Stravinsky, Art Tatum, Ben Folds for fuck sakes….real musicians.

    p.s. relativity is a fiction.

  • Pantagruel

    I will now lay out my case for Memory from Cat’s.

    Andrew Lloyd Webber was able to get into Oxford to study music cause his Daddy, William Lloyd Webber, was a composer and scholar at the Royal College. Andrew dropped out!!

    He wrote several musicals, including Jesus Christ Superstar, and I’ve got no problem with that.

    In 1981, He wrote the piece of shit called Cats using lyrics from T.S. Eliot’s poems. It was the longest running production in both London and New York. When they finally stopped showing it in New York, in 2000, it had been played 7485 times. “Memory,” the best known of the tunes in the play, has been re-recorded by 150 artists. The play has been translated into ten languages.

    It’s awards include:

    ’81 Laurence Olivier award (Best Musical of the Year)
    Evening Standard award (Best Musical)
    Seven Tony Awards include BM!!!
    Moliere prize Best Musical in France
    7 out 10 Dora Mavor Moore awards (Best Musical in Canada)
    7 Awards in Japan

    Andrew Lloyd Webber was knighted!!

  • Pantagruel

    Pantagruel makes his case for “Memory” by Andrew Lloyd Webber at the Radish Message board and declares an all out victory!!!


  • jeff hirshenson

    Somebody obviously liked these songs so they can’t be as bad as you say. Everyone, including the bloggers are entitled to their opinion but that is all it is, not the word of God. No one is right or wrong.
    Obviously, enough people liked these songs to make them popular. They should not be ridiculed for liking something the bloggers hated. Who died and made the bloggers GOd anyway ? When you say that popularity does not equal quality it only means that you don’t think they are good. When did you become the keeper of the Holy opinion. As you can tell, I have no use for most critics anyway. I don’t like someone getting paid for something anyone can do.(express an opinion).

  • dodger

    musta been the other Randy from Spirit on K-TYD, my bad.

  • bruce robertson

    Was glad to hear some objective assesment of the Doors: never was there a more naked emporer. words: vacuous; melodies: stultifyingly repeticious; chord progressions: uninspired; drumming: every block in the US and the UK has two thirteen year-olds who could do better.

    About the Zep: I don’t believe it!!! Are the critics saying that those other bands had versions which sounded anything like they did AFTER Page and Plant got done with them. “Thievery”?!?!? You might as well say Picasso deserves no credit for a painting like Guernica because somebody else made the paint and somebody else wove the canvas. (Leaving Stairway out of this as a novelty song) Page and Plant took those little songs and made rock masterpeices out of them. We have the Zep to thank for (its influence on) Arrowsmith and Bon Jovi.

  • Marlon Miller

    Old man that I am, I find it disturbing that Freebird has made this list. It was actually up for my class of 1979 graduation song. Most of us then understood this song better than the current generation. Of course we all thought Punk would be just a passing fad then. What we eventually did decide upon was a really syrupy song written by a girl from the previous year especially for our class. Thinking back, I should have voted for Freebird.

  • janies gun

    Hah. How retarded does one have to be to think Oasis’ Wonderwall is a cover of a George Harrison song (he only provided the title). Great song by the way.

  • Jason, you’re mistaken, son, or a very funny wise-cracker.

    George Harrison’s Wonderwall has nothing to do with the Oasis number of the same name. nor indeed Ryan Adams’ cover of said Oasis ditty.

    an i do hope i didn’t just fall into one of those damn-ol’ leg-pullin holes. round these parts it’s hard to tell…

  • Omni Temporal

    You people are just pissing me off.

    First, who cares about lyrics? If you want lyrics, read poetry. Sure good lyrics can help a song. But bad lyrics shouldn’t matter at all. 95% of pop songs have inane lyrics. So what? Very few pop artists were English majors.

    Second, don’t make fun of Geddy.

    Third, what is the deal with song length? Can’t you sit still for longer than 2:30 ?

    Fourth, Imagine is definitely overrated, in part because Lennon was murdered. RIP.

    Fifth, Bob says “you are entitiled to your opinion but that does not mean you are correct or right.”

    Bob, I am both correct and right.

    Sixth, Eric O says “any stupid fuckface with a second grade education who bothered to read even half the words in the story would know that this list was written by 13 different people.”

    It’s funny when Eric, who has a million dollar vocabulary, says things like “stupid fuckface.” You crack me up, man.

    Seventh, as a former professional guitarist, I say that the guitar solo to “Freebird” is gratuitous filler. Trust me, anyone who has played guitar for a few years can knock out that kind of cliched junk.

  • Jason

    Umm….I hate that I have to bring this up yet again, but Wonderwall is not a damn Oasis song, it’s a damned George Harrison song. Screw Oasis. They suck. Ryan Adams is sure as shit not covering a damned Oasis song, ok? WONDERWALL IS NOT OASIS!!!!

  • TR

    I think “Imagine” was put on this list just to get people riled up. Certainly wasn’t Lennon’s best, but to put it in a list of most overrated songs is just an attempt to get people to get pissed off. How about anything
    Celine Dion ever did? John Lennon wrote a beautiful song and people made it what it is. Not a rock song. Not a pop song. I think he was probably proud of the words. Incredibly bogus to say it was overrated. The message still rings true even today. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Art

    I just have one thing to say to all of you, uhh well two things: First, about Zep ripping off tunes, duh. That’s what artists do, we steal.

    Second: shutup and play your guitar

  • matt

    you are a complete idiot who obviously has no musical taste all these songs are good you are just dumb.

  • i can’t believe it! risen fuck! what kind of toss is this?? some song i like overrated! mother of terror, i ain’t ever gonna rest till i shit myself blind on account of it all!! and also, JOHN LENNON TALKED BOUT PEACE AN IF YOU DONT LOVE HIM IL FUCKING EAT YOUR EYES OUT and also he was better when he was in the rolling stones and WHO THE FUCK wrote Jim Morrison???

  • Bob

    you are entitiled to your opinion
    but that does not mean you are correct or right

  • Eric Olsen

    any stupid fuckface with a second grade education who bothered to read even half the words in the story would know that this list was written by 13 different people, each identified and linked with their song pick, that Robert compiled it and only picked one of the songs, which was nither of the songs mentioned in the comment above

  • AzumA

    who is robert burke? why does he think he can call bohemian rhapsody and imagine overrated songs? and American pie at #1 because its too long? who is this guy? i’d say almost all of U2’s music is much more overrated than most on the list. they are just an overrated band completely. sorry robert burke, you are a nimrod.

  • Where’s “Hey Jude”?!?!?!?! That song is great for a while, but apparently Lennon & McCartney couldn’t figure out how to end it. The end of the song is a mess of screaming and repeating the same two words over and over and over. Radio stations shorten plenty of other songs (“In a Gadda da Vida”, “Piano Man”, “Fancy”), but not the one that desperatley needs it.
    I could name several seriously overrated songs in country music right now (“That’s What I Love About Sunday”, “Mr. Mom”), but I won’t go into that.
    Also, what’s up with “Inside Your Heaven”. I am a huge fan of Carrie Underwood and I like Bo Bice alright, but the producers definitely could’ve found a better song for them to sing several times on the show and release as their first single, doncha think?
    And I beg to differ about “Light My Fire”. It’s one of my favorite Doors songs. Do you like the Jose Feliciano version any better?
    There are many more overrated songs that are not listed here, but they’re not worth mentioning.

  • Eric Olsen

    the best of disco is great dance-pop music – everyone knows that

  • I think this all is some grand scheme to make up for your virginity. I’m sorry that you can’t get laid.

  • If I may be a heretic for a minute: Disco really wasn’t *that* bad. A lot of the top tracks were far better produced than anything being crapped out of ProTools today, every single song featured real humans playing real instruments, and none of the “divas” needed pitch-correction software to sing in tune. In this age of Ashlee and Avril there’s something to be said for all that.

  • jamrock

    this article is stoopid :O

  • Oh yeah, I forgot my HONORABLE
    of all time:

    HR1 – Oasis (stuffy Brits with attitudes)
    HR2 – Rush (Geddy Lee has the WORST

  • Hey, Robert, how about the most
    overrated BANDS of all time???

    #1 – U2 (bono still cant sing, even after 20 years)
    #2 – The Beastie Bores (wanna-bes)
    #3 – Def Leppard (no-talents)
    #4 – Springsteen (still cant sing)
    #5 – Kid Rock (wanna-be)

    #6 – Alanis (can’t sing or write)
    #7 – Britney Spears (like, duh)
    #8 – Jessica Simpson (duh again)
    #9 – Lindsay Lohan(are you kidding)
    #10 – Sheryl Crow (cant sing or write)

  • john

    Nancy, post #274 just became #14 on the list

  • How about “Jaded” by someone in early 2000’s. What a stupid phuckin’ song. Jad-ed,.. J-j-j-jaded, phuckin’ dumb!

  • larry

    Please, Please, Please add Bad Company ‘Feel Like Making Love’ for just the sheer stupidity of the lyrics.

  • Julianne

    I’ve heard many a guitar player say that Freebird’s guitar solo is extremely amateurish. People only find it to be impressive because of its length. Think about it.

    I agree with most of the songs on the list and I very much agree with the assessment of U2’s popular song, “Can’t seem to find what I’m looking for”. I have every album but the Joshua Tree because that’s when they really became mainstream and that’s when they became boring. Thank you.

    I wish that there was a song from Boston because they are very bland. I was happy to see that someone mentioned Eric Clapton’s “Tears from Heaven” in the comments. What a horrible song!

  • Nancy

    To try to contribute to a question asked in the original blog, I liked cats because the lighting design was so cool, & I liked the music (not necessarily the lyrics) & dancing.

  • Layner

    Jiminy Morrison did NOT write Freebird, it was Paul Ankle.

  • John

    Taking into account that most of these songs have seen more air time then the already mentioned Paris Hilton has seen hotel ceilings, its more a question of overplay then overrated. American Pie could be flushed tho..

  • jim wharton

    More junk science by under-employed computer geeks.”Light My Fire” ROCKS!
    Always did. Get a life.

  • scoob

    WTF is Andrew Lloyd Weber doing on this list? Whether I agree or disagree with the remainder, the anus lover who put ALW on the list needs to start his own list. Perhaps he can title it “Songs that Gay Men Think are Overrated.”

  • maverick#41

    Awesome list… but Freebird?! Overrated? Are you kidding?

    It has one of the greatest guitar solos ever!

    Except for that, good list.

  • Red Legion

    I have to agree with most of this except for Bruce. But I must say that no one should diss the gods of rock like the doors and especially Led Zeppline, Pink floyid, Eagles, and Lynyrd.

