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Music Playlist: Car Accident Songs

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Car Accident

There were 6,328,000 car accidents in 2003. These accounted for 2.9 million injuries and 42,643 deaths related to auto crashes. Almost 60 percent of children, age 14 and under, who die in motor vehicle accidents were unrestrained. So buckle yourself and your kids up! This playlist contains songs about car accidents. A tragic theme to be sure, but one that started way back in the 1950’s with the popular “teenage tragedy” story.

Many times it was love itself, which drove the teenage lover to their death in these songs as in Ray Peterson’s “Tell Laura I Love Her”, the tragic love story of Laura and Tommy. His love for Laura is the driving force behind Tommy entering a stock car race for a $1000 prize. Just enough to buy the engagement ring for his beloved Laura. Needless to say Tommy made the wrong decision.

Also, in the classic “Teen Angel” a teenage couple’s car stalls on the railroad tracks. The boyfriend returns to the car for school ring and is killed by the oncoming train. So again, it was love represented by a ring that caused these horrible car accident deaths.

These car wreck tragedies continued through the decades. Some of the most disturbing broke from the traditional storyline.

The Normal broke onto the underground scene in the 80s with the creepy “Warm Leatherette” whose lyrics painted chilling images in the mind of the listener.

“A tear of petrol
Is in your eye
The hand brake
Penetrates your thigh
Quick – Let’s make love
Before you die”

The Sugarcubes also contributed to the car crash genre with the stream-of-conscious lyrics found in 1988’s “Motorcrash”.

“I rushed to the center
Saw the injured parents
Cuts on the children
An awful motorcrash
So dangerous motorcrash
So terribly bloody

This playlist contains some of the most memorable songs about car accidents ever written.

1. Wreck On The Highway – Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
2. Wreck On The Highway – Bruce Springsteen

3. The Carroll County Accident – Porter Wagoner
4. Dead Man’s Curve (Single Version) – Jan and Dean
5. Warm Leatherette – The Normal
6. Motorcrash – The Sugarcubes
7. Car Crash – Tricky
8. Last Kiss – Pearl Jam
9. Tell Laura I Love Her – Ray Peterson
10. Car Crash – Our Lady Peace
11. Steal Your Keys and Crash Your Car – Flesh Vehicle
12. Crawling From The Wreckage – The Dave Edmunds Band
13. Let This Be A Lesson To You (Drunk Driver) – Tommy Ellison & The Five Singing Stars
14. Blasphemous Rumours – Depeche Mode
15. Love Rhymes With Hideous Car Wreck – The Blood Brothers
16. Through the Wire – Kanye West
17. Teen Angel – Jem Crossland & Hypertonics
18. Car Crash – The Avengers
19. High Speed Collision 3:37 – Space Band
20. Car Crash – Powerman 5000
21. Leader Of The Pack – The Shangri-Las
22. Airbag – Radiohead
23. In The Kingdom #19 – Sonic Youth

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  1. can anyone tell me the name of the song and the atist who sings it………… the lyrics the singer calls himself the “king of beers”, also saying. “dontcha know who i am…….i’m the king of beers”. the song describes a car wreck where the singers wife and daughter die. i think the song came out in the late 80′s/early 90′s.

  2. Does anyone remember a car wreck song from the late 70′s that talk about a wreck, checking for a pulse… I am thinking it was by Alan’s Parson Project but I don’t see anything close to it when I check out their stuff. It was not a radio thing but more of an LP I listen to with my friends.

  3. umm yea could some one please help me out there was this song about this girl who wakes up and goes to graduation and dies on the way in her car and this guy takes her urn and he can like hear the song she sang in his head…i heard it on the radion a few minutes ago, but the name of the artist wasn’t brought up….

  4. ‘A Lifetime’ by Better than Ezra

  5. Ultimate crash song – Bat Out of Hell – Meat Loaf

    OK so it’s a motorcycle not a car. Buts the character in the crash is

    I never see the sudden curve until its way too late

    Then Im dying on the bottom of a pit in the blazing sun
    Torn and twisted at the foot of a burning bike
    And I think somebody somewhere must be tolling a bell
    And the last thing I see is my heart
    Still beating
    Breaking out of my body
    And flying away
    Like a bat out of hell

  6. how ’bout “blue chevrolet ballerina”, by ross ryan 1975, you can google the lyrics.

