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Music Playlist: NYC

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Songs About NYC

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There’s a giant heap of songs written about, or inspired by New York City. It would be impossible to create a playlist that contains them all. To help narrow the list down I have chosen only songs with the title “NYC” for this playlist.

The Playlist:

1. NYC – Interpol
2. N.Y.C. – Steve Earle
3. NYC – The Golden Republic
4. N.Y.C. – Bryan Ferry
5. NYC – The Mayflies USA
6. Nyc – Greg Williams
7. N.Y.C. – the LemonLimeLights
8. N.Y.C. – Penner MacKay
9. NYC – Neal Schon
10. NYC – Budda-Bang!
11. Nyc – kevlar
12. Nyc – Dibiase

Please add any songs titled NYC or N.Y.C. that were missed in the comments.

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  • uao

    addendum: I did see NY a lot, but not NYC.

  • uao

    sources report:

    Action Is: NYC (2001)
    Jen Chapin: NYC (2002)
    Billyclub: NYC (2001)
    Rik Wight: NYC (1997) note: not a typo; not “Rick Wright” the Pink Floyd guy
    Vlad: NYC (2004)
    Snow Patrol: NYC (1998)
    Mt. Egypt: NYC (2003)
    Ryan B. Michaels: NYC (1999)
    Go National: NYC (2001)
    Weather Report: NYC (1982)
    Lew Kirton: NYC (1980)
    Sly & Robbie: NYC (1998)

    Interesting to note: “NYC” as a song title or even in a song title didn’t appear until 1980 as far as I’ve been able to determine, although “New York” had many times.

    This interests me as a born and bred New Yorker (although I’m on the west coast now; it’s still home in many ways). I do know that growing up in New York, I seldom saw New York shortened into NYC although nowadays I do everywhere. In the old days, we always went by the formal full name (although we’d drop the “City” sometimes, which invariably annoyed upstate New Yorkers.)

  • How about Charles Strouse’s N.Y.C. from Annie?

  • N.Y.C. – John Lennon

  • JR

    Does it have to be just the initials?

    I’m thinking of a couple of songs titled “New York City”, one by John Lennon with the Plastic Ono Band, and another by Peter Malick with Norah Jones.