  • die

    I hope someone slits your throat and shits on your wound

  • Eric Olsen

    yes, that was only the fifth time the question has been answered

  • uao

    Thanks for settling that question, Florida Bill.

  • Robbie Krieger wrote “Light my fire” not Jimmy Morrison. Overrated? Maybe. Great? For sure.

  • The T-ster!

    My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and they’re like It’s beter than yours.

    Muuh Muuh Muuuh Muuuh-Muuh-Muuh Muuh

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph! My blood pressure goes through the roof just thinking about this song. Musical colesterol.

    Even if I met her in a cancer ward I would cheerfuly strangle Kelis for that travesty of a song.

    Pass me my pills!

  • I just can’t believe this. Common people! This was not a list of the “Top WORST Songs”

    But the Top “Overrated” songs.


    Read the damn article before you shoot your mouth off and make yourself look like a bottom-feeder.

    And the viewers are not young. We are mostly old farts.

    Believe me I would LOVE to be 15. If only….

    Relax, I actually like all these songs on some level, but they ARE ALL OVERRATED.

    The fact that this is post number 267 and the term “overrated songs” is the #9 Search string on technorati proves our point.

    So if we can get back to the point, Who the hell wrote “Light My Fire”?

  • Dana McCall

    I think that many of the reviewers are too young to know how each of these songs fit into the state of music at the time each was released. Most of these were and are still great songs. Unfortunately the pea brains at AOR stations have badgered us with them endlessly.

    When I got to the end of the list I said,”what about ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’?” This undeserved hit by the pitifully named Deep Blue Something features a stunning framework of aba’aba’aba’aba’aba’. Hey dude! Take the clothespin OFF of your nose.

    Its final 2 minutes are just laughable. It is obvious that they had no idea where to take the song, so they just play the damned chorus again. Nope no catchy ending here. Just play the a’ part and stop on the last chord. AT LEAST they didn’t fade out at the end. This song us just 4:17 of sheer hell for me.

  • purvisxiii

    BRICKLAYER is fuckin right.

    Anybody know who wrote Light My Fire?


    “Don’t Damn Me” by Roky Erikson…No, wait a minute, that song freaking RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yeahright

    I’m sorry I added another hit to this retarded website.

  • Miguel

    Why the hell are there no DISCO songs listed? The list would be to long. How bout Dancing Queen? Disco all sucks. and the White Stripes sux too. Can you say NO TALENT!

  • Mike

    I do not understand how the most overrated band of all time did not make this list. The band is somewhat new in comparison to some on the list. The White Stripes suck. The song 40 nation army is the worst song ever. My 5 year old son could write better lyrics. I don’t know how or why people listen to this crap! Jack White and Ex wife should be working at McDonlads. I guess it’s all about the hook “just ask Vanilla Ice.” #1 on the alltime peice of crap list. Thank god they will never release another album. Greatest Hits, NOT!!!!!!

  • #245 RE: Randy California (Wolfe) being alive

    Somebody better call his momma, ’cause she’s missing him and hasn’t seen him since his funeral…

    Bernice Pearl on her son Randy
    Reprinted obituary
    AllMusic Spirit bio

  • I think “Born to Run” is one of Springsteen’s best songs. The chimes are an old Motown trick, and they work with the song’s thick sound.

    Since everyone’s talking about the Doors, WHAT’S UP with that song “The Soft Parade”??? That song is truly bizarre: there’s the “the monk bought lunch” part, the weird proto-video-game-music breakdown in the middle, and the crazy screaming part at the end.

  • uburoisc

    Thank you for finally having the stones to trash “Imagine.” One of Lennon’s worst song; saccharine garbage imagining a dead future–like being adrift on an iceflow. Yuck and more yuck. I’m going to crank up “whatever get’s you through the night” and forget he ever recorded that drivel we’re all supposed to like. If John ever returns, it will be to demand that we stop playing it.

  • Your list is intriguing. As for the Doors listing, if it’s soooo easy to be a Rcok God, go ahead and do it yourself- I’ll watch. While you’re at it, look at the actual poetry that Jim Morrison published- if you really have a few brain cells to smash together, you might be surprised.

  • TheYellowDart

    just to add my 2 cents i think that anything nickelback has done should be on this list, nickelback blows

  • uao

    Oh, and Robby (#248) I ain’t going to hell. I imagine there’s no hell below us. And above us, only sky. Remember?

  • uao

    I can’t resist wading back into this shitstorm one more time.

    First off, maybe someone can help me with a trivia question that’s been bugging the hell out of me, I’ve searched all over the internet and can’t find an answer: does anyone know who wrote “Light My Fire” by the Doors?

    Also, does anyone know why the guy who wrote those reviews came up with 13 of them?

    and to say anything John Lennon did, aside from Yoko, is bad you are going straight to hell.

    This is a silly comment. As much as John wanted people to think so in 1968-1969, he was not the second coming of Christ. He was a great musician and a good man, but he sinned just like all of us.

    I think it’s meaner to slag on Yoko, the woman who loved Lennon and whom he loved, who took him back after he bacame a drunk during his “Lost Weekend” in 1974.

    I love Lennon’s music a lot. So much so in fact, I needed to tell some people out there who might only know “Imagine”, that he was capable of far better things too; worth exploring. “Crippled Inside” is just a start; then try “It’s So Hard” “Jealous Guy” “I Don’t Want To Be A Soldier” and “Oh Yoko” from the same album to get a feel for the man’s breadth. Then, backtrack, and listen to the hair-raising bared bones primal scream therapy Plastic Ono Band. “#9 Dream” is worthy of mention, Mind Games may be underrated, Live Peace In Toronto is a great slice of supergroup garage-rock, and Milk and Honey suggested a career renaissance around the corner that Double Fantasy, somewhat, er, overrated, doesn’t quite convey as well.

    As for “Imagine”, I applaud his sentiments, Scruff (a few comments above) has a point there, although the sentiments on “Imagine” weren’t wholly original; The Communist Manifesto, which Lennon probably knew by heart in his quasi-radical days, also spoke of a classless brotherhood without religion, living in happy peace. That Lennon put it in a top-10 song is actually pretty nifty and subversive; I give him points there. I give the song 4/5 stars; not a perfect 5, as the world at large does; that’s how I inferred “overrated” to mean, when approached with the poll.

    But I’d rather listen to the aforementioned alternatives. Not to mention “I Am The Walrus” “She Said She Said” “I Dig A Pony” “The Word” “Dear Prudence” or even “I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party”

    Anyway, peace on all, have fun. Let’s also consider the loss of life in London today; that’s a lot more important than what some character on the internet thinks of “Imagine” “Free Bird” or “Light My Fire”.

    P.S. The Beatles’ version of “Mr. Moonlight” is one of the worst tracks recorded by a great group. Whaddaya think of them apples, nyah!!

  • godoggo

    Oh my god, somebody listed Lowrider?!!?

    What in the wide wide world of sports is wrong with you, boy?

  • Robby

    Okay, while I agree with you on a couple of items I completly disagree on others. Now I know everyone has their own thoughts on music but if you love classic rock you have to love the Doors and to say anything John Lennon did, aside from Yoko, is bad you are going straight to hell.

  • superdave

    jim morrison didn’t write “light my fire” it was written by the guitarist who aspired to write ‘morrison-esque’ lyrics … so your comments may be fair, that it’s an overrated song, but don’t attribute the lyrics or poetry to jim …



    noone here gets out alive!

  • Intheknow

    “his brain is squirming like a toad” is actually my favorite line of the song. You obviously have never been in a mental institution. SHAZAM

  • Jasion Dodger

    Randy California (Wolfe) from Spirit is alive and well, he lives in Ojai, CA, just gave an interview to K-TYD in Santa Barbara in the middle of last month (June)

  • Scruff

    Most of these have valid points, although I agree with maybe 1 or 2. My real beef is with the review of Imagine. Whether it is a good song musically, melodically, etc… really doesn’t matter to me, although i happen to think it is a good song in both of those aspects. What i believe is what makes it one of the best songs and possibly even most underrated songs is that it has a message that is so extremely strong. Just look at the lyrics. Lennon was daring his listeners to imagine the world without its shortcomings and things that we can change. If we were to change these things, it would be peaceful… just what he imagined. Finally, the message that really gets me is when he says that he is not the only one who believes it. This is to get people, who might not be sure they want to try to help our world, actually get out and act.

    Basically what I’m trying to say is that although you should enjoy songs for their fun factor and musical development, you should also analyze songs like this for their message as well.

  • wow, what hollow drivel. those are about 80% good songs….ahh you kids and your angry n�metal riff-rapping. you’re just lacking in culture.

  • HW Saxton

    For the record:Barry Stoller is 100% CORRECT about the intro to “Stairway To Heaven” being ripped off from the Spirit tune mentioned. I was thinking of the tune “Dazed And Confused” when I shot off my big mouth about it being nicked from an obscure English folkie. Rodney names the source in his post above. And boy do dirty Doc Marten’s taste awful.

  • jr

    from a distance it all seems clear.american pie was 9 min. long because it has a lot to say.no don mcclean never said it was great , the guys who grew up in the 50’s did.
    never got the doors and free bird is about as bad a tune there is queen was great the song in ? came out in my freshman year in college and was great with or without a buzz. time moves on. to pick on lennon is easy. he is up so high, he has far to fall …sgt. pepper is your daddy. and unless your listening to rap or classical , you owe a nod to lennon. the 60’s and 70’s were agreat time, but its gone. long live rock!!!!

  • Some of you uptight folks need to see a doctor about your cranial-rectumitis, like Kazae in #121 & Shark in #125. First, these are opinions – someone else’s. As it’s already been said here, “opinions are like @holes, everyone has one…”. To complete that saying,”…some just stink more than others”. You don’t need an MA in music to decide if you like a song, think it’s been overplayed, etc. As PurvisXIII points out (#211), numbers mean nothing in regards to talent, a good publicist or powerful music company can make or break a musician – even in the 60’s. So, “I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want…” is to see everything put out by the Spice Girls on this list & for uptight folks thinking they’re holier than thou because these opinions are on a blog vice the entertainment section of the NY Times to see that Dr. as previously stated. Bash the opinion not the opiniated. Sorry, my “uninformed” butt likes songs 1, 5, & 8. Agree with the rest and what I stated earlier.

    crit·ic n.
    – One who forms and expresses judgments of the merits, faults, value, or truth of a matter.
    – One who specializes especially professionally in the evaluation and appreciation of literary or artistic works: a film critic; a dance critic.
    – One who tends to make harsh or carping judgments; a faultfinder.