  7. what is that song about the girl and gay driving on the highway and they get in a crash and the last thing he remembers is her cry. something like that. uuuuugh it’s driving me crazy

  8. Bloodrock’s “D.O.A.” (1970) is definitely about a PLANE crash! The guy is dying in the ambulence and talking to his (already dead) girlfriend about how he feels – dying (“Blood is flowing out of my body”..) When they reach the hospital he is: “Dead On Arrival”. Paul Hampton’s “Two Hour Honeymoon” from 1960 (music composed and arranged by Burt Bacharach! – which sounds something like The Viscounts 1959 instrumental: “Harlem Nocturne”!) is about a guy and girl who were just married and leave for their honeymoon. They crash in the car in a deserted area and he lays there and talks to his dead bride as he is dying, saying why did this happen on our Honeymoon and we only had a Two Hour Honeymoon. >One of the sickest songs ever issued (besides Jimmy Cross’ “I Want My Baby Back”.) Did they actually think this would be a Hit or even played on the radio? (1960) – which of couse it was NOT! “Transfusion” was done in 1956 by Nervous Norvus (Jimmy Drake – a former Truck Driver turned music demo creator) and tells the story of a guy who keeps speeding and getting into accidents (car crash sounds!) and getting blood Transfusions (“Slip the Blood To me, Bud”, Put the Crimson in me, Jimson”…) He ends the song with the profectic lines: “Barnyard drivers are found in two classes, road crowding hogs and screaming jack asses – So remember to slow down, today!”. >Words to the wise…

  9. Kelley, by the way that song is 1964′s “Last Kiss” by J. Frank Wilson & The Cavaliers. “The cryin’ tires, the bustin’ glass, the painful scream that I heard last”…

  10. Also note: “Warm Leatherette” by The Normal actually first came out as a single in 1978 (not the 80′s) The Normal was one guy: England’s Daniel Miller who also recorded as The Silicon Teens ["Music For Parties", 1980]. For those who don’t know, this song is about a guy in a car crash who is trapped in the car and burning alive! The Warm “Leatherette” (“Vinyl” in the USA) is melting into his skin. Weirdest line: “I can see my reflection in the luminescent dash”. Yikes!

  11. Maybe someone can help me…I saw a video on fuse the other day and it had a woman in it who kept dreaming that her boyfriend left her in the bed sleeping and when he got into the car and drove out the drive way another car slams into him. It happens over and over again and it still happens when she wakes up..I just wanna know what it is…so yeah any help would be awesome

  12. BF GF crash, best one ever imo,

    Pearl Jam-last Kiss

  13. I’ve been trying to think of the song to this video clip for AGES now and it’s driving me INSANE, but no one seems to know it:

    It starts off with a boyfriend and girlfriend waking up in their car after they’ve crashed into a swamp (or something). The car is slowly sinking, but the guy’s seatbelt is stuck, so he tells the girl to leave him, but she refuses. So eventually i think the car sinks in and they die..? I think.

    The lyrics are about being in a ‘better place’ or ‘it’ll be alright in the end’ or something along those lines…

    If someone knows this music video, that’d be awesome thanks :)

  14. In the 50s, about the time of Transfusion, there was another accident “cutie”, probably a motorcycle. Part of the lyrics had something like “baby had her jacket on backwards and was all right until they turned her head around”….
    Ring a bell with anyone?

  15. How about “Driving Mary Home” by the Country Gentlemen

  16. there’s this song from late 90s early 2000s.
    it’s about this bf and gf going down the highway and like they crash and he’s talking about how either the bf or gf went through the windshield, not sure which one it was. I use to have the song but cant find it anymore.

  17. thses are the only words I know to the song…they go through my head constantly, but i don’t know that title or the singer

    oh where oh where can my baby be
    the lord took her away from me
    she’s gone to heaven so I’ve got to be good
    so I can see my baby
    when I leave this world.


  18. Karen you are talking about Pearl Jam’s Last Kiss

  19. And the person who wrote that song and performed for it back in the 50′s was ricky nelson

  20. To comment #26, I’m pretty sure it’s Grinspoon’s ‘Better Off Alone’, if you haven’t found it already.

  21. “Last Kiss” was written by Wayne Cochran about Jeanette Clark and J.L. Hancock, two teenagers out on a date during the Christmas holidays of 1962. Wayne did a local recording that did well, but the national recording was done by J. Frank Wilson & The Cavaliers.

  22. please someone help me i remember this songit was popular like i dont know about 5 years ago…its starts off with them in the car drunk i guess a boy and a girl, and i cant be sure if they were fighting or not but anyways they were hit from the side in the video you see the girl being put into the ambulance and the boy that was in the car is there too…but she goes to the hospital and at the end you find hes already dead even though he looked to be alive so anyways yeah its ust been killing me and i wanna hear that song again. thanks so much for the help guys. even if you cant help me either.

