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Music Media: Matt Byrne, Hatebreed, Witchbreed, Omnium Gatherum, AC/DC, Testament, Moments of Sanity (w/George Lynch), August Burns Red, and Gojira

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The journey into music videos (and other bits) continues its mission to deliver you something worthy of your time, perhaps introducing you to something new along the way.

This week I continue compiling videos and various musical related tidbits for your viewing pleasure. Some will be brand spanking new, while others will just be things I like. I am not great with the timeliness yet, but I hope you’ve been enjoying these video collections.

Matt Byrne – Drummer for Hatebreed

Way back in the days of my youth, my best friend was the kid around the corner named Matt. We would hang out, play video games, whatever. Then when high school started, we got the idea of starting a band. He took up the drums, I took up the guitar, and it turns out, I stunk. He didn’t and went on to become the drummer for Hatebreed. Here are a couple of clips of him playing (he gives lessons, too):

Hatebreed – “Destroy Everything (live)”

I loved this song from the first moment I heard it. “Destroy Everything” is one of those songs that gets the adrenaline flowing. It is immediate, to the point, and very, very catchy. This live version lives up to the album.

Witchbreed – In the Studio

Witchbreed is in the studio recording their debut album. The band hails from Portugal and features former members of Moonspell and Deepskin. Their debut album is to be called Heretic Rapture. They have posted a clip from the studio, and it is short, but it does interest me.

Omnium Gatherum – “Nail”

Hailing from Finland, Omnium Gatherum has a release date for their fourth album, The Red Shift. It will land on US shores October 22, 2008. Well in advance of the release, they have posted the video for “Nail.” I’d never heard of them, but I am looking forward to this new album as this is a really cool track. They have a melodic/death metal presence that I like. See the video, as well as album art and track listing below:

01. Nail
02. A Shadowkey
03. Chameleon Skin
04. No Breaking Point
05. The Return
06. Shapes And Shades
07. The Redshifter

08. Greeneyes
09. The Second Flame
10. Song For December
11. Distant Light Highway

AC/DC – No Bull: The Director’s Cut Trailer

AC/DC has a new DVD coming to store shelves. This is the re-edited, remixed version of No Bull, chronicling their 1996 concert in Spain. After all these years, the band still rocks. This DVD looks to reinforce their rocking status, and this trailer makes it look pretty good.

Testament – Live Footage

A couple of week’s back I got to see Testament perform on a night off from the Metal Masters Tour (with Motorhead, Judas Priest, and Heaven & Hell). It was an awesome show from start to finish. Below is some footage from one of the tour stops that took me right back to that night. It is not pro-shot footage, but still pretty darn cool.

“Practice What You Preach”

“More Than Meets The Eye”

Moments of Sanity (w/ George Lynch) – “Kiss of Death”

Recently George Lynch, of Dokken and Lynch Mob fame, sat in with Chicago-based Moments of Sanity. Footage of them performing classic Dokken tunes have surfaced, and it sounds pretty good. I’ve always thought Lynch was an excellent guitar player, and he sounds strong here, on top of that, Moments of Sanity ain’t too shabby themselves.

August Burns Red – “Back Burner”

I like this band. I still need to listen to more to really get a handle on them. My first experience came last year when I saw them on a package tour, although for the life of me I cannot recall who they played with. I do remember being impressed with these guys, despite not really caring for the singer. Anyway, they have just released their latest video and the song is quite good.

Back Burner

Gojira – “Death of Me (live)”

Gojira is an amazing band. They are brutal, and oh so very heavy. Here is the song “Death of Me” live. Very good video.

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