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Music News: What Will Noel Gallagher Do Next?

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With the dissolution of Oasis back in 2008, fans of the band have eagerly awaited news of the former band members’ various solo projects that were sure to come.

In 2010, Liam Gallagher was the first of the infamous Gallagher brothers to strike with the creation of his band, Beady Eye, along with three former members of Oasis: Andy Bell, Gem Archer, and Chris Sharrock. The band has found a modicum of success in their brief history with their record Different Gear, Still Speeding back in February of this year. As Beady Eye get ready to make their US debut both onstage and on the David Letterman show, it leaves Oasis’ fans wondering what the former lead songwriter of Oasis, Noel Gallagher, is doing holed up in a studio in Los Angeles. The writer of such classic tunes as “Wonderwall” and “Don’t Look Back In Anger” has yet to issue even an official peep about his upcoming project.

Currently, there is not much substantiated information about Noel’s upcoming project. However, various parties associated with the record have come forward and revealed some news. Notably, Jon Graboff, who is known for his work with Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, has stated via his Facebook page that he had worked on Noel’s record playing slide guitar. There have also been rumors and a video interview with Noel confirming the reason for his presence in Los Angeles. There has also been trickling information over the past few weeks regarding the recording of his first video, song title unknown, until now.

News has surfaced this evening on a production company’s Facebook page after a question was asked regarding their work with Noel Gallagher. The question was responded to positively and a title of “The Death of You And Me” was given as the name of this video with its first appearance sometime at “the end of summer.” It’s highly likely that this is the title of Noel’s first single as a solo artist.

The title is relevant for those that know the story of the dissolution of Oasis, as it will undoubtedly strike people as being related to his schism with his former bandmate brother. Ultimately, we will soon see what Noel Gallagher is capable of as his own man.

*UPDATE* The production company that released the information about the aforementioned single has removed the comment from their page about the new single. Here is a screenshot:

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