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Music Media: Metallica, Opeth, Hate Gallery, Mind Assault, Cloudscape, Legion of the Damned

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The journey into music videos (and other bits) continues its mission to deliver you something worthy of your time, perhaps introducing you to something new along the way.

This week I continue compiling videos and various musical related tidbits for your viewing pleasure. Some will be brand spanking new, while others will just be things I like. I am not great with timeliness, but I hope you've been enjoying these video collections.

Metallica – "Broken, Beaten, and Scarred" (live)

Watching Metallica playing live in these posted clips is a little odd. I cannot say exactly why, but something seems off. Yes, they look like they are having a good time and the performances are good, but there is something nagging that I cannot seem to verbalize. In any case, here is pro-shot footage from a recent show:

Opeth – "Burden"

Swedish act Opeth have recently released a new video. The song is "Burden" and it is from the Watershed album. I have only heard a couple albums from this act, including The Roundhouse Tapes live album, which is fantastic. This is the second single, following "Porcelain Heart," which I think I like better. Still, this is a gorgeous song and the video is not too bad either.

Hate Gallery – "The Idiots"

Hate Gallery's debut album was recently released in Europe. "The Idiots" is the lead single from Compassion Fatigue and was written as a reaction to "reality TV, the cult of celebrity and more seriously the everyday surveillance of the citizen by our governments." At least that is what frontman Janne Jarvis says. As for the song? It is all right although it fails to stand out from the crowd.

Hate Gallery – The Idiots

Mind Assault – "Stadig Verblind"

Interesting, very interesting. This band hails from South Africa and recently released their self-produced debut album, Stigma. Now, I am not sure what he is singing, which puts it on par with a lot of music I listen to. This band has a very brutal side that reminds me a bit of old Sepultura crossed with Divine Heresy as well as a speedy technical side that brings Dragonforce to mind. It is not exactly great, but definitely worth checking out.

Mind assault – Stadig Verblind

Cloudscape – "Darkest Legacy"

Swedish heavy metal act Cloudscape has released a new video. This one is for "Darkest Legacy" from their recent Global Drama album. The song is pretty good, reminding me of something from the late 80's or early 90's. It is filled with clean singing and plenty of melody, topped off with performance bits that show the band clearly having fun playing it intercut with some moody imagery.

Legion of the Damned – "Cult of the Dead"

Dutch death-thrashers Legion of the Damned have unleashed their latest video upon the world, and it is not all that bad. Well, I like the song better than the video. It comes complete with religious iconography that is sure to get a rise out of some and a lead singer with the requisite "mean-metal face." The song is heavy, fast and in your face. Definitely worth taking a peek.

Cult of the dead

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