  • yo mama

    What a bunch of ass wipes. Yea, you.

  • Mac

    Sweet Home Alabama? Overated! Racist m.f.ers! Wonderful Tonight? Overated! If I hear that commercial one more damned time…. Stairway? yeah. Kashmir just the opposite though; not nearly enough credit for that. Love the strings. Hell, I even kinda liked it when P.Diddy and J. Page tried to destroy it on SNL. Quite honestly, a whole LOT of stuff by U2 could be classified as overated. I never quite got it about them.

  • Schmoof

    No meatloaf songs were mentioned? Strange indeed…

    Fave long songs:

    Rush – 2112
    Iron Maiden – Rime of the Ancient Mariner

  • alleghenyman

    My 2 c:

    Dave Matthews Satellite.

    I know it’s not the most popular rock song of all time but if you’ve been on a college campus once in the past ten years you heard it so much you thought it was.

    This smarmy whiny crap always sounded like some awful corporate jingle being sung at a karaoke bar by a chick who’s about to black out. It actually makes me sick to my stomach and gives me a headache.

  • Eric, I have a question. Do you know who actually wrote “Light My Fire”?

    I really wish someone would post the answer here.

  • Joe

    Jim Morrison didn’t write “Light my Fire”, The Doors guitar player Robbie Krieger wrote the lyrics with Morrison contributing some lyrics in the 2nd verse.
    I agree it’s not a good song, but if you’re gonna be a critic, lets get the facts right.

  • Dickard, I do not think you are an idiot. I think you expressed and defended (not like I was really attacking you) yourself well. You made a good point about Def Leppard not exactly being pantheon worthy.

  • godoggo

    I’m pretty certain that Krieger wrote the music and the first verse, then Morrison wrote the second one. Heck, wasn’t that in the movie?

  • godoggo

    I didn’t mean to imply that I don’t like the Doors.

    I’m jealous of anybody who’s body is functioning well enough to play his instrument.

  • Are ALL Fark readers as puerile as this string highlights?

  • I’m still a little bit unclear on who, exactly, wrote “Light My Fire.”

  • snake

    Robbie Krieger wrote “Light my Fire” not Morrison

  • Fred

    What do a bunch of 10 year olds know about music?

  • Joe Don Faker

    Man, you really got carried too far away on that Big Ol Jet Airliner…

    As for BTO, that description is laughably dead-on. It’s a mind-numbing song that frat boys seem to pick at karaoke, presumably because (1) it has like one note in it and (2) they believe they can sing it without risking sounding femmy, or whatever.

    One of my favorite karaoke memories (yes, I don’t mind sounding femmy) was when a bunch of guys were impatiently waiting for Takin Care of Business, and the karaoke guy cued up “Jive Talkin” instead, by mistake. Twice. None of these dudes wanted to sing with Barry or Maurice. Me, I’ve been known to sing with Rick Springfield, I tell you what.

  • BranCragael

    What about “Taking Care of Business” by BTO? An aggravating song, yes. But the real horror comes from watching people dancing to it in that over-40 slow-shuffle kind of way that all BTO fans do. You know– feet planted firmly in one spot, elbows jabbing left, right, left, head nodding like a bobblehead doll… (“We rocked out, eh hun?” “Sure did, hun”). Appalling and grotesque!

  • Dickard

    Yes, I understood that and struggled with it. Ultimately I came to the conclusion that the term “overrated” should evidence the divide between the performers’ skill or talent versus the acclaim of one of his/her most popular songs.

    In other words a performer who is a NINE in terms of skill and acclaim and has a popular song generally equated with his skill level that really should be viewed as a FOUR (e.g., divide of 5 points) should be on par with a Steve Miller (talent level SIX) whose most popular song really should be accorded a ONE (See, for example, Big Ol’ Jet Airliner).

    (Okay, I didn’t really think this out at all but I still stand by what I said. Stevie Guiter Miller owns both the lamest rock nickname as well as the most overrated songs.)

    Besides, I think the inclusion of Def Leppard and Queen on your list (not to mention the aforementioned terrible Doors) belies your contention that these guys are “pantheon level” musicians. But that’s just me — a Doors hatin’, Stevie Guitar Miller listening idiot.

  • MPV81


    A few people hate “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and Jim Morrisson as much as I do. Nirvana wasn’t bad, but I can go my whole life without ever hearing that song again. Jim Morrisson? I’ve got a buddy who swears that his I.Q. was on the genius level (sociopathic level is more like it), and he pulls out “The Wilderness”, Morrisson’s poetry book and reads a few lines to me while I double over in a drunken laugh. Then I tell my friend he is a moron, and that he should go suck Oliver Stone’s dick.

  • Dickard, I can accept your disdain for Steve Miller (although I admit, he is a guilty pleasure for me).

    This list is a MOST OVERRATED SONGS list. I do not think most critics put Steve Miller in the Stones, Beatles, Dylan pantheon of rock. I know you do not like his songs and think he is overrated but I do not think he is popular enough to be the most overrated.

  • Alex

    YEah 171, Closing Time, most annoying “hit” ever. The only reason I’ve ever called a radio station EVER, was to complain about this song.

  • Dickard

    Three things:

    a. Where the HELL is Stevie “Guiter” Miller on your list? This is not conceivable. I mean the fact that his moniker is “guitar” but check these lame lyrics: “Billy Mac is a detective down in Texas. You know he knows just exactly what the facts is.”? It pisses me off to even type that.

    b. Right on with knocking Jim Morrison. Chicks like Morrison on account of his looks, that’s fine. But non-gay dudes who like Morrison? Idiots.

    c. Did I mention that Stevie Miller also wrote “big ol’ jet air-linah”? No. Well now I did.

  • Mark

    Light my fire,American pie and U2 yes, but Queen and Lynyrd Skynyrd, come on!!!!…You must have no taste, you probably like rap crap…and for the record Queen put out it’s biggest album after that. Maybe if you were alive back than you would know something. You were probably sucking similac. I would like to know what songs from that era that you do like.

  • Don Koenig

    For the most part these selections seem more like personal dislikes by the “experts of the blogisphere” Oh, please! Many of the selected have no relevance to rock music to begin with, how could they be over-rated.
    Perhaps you could run a survey on the most overated,unnecessary blogs and bloggers. Oops that’s all of them.

  • Pete

    Margaritaville is the WORST – yet it refuses to die for whatever reason.


  • Eric Olsen

    absolutely there is a lot of lyrical tomfoolery in there, but more than once I have been saved by the saged advice to keep my eyes on the road and my hands upon the wheel

  • HW Saxton

    The Doors really do have a way of bringing out the best and worst in people don’t they? Usually simultaneously. I admit that I think much of Jim’s poetry is silly and sophomoric college boy nonsense,while I think some of his lyrics are really well written. If not for his bluesy drunken sounding vocals and the uniqueness of the band when they had no bass player I don’t think that a lot of his songs would’ve worked all that well. But with that jazzy,floating,surreal edge to their sound it really helped move his lyrics along nicely.Or vice versa.

  • Keoni Ponomai

    I would like to nominate “Happy Birthday.”

  • So, purv, are you saying that only untalented performers sell records?

    Secondly, no one will be talking about the artists you mentioned thirty five years from now.

  • purvisxiii

    “If Morrison wasn’t talented, no one would buy Doors records in 1967 or 1981 or 2005 and certainly no one would still be talking about him.”

    Puh-leeze. Shania Twain sold 20 million copies of one album. Hootie and the Blowfish, 16 million. Britney Spears? 14 million. Kenny G and Dixie Chicks in at 12 million.

    Lots of records bought there. Good thing records sold measures talent. And I guess you own and often play each of the albums listed above by such talented performers. Right?

  • marc

    people who use the word blog are assholes.

  • Not sure why you picked 13, but I’d expand the list to include

    1. Boston – More than a Feeling
    2. War – Lowrider
  • Eric Olsen

    Jay, the Doors guitarist Robby Krieger wrote “Light My Fire.”

    Should your fire be so lit, my thoughts on the Doors are here and here

  • Your opinion is blinding you to the facts.

    If Morrison wasn’t talented, no one would buy Doors records in 1967 or 1981 or 2005 and certainly no one would still be talking about him.

  • purvisxiii

    Strictly musical (and performance) reasons here. People make allowances for talented artists who are assholes. Those without are just assholes.

  • Jay Bird

    I am just wondering who actually wrote Light My Fire…I don’t think anyone has made it clear enough. Before you post, read all of the commments.

  • Eric Olsen

    I can’t understand why people who seem to have no problem looking past nonmusical issues for other artists, seem burdened by their resentment against Morrison for, as far as I can tell, mostly extra-musical reasons

  • Great point, EO. My wife can’t stand them on general grounds, and I’ve managed to forgive her!

    But that does tell you something about them.

  • purvisxiii

    My “random sampling” is half the damn song.

  • Eric Olsen

    Is any other band as loved and reviled by reasonably intelligent people in either camp as the Doors?

  • Somebody sounds a little jealous that they’re not in a kick ass rock band…

  • godoggo

    I think that the dork guitarist wrote the “girl we couldn’t get much higher” part, whereas the asshole vocalist wrote the “wallow in the mire” bit.

  • sion

    jim morrison didnt write light my fire
    the guitar player did ………….

    but yeah the song is little over rated

  • Your mother

    Anyone who wrote this list should be ashamed.

    Put actual OVERRATED songs in there, not classics.

  • HW Saxton

    Not all “Gangsta Rap” is ignorant. And I
    couldn’t call all the “Gangsta” rappers
    ignorant either. Some of them have their
    values a bit misconstrued to be sure but
    some of the music IS good. Ice T,Kool G.
    Rap and DJ Polo,Scholly D. & some others
    are real good.Whether you like the music
    or not, it is never fair to paint with
    such a wide brush.

  • Joe Don Faker

    “Do the same to any song in rock history and it will look listless and strange on the page.”

    Lyrics look strange
    When they are estranged
    Phrases look ugly
    When they’re alone
    Words seem listless
    When unattached to the song


  • Son Of Huxley

    Howz about this Morrison lyrical jewel:
    “I am the Burger King,I can eat anything!