  23. To #26 – That’s Nickelback’s ‘Someday’

  24. #73, I think the song you are looking for is by Brand New and the song is called “The Quiet Things That No One Knows” I was thinking of the same song and found it in one of the prevous comments.

  25. From comment #62. I seen the music video on fuse before. Ive been searching all over the web to find a clue of the name of the song and I still can’t find it. What I mostly reconized was the truck they used for the car crash. It looked exactly like my truck. Now im really curious what the name of the song is. Does anybody know the name of the song or artist???

  26. Adele – Chasing pavements

  27. Comment #64- I know its been a while since that comment was posted but the video your looking for is Grinspoon’s ‘Better Off Alone’

  28. ive been thinking about this music videos since like forever i caint remember who its by or what it sounds like but i remember in the music video its like a slow motion car crash and then theres a roaster 0_0 i dont remember maybe someone will know

  29. I checked out Adele Chasing Pavement…I like the song, Its just not the song im looking for… I remember the song being more of a rock song. I see the car crashed into a tree in Chasing Pavement. The car crash video im looking for is were a car gets t-boned by a truck and it happens over and over again.

  30. I came here hoping to find a video about a car crash, that at the end had people crashing around in their home. I didn’t find it here, but finally did remember it, and it definitely should have been on this list.
    Simple Plan: Untitled

  31. #62 I searched for it a long time and finally found it … it’s “all these things i hate” by bullet for my valentine


  33. to Jenna (#78) (if you ever get a chance to read this)
    thank you SO much for that! i’ve basically been looking for that clip for 2 years, and nobody had ever heard of it
    thanks again

  34. the song where the girl and dad fight cuz the boys to old so she breaks up with him n then he gets in a car accident is “what hurts the most” by rasc!!al flats. i know it was drivin me crazy too

  35. just the smell of burnin rubber and gas at the race track with some ROCKIN’ Tunes, Thanks Folks,

  36. I’ve been searching for this song for about 10 years now.

    All I remember is that the singer is a girl who just got hit by a drunk driver. I think she apologizes to her mother in the song, maybe.

    The song is from the late 1990s.
    If anyone could help me out here, I’d greatly appreciate it!

  37. anyone know this song???
    During the vid they are both in seperate houses/flats/apartments, looking out of the window, they both go for a drive (think at night) and crash into each other head on. Both go through the windscreen and fly towards each other in slow motion. Think they end up whirling around in the air together

    anyone know this song???
    During the vid theres a boy & girl who are both in seperate houses/flats/apartments, looking out of the window, they both go for a drive (think at night) and crash into each other head on. Both go through the windscreen and fly towards each other in slow motion. Think they end up whirling around in the air together

  39. i don’t remember what the song is called, but one of the videos to Nickelback goes like that

  40. Someday – Nickelback

  41. would any one happen to no what the name of the song they used for that Lucis Oil On The Edge? likein the begining??? if anyone knows please say so thank you very much! =)

  42. I am going crazy trying to find the music video or song about a girl who is crying because her boyfriend got into a motorcycle crash and died…I think it was raining out and she sees his ghost…ring any bells?

  43. I found it!!! Celine Dion – Its All Coming Back To Me Now!!! It’s a great music video!

  44. poeoplee i found this one song and its called its all coming back to me by meat loaf. hope i helped

  45. Hey. I have a question, that like no one seems to know the answer too.

    In the late 50′s, early 60′s, cause my mom said it was when she was a kid, there was a song about a father who drove drunk and accidentally killed his children. The little boy was talking to his father, and momma thinks the last line is “Why, Daddy, why did you have to kill us?” Or something along those lines.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  46. My favourite car crash song is still Private Andrew Malone. Cannot remember who it’s by, but I adore the song :)

  47. new car crash song to add, though not about the crash itself, is Joey by Sugarland. Love that song.

  48. Does anyone remember a song written years ago about a bride and groom on their honeymoon he leaves to buy her flowers or wine and is killed. She waits for years for him to return and they found her in her wedding gown many years later she died still wearing it. Ashley wanted to know about the song about the dad who kills his children driving drunk. The name of that song is “The Drunken Driver”. Ricky Skaggs did the song a few years back but it was written in the forties.

  49. There are quite a few old songs about car crashes. “The Kneeling Drunkards Prayer” The Louvin Brothers, “Wreck on The Highway”, by Hank Williams. “The Drunken Driver”. I’m probably a great deal older than most of you so I do know more about the older songs. You all are great. Thanks!

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