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Music Playlist: Spectacular Slowcore

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“Slowcore” or “Sadcore” is best characterized by the bleak themes of its lyrics, slow tempos and minor-key melodies. Individual tracks range from minimal acoustic outings to complex studio numbers with pronounced elements of dissonance in later compositions. Sweeping vistas and low-key instrumentation can put the listener at ease and aid in relaxation. This mellow musical baseline lends itself to powerful dynamic changes without becoming loud or grating. Early exponents like the Red House Painters, and American Music Club drew on the nihilism, loneliness and isolation found in the lyrics of The Cure and The Smiths. This playlist with a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning is as good as life gets.

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The Ultimate Slowcore Playlist

1. “Song For A Blue Guitar” by Red House Painters from the album Songs For A Blue Guitar
2. “Bluebird Of Happiness” by Mojave 3 from the album Spoon And Rafter
3. “Home” by Engineers from the album Engineers
4. “Moving Pictures Silent Films” by Great Lake Swimmers from the album Great Lake Swimmers
5. “Sunflower” by Low from the album Things We Lost In The Fire
6. “Glosoli” by Sigur Ros from the album Takk…
7. “Home By Saturday” by Hayden from the album Elk-Lake Serenade
8. “The Kindness Of Strangers” by The American Analog Set from the album Know By Heart
9. “Born” by Over the Rhine from the album Drunkard’s Prayer
10. “Stay Awake” by The Innocence Mission from the album Now The Day Is Over
11. “Sailor” by Hem from the album No Word From Tom
12. “The Season Is Long” by Piano Magic from the album Writers Without Homes
13. “Cartwheels” byThe Reindeer Section from the album Music From The O.C.: Mix 4

14. “New Year’s” by Codeine from the album Frigid Stars
15. “The Night” by Morphine from the album The Night
16. “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap from the album Speak For Yourself
17. “Yes! I Am A Long Way From Home” by Mogwai from the album Young Team
18. “Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star from the album So Tonight That I Might See
19. “Shotgun” by Ida from the album Will You Find Me
20. “Werewolf” by Cat Power from the album You Are Free
21. “Dreaming Of Love” by Spain from the album The Blue Moods Of Spain
22. “Fields of Gold” by Eva Cassidy from the album Songbird
23. “The Shy Retirer” by Arab Strap from the album Monday at the Hug and Pint
24. “Blue Moon Revisited (Song For Elvis)” by Cowboy Junkies from the album The Trinity Session
25. “Get And Stay Get March” by The For Carnation from the Fight Songs EP
26. “So Fast” – Julie Doiron from the album Loneliest In The Morning
27. “Cherry-Coloured Funk” by Cocteau Twins from the album Heaven or Las Vegas
28. “This Open Heart” by A Northern Chorus from the album Bitter Hands Resign

Robert Burke spends much of his time lovingly crafting thematic music playlists for the Rhapsody Radish and the Yahoo Radish.

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