  • Robert

    To call “gangsta rap” crap, I think, would be entire multiverses too charitable. Why? Because not only is it a barefaced rejoicing in violence for its own sake (which I find forgiveable), not only does it glorify backwards evolution and mindless barbarism, it is utterly lacking in beauty. It is the theme music for those who have embraced sociopathy and ignorance– not because they have to, but for its own sake!

    first of all, to the other thing this moron said: music isn’t good or bad RELATIVELY. just because some music isn’t as good as some other music, doesn’t make it bad, so that’s where your mozart comment is asinine.

    two: you use big words, but are obviously soulless and ignorant. gangsta rap is ignorant, but dismissing AN ENTIRE GENRE OF MUSIC ISN’T? you schmuck. and what does SO MUCH rock music talk about? alcohol, drugs, girls…how is that much better than songs about fucking bitches? it isn’t. get darker honkey.

    the fall STILL shouldn’t be dissed

  • Way to pluck a random sampling from the song. Do the same to any song in rock history and it will look listless and strange on the page.

    If you don’t dig the song, fine. But that doesn’t change the fact that this was hot stuff back in 1967.

    And for many, it’s still hot.

  • purvisxiii

    I just discovered the lost Morrison song:

    Oh yeah!
    Oww, c’mon!

    Alas! If only there were a singer around today talented enough to do such poetry justice on stage. But how many singers are courageous enough to kill a fifth and wave their ding dong around these days?

  • purvisxiii

    Break on through to the other side
    C’mon, yeah
    Everybody loves my baby
    Everybody loves my baby
    She get
    She get
    She get
    She get high

    Break on through, oww!
    Oh, yeah!
    Made the scene
    Week to week
    Day to day
    Hour to hour

    She get high? Made the scene? Fresh! So exciting and new!
    And that “oww! Oh yeah?” Groundbreaking. Revolutionary. Sheer brilliance.

  • Drew

    Some I agree with, others… not so much. I would like to offer up “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” by Meatloaf. What a piece of shit song. Overly long, pointlessly theatrical. It gets in your blood like the Ebola virus and dissolves your body from the inside out. Probably my most hated song of all time.

  • I don’t agree with Nelson at all. “Break on Through” remains an exciting and fresh rock song. Its lyrics are inventive and multi-layered.

  • Joe Don Faker


    Use your feelings… Let the hate flow through you!

    Here’s what my tv friend Mike Nelson of MST3K said about Morrison:

    Even if you are a fan of Jim Morrison’s poetry (and if you are, may I say, thank you for taking the time to read my book, and please know how much I understand how badly the world has hurt you as it has hurt me so many, many times. It’s us against them, my friend!), you can’t deny that his voice is very much like any given dad’s voice singing clumsily from the shower as he soaps his beefy arms. Just stop for a moment and imagine Morrison’s ham-fisted baritone shouting out his idiotic free verse “Break on through to the other side,” and now imagine your own father in his tiled stall mindlessly singing the same verse. See? They’re indistinguishable!

  • That’s hilarious, Joe.

    Morrison wrote a good batch of The Doors’ tunes, but I don’t think I’d go so far as to say most. Kreuger/Krieger wrote a good many of them.

  • purvisxiii

    So wait…so you’re all saying Jim wrote Light My Fire, right? Way to RTFT, pinheads. Somebody already beat you to it. Hours ago.

    “Morrison wrote most of their other songs and was constantly reminded that their biggest hit was written by Robby.”

    A wiser composer might have taken that as a fucking HINT. Climb aboard the Crystal Shit and let’s change the mood from glad to sadness. I can’t boo loud enough.

  • Mikek

    I guess I’d have to question the basic assumption that these were critically acclaimed songs. Where is that data? And if that data is missing then the whole thing falls apart and you’re just creating content out of songs everybody knows.

  • Joe Don Faker

    So, in summation, Freddy Kreuger wrote Light My Fire, not Jim Morrison?

    /cue claws scraping pipes

  • Chris

    Morrison didn’t even write “Light my Fire”. Robby Kreuger (the guitarist) did, and it drove morrison nuts. Morrison wrote most of their other songs and was constantly reminded that their biggest hit was written by Robby.

  • Mike – I’d contend that all four members of The Doors clicked together to make a whole that was greater than the sum of its parts.

  • Mike

    In defense of Mr. Morrison:

    You “clowns” don’t have a clue what you are talking about. Morrison did not even write “Light My Fire” so there goes that right out the window there Morgan. As for being a “no talent ass clown”… please, you have to have some type of talent to be able to produce 6 multi-platinum albums in 3 years. Now, we all know that MOST bands will not go anywhere without a good lead vocalist so how could anyone say that Morrison “rode” the rest of the band. It is the rest of the band that “rode” Morrison. What happend to the Doors when Morrison died? They died. So to all you tone deaf people out there, look up the facts before you make judgements.

    -It is better to remain quiet and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.

  • The chord progression for Outkast’s Hey Ya is G-C-D-E, not G-D-C-E


    “Dead Skin Mask” by Slayer. No, wait a minute, that song freaking RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jorb

    your an ass.music is supposed to be fun.sometimes just playing a few chords and throwing a few silly lyrics together just to have some fun work.you cant take every song so seriously.its not like these artists were trying to cure cancer.

  • warthog

    IMHO you forgot Hotel California and everything that Metallica has released since the Black Album.

  • Joe Don Faker

    “Pour Some Sugar on Me” is one of the worst songs of all time. The only people I know who like it are sorority girls who think if they like it then it looks like they have good taste in music.

    I can think of reasons to like that song, but using it to illustrate one’s superior taste would never occur to me…

    That said, the echoing intro from the video is better than the cold intro from the album version

  • Surely there were crappy rock ballads prior to Stairway…

    By the way: I love that “No Stairway” sign in the music shop in Wayne’s World.

    Growing up on Long Island in the 80s, every musician wannabe I knew tried to hack out Billy Joel solos on the piano…

  • Paul H

    I’d like to add my vote for Stairway to Heaven, which has a lot to answer for: now every rock band feels obliged to record a crappy ballad. Also “Hotel California” (the Eagles version, natch… the Gypsy Kings version is cool). And finally, Springsteen’s “Born in the USA.”

  • joel

    I can’t believe it, but I totally agree with this list. Especially Annie, overrated garbage in the extreme.

  • Was “Closing Time” by Semisonic critically acclaimed? Because that is the worst song that has ever been written, and yet, every bar still seems compelled to play it at the end of the night.

  • Eric Olsen

    ah yes, the old poison pill argument – I recall it so fondly as brought forth by so many Michael Jackson supporters

  • Mike time

    You havent got a clue

  • Trey

    I mean sure… anyone can go back and critize songs… but can you make a song that sells like these have? If so you wouldn’t be reading this.

  • Matt

    Jim Morrison didn’t write the lyrics to Light My Fire, moron.

  • No you dih-int.

  • darkslide

    I would have said anything by Nirvana….

  • god, i couldn’t agree more with pretty much everything you wrote on here,. did you include that song by Whitney Houston or whomever wrote it, “an iiiiii will alllwaayys lovee youuoooouuu….oooo” you know the one…

    argh… that is totally overplayed as well. one building in britain (yes a whole buidling of people i mean) sued a neighbor who had just broken up with his lover because he would not stop playing the song over and over again for months. they took him to court and won and he was evicted.

    sad but true story.

  • Phillip

    Light My Fire is transcendant.

  • Tanner

    “Pour Some Sugar on Me” is one of the worst songs of all time. The only people I know who like it are sorority girls who think if they like it then it looks like they have good taste in music.

  • purvisxiii

    “[Morrison’s] range and depth of voice are virtually unmatched.”

    Unless you count Ian Astbury. Or TSOL. Or Glenn Danzig. Who all also suck runny shit.

    Range? Jim Morrison? Fucking Sade has a deeper vocal range (five notes) than Jimmy the Burnout Poet. A worthless turd of an excuse for a singer who still sang better than he wrote. The blue bus is calling us and the snake is long…SEVEN MILES, baby! Thppth!

    Jim figured out how to manipulate a crowd. Golly, imagine the intellect and talent required to learn the same carnie tricks that syphillitic tweaker Hitler and incorrigible drunk G.G. Allin could manage. A legend indeed.

    And besides, if you have more than two band members and don’t have a bass player you automatically suck.

    (“Hey Ya!” doesn’t suck. Why? No fucking pretensions to art, that’s why. It’s a dopey, fun, catchy ass song that’s not trying to be too goddamn clever, bare a soul, change the world, start a revolution, shine critic knobs or be poetry. It makes asses move without sounding exactly like every other 120bpm twelve inch. All the other songs on this list are absolutely anti-fun and so belong right where they are.)

  • Eric Olsen

    a la “Whipping Post” from the Fillmore East

  • aash

    the yelling of “Freebird” came from their live album… at the beginning you hear the audience yelling for it, then you hear Ronnie say “I heard it then!”

  • SFC Ski

    Very few genres have artists with a shorter shelflife than rap.

  • Eric Olsen

    I’m not sure anyone actually “overrates” fiddy, though. Doesn’t everyone know he is the suck?

  • JRide

    Anyone ever think about mentioning 50 cent? or “fitty-cent” or..whatever. I can’t possibly understand how someone can just ramble (literally) through a broken record backdrop, and be so successfull. Great article though…

  • Killer B’s

    Pink Floyd? C’mon, only during the later years after Roger Waters folded up his tent & moved on. Todays version without Waters should be dubbed Pink Floyd “lite”.

  • BBush

    Any list that attempts to discredit Jim Morrison and John Lennon, in doing so discredits itself. Some picks are agreeable, but what moron rips on “Light My Wire” – a song that best displays the sexual energy of the sixties, and “Imagine” – Lenon’s vision of a perfect, peaceful world. Frickin Idiots, gah.

  • Miles

    No Pink Floyd? “Wish You Were Here” or “The Wall”?

  • Joe Don Faker

    Hysteria is what it is: a highly polished, heavily produced, probably quintessential pop-metal album.

    Understandably many rock fans turned their nose up at it, but it sold 8,000,000 copies for much the same reason ABBA sold so well, or why amusement parks continue to sell acres of cotton candy. It’s great stupid fun and makes absolutely no nutritional claims.

  • bad mother fucker

    Free bird and Imagine are two songs that just rock. John Lennon is one of the best musicians ever.

  • till zen

    Oy Oy … Though I find the Doors the most overated band EVER I find critiques like this to be maddening. In the NY Times their music critic tore Coldplay up and as I read it I thought what a waste of space. Life is hard and if Coldplay or American Pie eases someones load then hurrah. Cooler than thou critics contribute nothing to the greater good. A better idea would be to list the one song we’d choose root canal over hearing it.
    Mine would be “Message To Michael” paz y luz y’all …CB

  • kink

    Yeah, it seems most of these asshats have no clue as to what they’re talking about.

    I’m just wondering why no one mentioned Dylan’s “Hurricane”? Fuck…

  • Maybe the trolls with their panties all in a wad should learn to read properly.

