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Music Media: Whitechapel, Gwar, Offensive Cover Tunes, Judas Priest, Drudgery, Vasco Rossi, “Saga – Ópera Extravagante,” Drowning Pool

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The journey into music videos has moved into its seventh week. Let’s all count along!

This week continues my compiling of videos and various musical related tid-bits for your viewing pleasure. Some will be brand spanking new, while others will just be things that I like. I am not great with the timeliness yet, but I hope you’ve been enjoying these video collections and actually desire more.

The majority of the videos will fall in the metal realm, as that is where my primary musical interests lie. My tastes definitely extend beyond metal, but as I read on a forum once: “My tastes may have broadened as I have gotten older, but metal will always be my first love.”

In any case, read on and enjoy!

Whitechapel – This is Exile Video, Art, Track List

Whitechapel’s latest album is due to be released on July 8 through Metal Blade Records. The album is called This is Exile and the title track is also the first video. They play what I can only describe as deathcore. It sounds about right, although I have seen them called death/grind. Aren’t genre labels fun? Anyway, the cut is brutal, and easy to get into. The video is all right, though nothing particularly special.

01. Father Of Lies
02. This Is Exile
03. Possession
04. To All That Are Dead
05. Exalt
06. Somatically Incorrect
07. Death Becomes Him
08. Deamon (The Procreated)
09. Eternal Refuge
10. Of Legions
11. Messiahbolical

Gwar – “Eighth Lock”

Gwar is a cool band, not always a good band, but not a bad one by any stretch. One thing’s for sure, their gimmick has served them well for many years. This track comes from Beyond Hell, a surprisingly strong album. I am sure Strapping Young Lad’s Devin Townsend sitting in the producer’s chair doesn’t hurt. Anyway, check out this video of the costumed mad men.

Offensive Cover Tunes

The UK’s Daily Mail published a list of the most offensive cover songs. Topping the list is the Celine Dion/Anastasia duet of AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long,” followed by Girls Aloud vs Sugarbabes doing “Walk This Way,” as originally done by Aerosmith and Run DMC. Just so you know how bad they are, the videos are below.

Judas Priest – ‘War”

The first video from Nostradamus has been released, and while the song and album are very cool, and very different for Priest, this video is rather lame. It is low grade computer animation and looks quite cheap. Why couldn’t they have done something a bit better than this? I would have preferred some sort of performance based video.

Drudgery – Rust Streamed

Drudgery is a new grindcore act hailing from Ontario, Canada. The band was formed by ex-Exhumed drummer Matt Connell. In anticipation of their debut release on Year of the Sun Records, the band is streaming the entire album on their MySpace page. I have not listened to the entire album yet, but I have liked what I have heard. Lots of energy and aggression. So, head over, check it out, and if you like it, pick it up on July 15.

Vasco Rossi – “Gioca Con Me”

The latest video from Italian pop singer Vasco Rossi features guitars by Slash. I have to say that it is the only redeeming quality of the song, the solo at 2:05 is killer. The only redeeming quality of the video should be obvious once you watch it. The 56 year old is currently on a sold out stadium tour of his native Italy. Frankly, I’m surprised the guy is popular if this song is anything to go by.

“Saga – Ópera Extravagante”

How about something a little bit different? “Saga – Ópera Extravagante” is a Portuguese opera which just opened. You may be wondering why my interest in it. Well, it happens to feature Fernando Ribiero. Don’t know who that is? You should. He is the front man of the the metal act Moonspell, an excellent band you should check out. A two minute promo for the show has been posted for you to check out. Let’s just say that his voice will definitely stand out in a crowd. Check it out:

Drowning Pool – “37 Stitches” (live acoustic)

Drowning Pool recently appeared on Altitude TV where they performed “37 Stitches” live in the studio. I have not heard the album version, but Ryan McCombs has a good voice and this acoustic take is actually pretty cool.

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