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Music Playlist: Anti-Censorship Songs

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Anti-Censorship Songs Censorship and art seem to go hand in hand. The instances of music and art being censored are numerous. Lucky for us however, we have a document called the U.S. Constitution, which has an amendment attached that guarantees us the right to free speech. The songs in this playlist have something to say about censorship. Of course, songs that have been censored by the government is another (very long) playlist.
Please add songs about censorship that I missed to the comments, there are certainly hundreds more.

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The List:

1. The Ballad Of The Kingsmen – Todd Snider
2. We Want A Rock – They Might Be Giants
3. Censorshit – The Ramones
4. Banned In The U.S.A. – The 2 Live Crew
5. Witch Hunt – Rush
6. Freedom Of Choice – DEVO
7. Just Push Play – Aerosmith
8. I Can’t Get Along With Society – Grand Funk Railroad
9. Vanilla Sex – NOFX
10. Censorship Of The Arts – Chill E.B.
11. Startin’ Up A Posse – Anthrax
12. Tipper Gore – Alice Donut
13. Silenced – Mudvayne
14. FCC – Plaid Retina
15. Rock Is Dead – Marilyn Manson
16. Each It And I – Snothead
17. Hook In Mouth – Megadeth
18. Ya’ll Want A Single – Korn
19. Short Dog’s In The House – Too Short
20. Banned In D. C. – Bad Brains
21. Ode To Tipper Gore – Warrant
22. Talk On Censorship – Jello Biafra
23. F the CC – Steave Earle

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  • is “Talk On Censorship” the one where Biafra goes on about the ‘bouffant-encrusted thought police’?

    always liked that description.

  • DOWNLOAD “Dirty Words” by Don Cortier.

  • Not sure if it constitutes a song, but Frank Zappa’s “Porn Wars” cut would be a fine, classic cut for for this discussion.

  • Does Elvis Costello’s “Radio Radio” count for this list?

  • i think the act of him playing it on the early SNL qualifies it, if not the song itself.


    Radio, Radio, was not about censorship.
    The whole incident was that instead of playing “Less Than Zero” as rehearsed, he suddenly changed the song live on the air.

  • A much better NOFX choice:

    “Please Play This Song On the Radio”

  • Man, I love “Freedom of Choice” — what a kick-ass song… with just about the most subversive lyrics ever (well… Devo’s all about subversive).

    I love the subtle change to “Freedom From Choice Is What You Got” in the driving chorus… bloody brilliant.

  • Ah, another one, a great one!

    “Vietnow” – Rage Against the Machine

    Turn on the radio?
    Nah, fuck it
    Turn it off!

  • Becca Adams

    This list is great!! I’m doing an essay on censorship, these got me inspired.

  • Eroknroll

    I’m doing an essay on censorship as well, and these song lists are definately helpful! Thanks everyone!

  • iHateCensorship

    Without Me- Eminem