    If they did they would see that:

    1. This list was not created by ONE person but by 13 different individuals whose names appear after each selection.

    2. This was not about “bad” songs or even “Sucessful” songs, but songs that were/are critically acclaimed, but overrated in the mind of the author.

  • Lester Bangs

    You are nuts man. Freebird’s popularity comes from the guitar solo. The song itself is just background music.

    Don McLean’s American Pie is a journey through the events that shook America during the late 50s and 60s.

    The fact that you said that Jim Morrison was overrated throws most if any credibility out the window. The Doors were experimental and original when they first started playing. Their songs represent a type of music that had never been played before.

    I notice that most of the songs on your list were songs that really were influential to the changing of music over time. You dont show any wisdom in picking the songs and it seems like they are completely random. If anything the list should be named 13 most underrated songs. I dont see one explanation that justifies any of these songs being on this list.

  • Downside

    Sweet Home Alabama should be on this list. Not to degrade the “wonderful” and “diverse” state that is Alabama, but rather the need for every karaoke bar in every OTHER state to allow it to be played/sung/thought about. Seriously, you’re proud of Alabama…that’s fine. But we live in MICHIGAN, bitches!

  • john m

    I nominate ‘Nookie’ by Limp Bizkit. It remains the song that launched a million bad Limp Bizkit knockoffs and put the final shovel-load on the grave of the rap-rock genre.

  • spaz

    How can you not put any of the Beatles songs on this list. One of the most overrated band in history not to mention the multitude of songs you couls have chosen

  • mak astbury

    Although I agree with much of the list, the idiot who chose “light my fire” incorrectly gives Jim Morrision down the road for his lyrics. Robby Kreiger wrote the lyrics and chord structure, not Mr. Mojo Rising. Wannabe rock critic.

  • Mac

    What a joke. Jim Morrison is possibly the greatest lead singer of all time. His voice is transcendant and easily recognizable. His range and depth of voice are virtually unmatched. Who’s a better lead singer? Some high pitched wuss like Mick Jagger or Axl Rose?

    Some of his lines are clunkers, but he wasn’t all about fitting into society’s little box as far as poetry or rhyme go. I assume you idiots who decry his lyrics have never read TS eliot or some other poets who use “poetic license” (ever hear of the term) to do whatever they feel with the words they use.

    “wallow in the mire” is a GREAT GREAT line. “pyre” is a great word for a song entitled “light my fire” the simpletons who denigrate this language are the same neophytes who want everything to be very simple and plain and rhyme exactly and have the same meter all the way through. It’s F’in rock N roll, not a class on iambic pentameter.

  • Eric Olsen

    I love “Hey Ya” still, though somewhat less than when I picked it for Top 10 rock/pop songs of all time

  • Probot

    God, what an idiot. Although overplayed and annoying, Hey Ya is not an Outkast song. This would be like calling Imagine an overrated Beatles’ tune. Stay tuned for my Top Ten Blog Idiots. Guess who’ll be number 1.

  • TanTheMan: when was the last time you heard Bohemain Rhapsody? When was the last time you WANTED to hear Bohemian Rhapsody? When was the last time one of your friends tried to SING Bohemian Rhapsody but couldn’t because he’s not a eunch? I like the song but geez it’s overplayed.

  • Heard Don McLean tell the story once about his son asking, “What does ‘American Pie’ mean, Daddy.”

    He said, “It means Daddy never has to work again.”

  • Ha… what a joy to read. Everyone needs to take a deep breath. There is no right answer when it comes to an OPINION, but it certainly is fun hearing people arguing as if this is actually important.

  • Eric Olsen

    always happy to see the wild Farksters in our midst, thanks!

  • Eric Olsen

    Sella, agree with the existential disparity between the original and all other “Layla’s,” especially the acoustic version that became a hit

  • Bob Johnson

    That’s not a xylophone in “Born To Run”, it’s a glockenspiel.

  • Hargoni

    I agree with the parts of your list I am familiar with, but was particularly happy to see Wonderwall on it.

    I absolutely cannot stand Oasis or the brit-punks in it. What a horrible person Noel is and so full of himself – full of crap.

  • I eliminated my top four (Led Zep’s “Stairway to Heaven,” Eagles’ “Hotel California,” Metallica’s “Enter Sandman,” and – gulp – Nirvana’s “Smell’s Like Teen Spirit”) because they weren’t digitally available, thus wouldn’t make a playlist.

    I think there’s a strong correllation between artists to think too highly of their music to have give them digital rights, and music that’s overrated.

  • Sella Turcica

    There are a bazillion bad songs, but when a rock and roll legend, a rock and roll GOD, makes a truly bad song, then that’s worthy of note. I know it’s a terrible thing what happened to Eric Clapton’s son, it’s everyone’s worst nightmare, but does he have to make everyone else suffer with that horrible wussy song, “Tears in Heaven?” Get a grip, man!

    P.S. The remake of “Layla” sucks too, whereas the original was a masterpiece.

  • “London’s Burning” certainly not overrated at the moment.

    First time in a long time that I’ve been up woken up at 4AM without it involving a baby.

  • I would have ranked Freebird a bit higher, but wtf. You are also missing Hotel California and Stairway to Heaven. The way I measure how a “classic rock” radio station is actually a poseur is to see if Freebird, Hotel California and Stairway to Heaven are on heavy rotation.

    And yes, the three bands are magnificent! But please, you can listen to the Eagles, Led Zeppelin and Lynnrd Skinrd for frickin days without having to listen to these three songs.

  • Hi all:

    Well, yeah Robby Kreiger wrote Light My Fire but I still think Jimbo did a great job on the tune. It wouldn’t make my “overrated” top ten.

    Not with tunes like “Lady in Red” (good call, Alan) and Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight” to reckon with.

    Hey, I’m happy these guys have someone in their lives that would make them want to write songs like these, but I sure don’t want to listen to ’em. They’re pure sappy musical drek…but I hope it got them what they were looking for 🙂

  • I thought a song had to be highly rated to be called overrated. Chewing Gum? A 2004 oddball pop parenthesis that recieved an average of no more than luke warm reviews and went by pretty unnoticed.

    Yank that on account of not being hyped enough, and replace it with The Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony. That must be the single more annoying piece of repetetive droning to be hailed as a masterpiece in the last ten years or so.

  • Shark

    PS: Comment #128 appeared while I was writing mine.

    Matthew: “…You also make alot of bogus statements that you cannot back up. By writing this artical you have lost all credibility as a writer…”


  • Shark

    re. Doors —

    Others have pointed out that Morrison didn’t write a note or word of “Light My Fire — so “Morgan of Evolution.com”, it behooves one to know a bit about music before expounding on it like an expert.

    There’s not ONE SENTENCE of Morgan’s ‘entry’ on the Doors that doesn’t beg to be mocked to a bloody pulp. It’s so ignorant, it’s fucking embarrassing — and “Morgan” should beg Robert Burke to delete it in order to further reduce the public humiliation that comes from having penned such insane, retarded bullshit.

    (As I like to say about Blogcritics, “You have the right to an INFORMED opinion.”)


    Note: Over the last few decades, bashing the Doors has taken on the symbolic role of some sort of ritual handshake among young, brainless window-lickers with no taste in art and music — and no sense of history. From many perspectives, the Doors were as revolutionary as any band in American rock history.

    BTW: I nominate THIS ENTRY as the Most Overrated Contribution to the Music Section of BC.

  • Matthew

    It seems like you know very little about music. I agree light my fire is completely over rated. Yet how can you say ” Bands that feature a piano or keyboard prominently are generally pretty goofy to begin with “. You also make alot of bogus statements that you cannot back up. By writing this artical you have lost all credibility as a writer and should lose your job.

  • Pink Floyd sucks, Kazami, and I’m probably older than you.

    (Now Syd Barrett on the other hand? G E N I U S)

  • Caimin

    Morrison didn’t write Light My Fire, Krieger did.

  • Kazae Kazami

    It’d have more credibility if…

    It wasn’t a list by bloggers.

    I mean, seriously. Who cares what a bunch of self-important people who go “HA HA! I’m on the INTERNET!” have to say, especially regarding an industry they can’t particularly do anything about?

    Looks like a list by underpaid record store clerks cum wannabe ‘indie hipsters’ taking aim at songs that other people likely ‘scored’ to, in all probability with the girl they had a crush on. Cheer up, emo kids!

    Then again, seeing some of the followup comments, I’m not surprised to see this being continued by ‘e-gangstahs’ and their ilk panning Pink Floyd, because it’s before their time and doesn’t have spinners on it.

  • SFC Ski

    “Hey Ya!” is no better or worse than a lot of early Beatles’ songs, a catchy little pop song in my book. The funny thing is, to me the song will always be tied to Iraq, as that is where I was the first time I heard it. It was an anomalously happy soundtrack to an otherwise miserable situation.

  • Seanster Monster

    Ha ha, that was amusing. It made me think about us hairless-ape-folk (no flames please, fundie retards) and our arbitrary tastes in art. I must admit a lot a terrible songs are catchy somehow, like the Def Leppard one. Still wouldn’t play it in my car… But it’s Mozart’s Finest compared to a lot of crap out there.

    To call “gangsta rap” crap, I think, would be entire multiverses too charitable. Why? Because not only is it a barefaced rejoicing in violence for its own sake (which I find forgiveable), not only does it glorify backwards evolution and mindless barbarism, it is utterly lacking in beauty. It is the theme music for those who have embraced sociopathy and ignorance– not because they have to, but for its own sake!

    Yeah, so I realllly hate that raw-sewage-made-sound, but it’s hellof popular. I’d like to round up the asses that write it into a meat processing plant and turn them all into glue!! Bleeyargh.

  • Outkast is almost always trying to be funny, just look at the crap they wear. “Hey Ya” isn’t supposed to be a serious song.

  • Or “Tupelo Honey,” another Van the Man song that is superior to “Brown Eyed Girl” (which happens to be my theme song).

  • Comment 108 – Chris, you beat me to it. As good of a song as “Brown Eyed Girl” is, it’s nowhere near Van Morrison’s best. How “Moondance” isn’t more popular is outrageous.

  • anything by Yes. In fact, any mention of Yes in my presence is grounds for punishment. Same goes with Queensrych. I know it is a bit off topic, but I have been waiting for 10 years to get that off my chest.

  • This blog just goes to show what “opinions” are really like @holes.

    Um, this is an opinion site.

  • roddio

    My oh my, such a tempest in a teacup. Very funny article, though, and pretty much spot on with every pick. Surprised to not see the Rolling Stones, whom I consider to be the most overrated band in the History of Rock ‘N Roll, listed for (place any popular Stones song here.) Speaking of plagarism, the Stones make Led Zep seem like small time crooks on the intellectual-property front. They obviously followed the maxim “Imitate the Best, Plagarize the Rest,” by ripping off simply everyone from dead bluesmen through Tina Turner, Ry Cooder & David Bowie to Chuck Berry and more.

  • jason

    dust in the wind?

  • I’d likely go with songs like Macarena (or whatever the hell it’s called) and Who the Let the Dogs Out? for a list like this.

  • B

    the assesment of ‘hey ya’ is terribly misguided and only included due to the songs popularity, and not its performance. It wasnt written to be complex, thought provoking or deep, just good fun, whihc is conveyed in the lyrics. The album The Love Below, in itself, is a superlative album with minimal flaws.

    This whole list should come with the disclaimer found at the end of the part about the U2 song.

  • E. Druce

    “Zero Wing Rhapsody” by TooMuchSpareTime (a flash animation parody of “Bohemian”) totally redeems that song.

  • I don’t think that anyone takes ‘Hey Ya’ as a serious song. It’s obviously goofy. Hence the video with the clones of Andre 3000 dressed up like steeplechasers wiggling their fingers. As for the rest of the album, it’s one of my favorite concept albums. Speakerboxx, now, I think is definitely over-rated, and it wouldn’t have received nearly as much play if they hadn’t packaged it with Love Below.

  • Hey Rob,

    Can’t wait tell your album comes out!


  • uao

    I think there’s a lot of confusion here. (Midnight really was the witching hour).

    First of all, a lot of people seem to be under the impression that the list is one person’s own critique; it isn’t; it was a poll. All of the comments are written by different people.

    Someone mentioned opinions are like a**holes; that’s true. Doesn’t mean opinions can’t be shared. A**holes can be too, for that matter.

    Nothing is sacrosanct in this world; or at least in the blogosphere. There are no sacred cows.

    The article invited people to respond to an interesting premise. You can play along, or call the participant a**holes; it’s all good. It wont hurt the 13 pollees any more than our thoughts hurt John Lennon, Jim Morrison or Oasis, et. al.

    Let’s pose a new question at this juncture. How many of those 13 tunes would you choose among your 10 “Desert Island Discs?”

    For my Lennon, I’m gonna go with “I Found Out” Unless I can take “She Said She Said”.

  • ALAN

    “The lady in red” oh dear God in heaven , somwone please stop that song!

  • Chris Bragg

    Where’s Brown Eyed Girl?

    #1 most overrated in my book

  • Ah, I long for the days of long jam session songs. Rare Earth’s 28 minute “Get Ready”.

    I disagree with a couple of the choices (Light My Fire, Bohemian Rhapsody, American Pie) because the writer probably didn’t come from that time. I was a kid when they came out. They were groundbreaking songs for a lot of reasons. I get tired of Pie and can do without it. But the Doors are a unique band. Yes, they sound cheezy by today’s standards, but there is something raw and primal about their stuff. They are a real rock band. Not some manufactured studio invention like the junk today. If you ask me Hey Ya should be #1. And Queen’s song was so original for its time. It’s still a camp classic. It;’s fun. Like Hocus Pocus by Focus, which is another song from that era I really liked.

  • Cameron

    You’re right about: Freebird, Imagine, Memory, Pour Some Sugar On Me, and Born to Run.

    You’re absolutely wrong about Light My Fire, Hey Ya!, Bohemian Rhapsody, and I Stil Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.

  • theo

    A wonderwall is, er, something through which you look to see a nubile mod girl (starlet Jane Birkin):

  • Brings up a good point, not sure anyone mentioned…

    That commercial radio is largely responsible for creating these cliches. Bands like the Stones and The Doors and even the mighty Led Zep have more than five songs worthy of air play (in the above cases it’s closer to 50).

  • Becca

    I’m quite a Lennon fan but Imagine bores me to tears. Most of the songs on the Imagine album hold my interest better, Jealous Guy probably being tops.


  • Spain’s Vein

    “You’re gonna have to explain why Wonderwall is one of the best songs of the 90’s.”

    Well, it is a bit hard to explain why a song is good–especially on an internet message board. Here it goes: I like the melody, the acoustic guitar’s interesting strumming pattern and anchored A and E notes, Liam Gallagher’s cigarrette smokey vocals, and the lyrics are pretty damn cool. What’s a Wonderwall anyway? Good question indeed.

    The song is a classic in Britain, voted the best of all time in a recent Radio 1 poll. On KROQ’s seemingly annual coutdowns of best songs of the 90’s, Wonderwall is always near the top.

    You get the idea. Great song.

  • kdkdi

    Johnny Thunders, those songs are all on lists of good music.

    Light My Fire is just some words (written by Robby Krieger, not Jim Morrison) stuck on either end of giant solos from Ray and Robby. And you just can’t knock Bohemian Rhapsody.

  • Brad

    One thing to keep in mind regarding these songs is that they are often geared towards certain means. The intro for light my fire is a “hook” something recognizable that people who aren’t music theorists can gravitate towards. Also keep in mind that music is never written for critical acclaim. Bruce Springsteen, Oasis, et al, put songs on their albums because they sound good enough and fit into slot 8 on the album. Most of all, music is not truly appreciated when it is being berated by critics, but instead when it is being overplayed on some 14 year olds cd player (or record player depending on the era) They like it, if only for a short time, and the fact that it is enjoyed in that moment in time is all an artist can ask for. Don’t look for the deep meaning, or spectacular musicianship in pop songs…. if you want that, look to Mozart.


    you can do better than that!

    “if i have to drink, well, that’s
    cause i’m a human being…”

    fan magazines?!

  • Steve-O


  • Jerry Nolan

    Johnny T, Last I heard you were dead of
    an OD in New Orleans. Glad you’re back.
    Dave’s on the road with The Dolls and
    we’ve been replaced by some schmucks.
    Think we oughta sue ’em or haunt ’em?

  • Mike

    Every song by Coldplay. Worst excuse for a band EVER. (Not to mention one of the stupidest band names ever.) A wannabe Radiohead – no more. The DiFranco Family had more talent.


  • Robert

    The Fall are one of the greatest bands of all time, and I’ll be goddamed if some Pavement-loving schmuck is one to insult them. Not because they’re “cool” or “unique” but because they fucking rule. Pavement are BOOOOOOOOOOORING. Calling the Fall sacred indie cows and then pimping Pavement is stupid.
    now, please enlighten me why crooked rain doesn’t suck, or why i should listen to The Smiths

  • Though I don’t agree with all of the songs on your list, I will make a point not to troll you like some of the others on this list… Though, I do think one more should be added:

    “Holla Back Girl – Gwen Stefani”
    This isnt the gwen punk rock chick I grew up loving… tis a shame she turned all primadonna on us.

  • Wow
    Drew Curtis either got paid
    This guy is related to Drew
    This article blows
    Dont quit your day job
    This article goes down faster than Paris Hilton


  • kez

    Hotel California anyone?

  • Badslaw

    Right right, as if you could really compare Springsteen, the doors or even the tired Freebird to still born garbage perpetrated by Depeche mode, the Cure, or A Perfect Circle/Tool

  • Keith

    Wow. Pretty stupid article. Don’t think I’ll bother with blogcritics again. I was hoping for something other than a list of rants by some music critics.

  • It’s fine that you take the time to comment on your personal prefs. That is completely valid, because you’re speaking for yourself. But it’s not the fault of a great song that it becomes a cliche. So it’s pretty hard to agree with you on some of this stuff. A great song is still a great song. Freebird is a great song…even if I sometimes wouldn’t mind if I never heard it again.

  • I’m sorry but any list that starts out saying that American Pie is about Buddy Holly, that list looses all credibility, so infact American Pie is not about Buddy Holly it is only dedicated to Buddy Holly and that comes from Don McLean himself. And as a hardcore Doors fan, the only reason most people think LMF is overrated is beacuse they dont understand the lyrics and the imagery behind any of the Doors songs, and Jim Morrison did not write LMF anyways Robbie Krieger wrote LMF

  • prohaskas

    So, are any of you “experts” planning on moving out of your parent’s basement anytime soon? Maybe take a bath, get a job, learn some social skills? Get some sun on your pimple-ridden pizza faces? Your opinions aren’t even significant enough to leave a stain on two ply. When you can do something beyond type and open a bag of Cheetos maybe, just maybe, you’ll be qualified to comment on something involving the real world. Until that time, STFU.

  • ugh

    I’m by no a fan of Def Leppard, but this pretty much explains the sound of the drums, which at the time was quite an excellent deal:


    “On December 31st 1984, while driving his Corvette with his girlfriend in the UK, he slammed into a wall and his left arm was severed. Despite attempts by doctors to reattach it, infection set in, and the arm had to be reamputated. Through perseverance, the support of his band mates, and a custom drum kit, he remained with the band to enjoy continued success. December 31 is the 365th day of the year (366th in leap years) in the Gregorian Calendar. … 1984 is a leap year starting on Sunday of the Gregorian calendar. …

    Former Status Quo drummer Jeff Rich was an invaluable source of help and encouragement during Rick’s convalescence, and after many hours of discussion they decided to try and develop Rick’s famous multi-pad electronic kit. After many attempts and with much determination they came up with what was to become a revelation in drum technology. A unique foot pedal trigger system was successfully utilised and Rick was now able to play more or less as he could before, even delivering a successful and well received set at the Monsters Of Rock festival at Castle Donington in 1986.”

  • aba

    Obviously no one is from Boston… Tessie by the Dropkick Murphies is so overplayed in this town since the Sox won.

  • MP

    This blog just goes to show what “opinions” are really like @holes.

  • Pantagruel

    This site, a radio site which asked people to vote on the top 500 tunes (American Pie #1) placed Louis Louis at 45

    American Pie was justified because Drake found it annoying, lengthy, and piss-break-worthy

  • I always liked Oasis’s “Don’t Look Back In Anger” more than “Wonderwall”.

  • >Wonderwall is an awesome song–one of >the best of the 90’s

    I don;t think “Wonderwall” is horrible, but one of the “best of the 90s” common man…

    You are gonna have to explain why.

  • Louie Louie takes us back to the ‘define overrated’ question. I think Robert had it right by saying critical acclaim of some sort is key to something being ‘overrated’ – someone has to ‘rate’ it positively in the first place, right? Could anyone even understand Louie Louie enough to judge it accurately anyway? Every time I hear this song or see mention of it all I can think of is the comic strip “Bloom County”:

    http://www.xs4all.nl/~tdg/trivia.html (scroll down)

  • ChloeJaz

    “Imagine” and “Wonderwall” should not be on list. Both songs are worth their hype.

  • Spain’sVein

    Agree with a lot of the choices. However, Wonderwall is an awesome song–one of the best of the 90’s. Sorry but it ain’t one of the most overrated songs by any stretch.

  • Pantagruel

    If we were going to look for pure musical doo-doo which became super popular, how about “Louis Louis” by the Kingsmen. They were a garage band with a 1-4-5 progression and garbled lyrics and people still got off on that shit.

  • RE: Tears in Heaven

    Anton Newcombe (of Brian Jonestown Massacre, and the movie Dig!) had no problem skewering that sacred cow.

    His comment (“People talk about Eric Clapton. What has he ever done except throw his baby off a fuckin’ ledge and write a song about it?”) created quite a comment landslide on Stereogum’s site a month ago.

  • Victor Plenty, you made me laugh out loud (really!). Now I’m tempted to stay up just to see what happens!

    You know what song I immediately thought of but couldn’t pick it for fear of looking really mean? “Tears in Heaven.” If it wasn’t for the fact that Clapton wrote it for his dead child I would have been all over that like white on rice.

  • Well, I guess I’ll eat my hat (even though these reviews are for the album, not the song in question – so it’s going to be a tasty chocolate hat.) I only remember repulsion at the time from true metal fans, and from myself… and rearview mirror reviews, which pretty much pan it. It hasn’t aged well at all.

    I still stand by my original statement that it sticks out from the rest… just an observation.

  • Pantagruel

    I must say that that sounds like critical acclaim. Where do we go from here? I imagine that the subjectivity has to kick in for us to decide if it is overrated…If we like the music, do we not disqualify it from the list?

  • Omni Temporal

    Jem Aswad? Quite the unfortunate name.

  • AMG rating for “Hysteria”?

    5 Stars

    “The strong pop hooks and “perfect”-sounding production of Hysteria may not appeal to diehard heavy metal fans, but it isn’t heavy metal — it’s pop-metal, and arguably the best pop-metal ever recorded. Its blockbuster success helped pave the way for a whole new second wave of hair metal bands, while proving that the late-’80s musical climate could also be very friendly to veteran hard rock acts, a lead many would follow in the next few years. ”
    – Steve Huey

    What did the snuffy College Music Journal (CMJ) have to say about “Hysteria”?

    “After three and a half years, countless hassles and tragedies, and a million-dollar studio bill, it’s finally here! And it sounds like…Def Leppard! No, there aren’t many surprises here, except that the band is quite obviously stronger than ever. What’s interesting about this album is the compromise they’ve reached between technology and rawness, Hysteria has more effects than your local video shop, but it still has a live feel. It sounds like a new standard in commercial metal: the sound is heavy and the guitars are loud, but underneath it all there lurk great pop songs. Picks: “Animal,” “Love Bites” (a ballad), “Armageddon It,” “Gods Of War.”
    – Jem Aswad

  • From Rolling Stone #509, 1987

    “This album sounds terrific. Every track sparkles and burns. There is no filler. That is not to say, however, that the Leppards are actually great songwriters (as opposed to consummate riff-smiths). Because here, as on Pyromania, producer Mutt Lange gets full credit as a cocomposer. He is, in fact, the sixth Leppard – the one who takes their riffs and choruses and assembles them into spectacular tracks. A veteran producer of such metal superstars as AC/DC and Foreigner, Lange is a genre master, and this LP is thick with his trademarks: the deep, meaty bass sound; the fat, relentless drums; the dazzling guitar montages; the impeccable sense of structure and separation; the preternatural clarity. Lange also brings a certain ironic wit to the record: one suspects it was he who dreamed up the whispered intro to “Excitable” – an aural pun on an old Mothers of Invention track – although no doubt the band had a hand in fashioning the rap-chant vocals that turn “Pour Some Sugar on Me” from a good-natured Aerosmith salute into a more complexly admiring tribute to Aerosmith and Run-D.M.C….This is head-banging music of a very high sonic order, executed with great élan by what remains the most exciting metal-pop band on the scene… ”

    – Kurt Loder

  • Robert, we gonna let it all hang down, I assume.

  • Pantagruel

    I’m with you Steve S. I love the translation and I wish I had you there to translate the whole album because I NEED that. Where would you have looked to find out about the critical acclaim or lack thereof for the “Leppard” Surely the commercial success could not be acheived without some positive bullshit coming from somewhere right? What comes first the chicken or the egg?

  • Matthew, what happens at midnight?

  • I happen to like Def Leppard and Pour Some Sugar on Me. I’m surprised it made your list, because you said your list was comprised of songs which received critical acclaim, rather than commercial success, and I thought Def Leppard was panned by the critics from the beginning.

    As far as the lyrics, it makes perfect sense to me.

    Mirror queen, mannequin, rhythm of love,
    translates as:
    ‘hey made-up vain/fake babe, let’s screw’

    do you need me to translate ‘do you take sugar?’

    I’m so glad to see Free Bird on the list. What is it that people see in that song? How about putting Neil Young’s Rockin in the Free World on the list?

    Or anything by Dave Matthews, Tom Petty or Stevie Nicks sans Mick Fleetwood.

  • HW Saxton

    Rodney W., Led Zep’s “Lemon Song also
    incorporates a bit of Robert Johnsons
    “Traveling Riverside Blues” as well,just
    for posterity. “You Need Love” was a
    Muddy Waters tune from 1963 and features
    a vicious solo from Earl Hooker.Who had
    the solo on “You Shook Me” as well,also
    a Muddy waters tune from the same time

  • Expect this page to get some traffic come midnight.

  • Pantagruel

    Dude! That knight could get some chicks man…for real.

  • What the HELL is a Knight doing in white satin anyway? And why the HELL did he write letters he wasn’t going to send?? Sounds like a pansy knight to me.

  • Pantagruel

    Still not knowing the definition of overrated, I do recall that the Hysteria tour was very well hyped at the time with a world tour where Def Leppard played in the round together with their video for it, though I basque in the not-knowing-ness.
    Born to Run definately ahead of it though.

  • Ok, I know I said earlier that I liked all these songs on some level, but I somehow missed “Pour some sugar on me”. Maybe I mentally blocked it out when I skimmed through (didn’t notice until the comment on it.)

    Of all the songs listed, that’s the one that feels most out of place. I don’t believe the song has ever had critical acclaim… as a matter of fact, I’d argue that instead of ‘overrated’ that it’s rated about right…not at all.

  • Pantagruel

    You got it babe! Bruce is a “schwetty” man with a “schwetty” instrumental bridge with glockenspiel!!!
    The poetry after White Satin is a masterpiece.

  • Crap. I spelled ‘proud’ wrong.

  • All I ever wanted was for you to be pround of me, Pantagruel. (Actually I am flattered that you liked my comments, oh great music guru.) Bonus points for using the word “sweatiest” – I kept thinking it said “sweetest” though. That changes it entirely, eh?

    Somebody (namely, Matthew T. Sussman) talked about people feeling that long songs were overrated. I’m squarely in that camp, I think I just get bored. Especially with Doors songs. Just finish it up already!

    “Nights in White Satin” is arty, right? I mean, you got that poetry(?) at the end and all…(OK! I bought a Moody Blues Greatest Hits CD once! It was a long time ago! Happy now?)

  • Pantagruel

    Breath Deep…


  • Oh: regarding the Beatles and the Stones.

    I’ve said before that I’ve never been into the Stones all that much, though I dig some of their stuff.

    Which appalls to no end some rock purists out and about…

    Right, E Olsen?

  • Ah yes, I must pipe in again (as I often have to do) to defend The Doors.

    The writer doesn’t like anything so “unusual” as an organ or words like “pyre” in a rock song? Maybe he/she lives in a rock nunnery, but in my world it’s cool and even recommended to get inventive and unusual with pop music.

    Second, “Light My Fire” was written by Bobby Krieger, not Morrison.

    Third, I agree with E Olsen re: Morrison. Great frontman of a band that still entertains and frustrates listeners all these years down the road… and a phenomenally awful and selfish human being.

    Duke — have to agree regarding your Riders on the Storm comment, though that’s still a moody and melodic tune if I ever heard one. Morrison’s lyrics/poetry are said to vacillate between the sublime to the sophomoric, and it’s hard to argue with that.

    Finally, and let me be subjective here:

    I just fucking love the opening organ riff on “Light My Fire.”

    So if it’s “overrated,” I could give a shit.

  • HW Saxton

    I nominate “Nights In White Satin” by
    The Moody Blues as an overrated song if
    ever there was one.It’s depressing,dull,
    it drags forever it seems and it just
    does not go anywhere.You keep expecting
    something to happen but it never does.
    No tempo shifts,no dynamic build up to
    it or anything. It does not get worse.

  • HW Saxton

    I nominate “Nights In White Satin” by
    The Moody Blues as an overrated song if
    ever there was one.It’s depressing,dull,
    it drags forever it seems and it just
    does not go anywhere.You keep expecting
    something to happen but it never does.
    No tempo shifts,no dynamic build up to
    it or anything. It does not get worse.

  • Pantagruel

    Pour Some Sugar on MAAYYY!!! I agree entirely with that one. The Bruce Springsteen is right on although I have a special place in my heart for the glockenspiel player on that one. The instrumental bridge on Born to Run was one of the sweatiest pieces of turd in all music ending with 1 2 3 4!!!

  • RE: Funny Valentine

    You could claim Spirit stole from that, but the fact that the bands toured together and then they wrote “Stairway to Heaven” shortly after makes the argument. We’re not pulling a random song that sounds-alike. It’s actual time and place as well.

    Page has acknowledged learning a few things from Spirit on their tour, of which included use of the theremin.

    Randy California (Wolfe) acknowledged the lift from his instrumental, and was flattered at the time. If he were alive today, he might sue. I know his momma wants him to get credit:

  • JD

    Alot of U2 tunes are overrated, but I just don’t think Still Haven’t Found is one of them.

  • JR

    Couldn’t you just as easily claim the (opening) chord progression is ripped off from “My Funny Valentine”?

  • Rodney Welch

    Thanks, Drake. I didn’t know that.

    I remember now that Led Zep’s theivery is well known; courtesy of Wilson & Allroy, here are some more famous lifts:

    “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” – A folk song by Anne Bredon, this was originally credited as “traditional, arranged by Jimmy Page,” then “words and music by Jimmy Page,” and then, following legal action, “Bredon/Page/Plant.”

    “Black Mountain Side” – uncredited version of a traditional folk tune previously recorded by Bert Jansch.

    “Bring It On Home” – the first section is an uncredited cover of the Willie Dixon tune (as performed by the imposter Sonny Boy Williamson).

    “Communication Breakdown” – apparently derived from Eddie Cochran’s “Nervous Breakdown.”

    “Custard Pie” – uncredited cover of Bukka White’s “Shake ‘Em On Down,” with lyrics from Sleepy John Estes’s “Drop Down Daddy.”

    “Dazed And Confused” – uncredited cover of the Jake Holmes song (see The Above Ground Sound Of Jake Holmes).

    “Hats Off To (Roy) Harper” – uncredited version of Bukka White’s “Shake ‘Em On Down.”

    “How Many More Times” – Part one is an uncredited cover of the Howlin’ Wolf song (available on numerous compilations). Part two is an uncredited cover of Albert King’s “The Hunter.”

    “In My Time Of Dying” – uncredited cover of the traditional song (as heard on Bob Dylan’s debut).

    “The Lemon Song” – uncredited cover of Howlin’ Wolf’s “Killing Floor” – Wolf’s publisher sued Zeppelin in the early 70’s and settled out of court.

    “Moby Dick” – written and first recorded by Sleepy John Estes under the title “The Girl I Love,” and later covered by Bobby Parker.

    “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” – uncredited cover of the Blind Willie Johnson blues.

    “Since I’ve Been Lovin’ You” – lyrics are the same as Moby Grape’s “Never,” though the music isn’t similar.

    “White Summer” – uncredited cover of Davey Graham’s “She Moved Through The Fair.”

    “Whole Lotta Love” – lyrics are from the Willie Dixon blues “You Need Love.”

  • I give up…

  • For some reason all the links I post are breaking!

    Try this one to hear “Taurus”


  • Wow. You really do learn something every day.

    No doubt this progression was stolen by Mr. Page. I wonder why Spirit never sued?

    Listen for yourself here if you have Rhapsody

  • HW Saxton

    I’ll give you all the whole story and
    background on Stairway To Heaven manana
    amigos.A friend of mine knows the whole
    story behind this tune and he will be in
    touch with me in the morning with this
    scoop.So stay tuned News and Film in the
    Morning. Well no film actually but…
    It WAS a very obscure English group or
    performer of the pseudo-folkie variety.
    That much I am Positive & CERTAIN of.

    It was not the group “Spirit”.Although
    “Spirit IS an unheralded band and are
    one of the most ripped off & uncredited
    bands of their time. They have had their
    music “borrowed” many,many,many times by
    several groups.

    Led Zeppelin was listening to music all
    across the board from Celtic Folk to the
    Chicago Blues to Rockabilly,the psychout
    sounds of such bands as “Love”,The Doors
    and The Jefferson Airplane,Eastern Music
    Ravi Shankar et al.),Velvet Underground,
    (in one of the last incarnations of The
    Yardbirds, just prior to the formation
    of Zeppelin they were including “Waiting
    For The Man” in their sets) and so forth
    like most of the other bands of the era
    were doing.That “Stairway” was nicked
    from the dustbin of obscurity by the Zep
    should be no real surprise to anyone.

  • “Stairway to Heaven” takes the acoustic opening guitar line from “Taurus” by Spirit, who toured with Led Zeppelin on their first US tour.

    “Taurus” came out three years prior, and Led Zeppelin was paired with Spirit on their first US tour, which also predates “Stairway to Heaven.”

  • Bennett

    “I despise “Bohemian Rhopsody” with a fervor that makes want to crush something, anything British.

    Yow EO, THAT is a funny line. Oh so true, and anyone who “sings along” with this tune should be shot, at once.

  • >Who did Led Zep rip off “Stairway” from?


  • This list is really good and I think a case can be made for the inclusion of all of them. I would defend ‘Wonderwall’ most strenuously of all those mentioned.

    First – big ups to Amanda on the Ryan Adams reference. His version is stunning and takes a lot of the sap from the song and makes it more plaintive. That is one reason I would defend the song. Oasis may have done a very big and overblown version of it (which I adore) and it would be easy to dismiss as overly sappy. The song is good enough to withstand an alternate interpretation. In fact, it not only withstands it but became a great song a second time.

    Second… I think there are a lot of songs much sappier and perhaps even more prominent.

    Third… I have totally drank the Gallagher Kool-Aid and really cannot be objective on this (although I still think ‘Standing on the Shoulder of Giants’ is mostly a shit album).

    The list is good and the post is well-reasoned and a good read.

  • The Google link is here

    Or just search for “Bloggers” on Google News

  • Omni Temporal


    Sincere apologies. I thought that was your commentary appended to the votes.

  • Omni,

    That was a great Cliff Notes version, but my only pick was “Hey Ya!”

  • It’s currently the top News Result for the word Bloggers on Google News

  • Omni Temporal

    Synopsis of Robert’s musical verdict on the most overrated songs:

    American Pie — too long
    Light My Fire — pyre
    Free Bird — Florence Henderson and Jim Nabors
    Hey Ya — cumma
    Pour Some Sugar on Me — makes no sense
    Wonderwall — not Lennon and McCartney
    Memory — you don’t get it
    Bohemian Rhapsody — you hate it
    I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For — didn’t work for you
    Totally Wired — annoying claptrap
    Born To Run — xylophone
    Chewing Gum — you don’t get it
    Imagine — not a fitting Lennon tribute

    Thanks for the penetrating analysis!

  • I would argue that “American Pie” was overplayed the first time I heard it.

    You know, there’s not a single song on this list that I hate. I would listen to this playlist and not get annoyed… as long as I hit ‘skip’ on “American Pie” after a couple minutes.

  • Thanks to http://www.Earvolution.com this list is showing up on Google News

    I hope all of you who were invited and did not contribute will contribute next time!

  • HW Saxton

    ‘Twas some English cult figure folkie(s)
    Rodney. Im gonna call a friend and get
    back here with the correct answer in a
    short while.

  • Rodney Welch

    Who did Led Zep rip off “Stairway” from?

  • Led Zep should be included, if for no other reason than most of their early hits (including parts of Stairway) were ripped off so they don’t fully deserve all their acclaim. Then there are the superstars whose position is way over-valued – Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Fripp, David Byrne, Lou Reed, maybe even the Sex Pistols and White Stripes. (You got U2, right on.) Of course, there’s overrated with the critics and overrated with the public, often those lists are very different. Nice to see no Iron Butterfly songs there, ha ha.

  • Rodney Welch

    Eric, I’ll give you great frontman, but the rest of it can blow me. Have there ever been a set of lyrics as dopey as those to “The Soft Parade”?

    When all else fails, we can whip the horse’s eyes
    And make them sleep, and cry…

    For years, a buddy and I used to recite these words to each other whenever we needed a quick and easy laugh.

  • Cool… Man you REALLY hate the song.
    Poor Freddy. I am glad he’ll never read that…

  • Eric Olsen

    Robert, I have taken the liberty of adding a second, explanatory, paragraph to my section, which should help defend my antipathy

  • Eric Olsen

    I would say the “overplayed” element contributes to all these choices, except mine of course.

    Duker, I think Morrison was a crappy person and a dopey pretentious poet, but one of the great frontmen, lyricists and lead singers in rock history

  • “Stairway to Heaven” would’ve been my selection, but it’s not digitally available so it’s not allowed for the list (in order to make a playlist.)

    In fact, my top 4 most overrated songs are all not digitally available, which prolly says something.

  • I think that “Stairway to Heaven” is brilliant. It only bothers us because we have heard it 58 bazillion times. If I heard it for the first time ever today it would win me over by the word “hedgerow”

  • I am such a sucker for these group-contribution articles. I can’t believe nobody picked the same song. Excellent list, I totally agree with Light My Fire, Freebird, and Def Leppard. “Wonderwall,” however, was turned into a totally different song by Ryan Adams. Noel /Liam actually perform it like that now, from what I hear.

  • When I began reading the list, I noticed a trend after the third song. They were all long. And I miss this about songs. Nowadays bands don’t know what to do after three minutes except play more of the same chords or scream like a vulture.

    If you can rock that guitar, don’t stop the rockin’.

    And in regards to the drum play on “Pour Some Sugar On Me”, what do you expect? The drummer has one freakin’ arm!

  • Rob

    Pretty good list. I had my fill of most of these songs years ago, but the radio stations keep playing them anyway!Here’s a few more that bug the crap out of me (even though I do like other songs by these bands):
    You Shook Me – AC/DC
    American Woman – The Guess Who (I was just starting to get this out of my system and Lenny Kravitz covers it!!)
    Smoke on The Water – Deep Purple
    Like A Rolling Stone – Bob Dylan (guess I had to be there? He’s got much better stuff)
    Stairway to Heaven – Led Zeppelin (I know, but they have a ton of better songs)
    Like A Prayer – Madonna

  • I gotta agree wholeheartedly with the Bruce Springsteen remarks. I never ever got his early “rock” stuff that peeps rave on about.

    Now “Nebraska”, thats a different story, and the song, “The River”.

  • my idea for a superhero frontman – Jim Morrissey. the mental images conjured by such a hybrid are staggering.

  • Ha! Sir Olsen, do i detect an admiration for our fuzzy-eyed friend??

  • SFC Ski

    How did “Stairway to Heaven” not make this list?

  • Eric Olsen

    RE Morrison: to be dead 35 years and STILL be misunderstood by otherwise sentient, even intelligent, human beings is a shame of sepulchral solemnity

  • Rodney Welch

    Someone should have made a video putting bleak footage of pre-1989 East Berlin against the song “Imagine.” That’s the kind of utopia Lennon is describing.

  • Eric Olsen

    I disagree with everyone but me – thanks Robbert!

  • I can’t agree with “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. It’s too brilliant. Everything else, I can understand – especially “Hey Ya” by Outkast.

  • I found it interesting how rare it is to find anyone who disses the Beatles or Rolling Stones publically. It’s like Rock & Roll blasphemy or something.

  • This list is a great playlist by itself, even it’s mostly fetish music.

  • Great stuff Robert. i second (or third) the Morrisson diss. What a pretentious knob.Poetry???? “There’s a killer on the road / his brain is squirming like a toad” is one of the most hilarious lyrics i’ve ever heard.

    And kudos on The Fall, although i don’t agree. but still, nice to see them get a slap.

    or, “get a slapaaaaaahhh”

  • Finally someone who agrees with me. Jim Morrison was just a junkie with an attitude problem. Real rockers like Jimi Hendrix, Joplin, and even Bowie, had more upstairs than morrison. He was and will forever be a no talent ass clown. A teenager who road his friends to fame and ruined himself on a cross of pop consumerism. I despise morrison.

  • Sean

    I nominate every song on Sgt. Pepper.