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Music Media: Machine Head, 3 Inches of Blood, Fatal Smile, Avenged Sevenfold, Municipal Waste, Within Temptation, Paradise Lost, Megadeth

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The journey into music videos has moved into its fifth week.

This week continues my compiling of videos and various musical related tid-bits for your viewing pleasure. Some will be brand spanking new, while others will just be things that I like. I am not great with the timeliness yet, but I hope you’ve been enjoying these video collections and actually desire more.

The majority of the videos will fall in the metal realm, as that is where my primary musical interests lie. My tastes definitely extend beyond metal, but as I read on a forum once: “My tastes may have broadened as I have gotten older, but metal will always be my first love.”

In any case, read on and enjoy!

Machine Head – “Halo”

Machine Head’s latest release, The Blackening, is a killer metal album and the band’s best in years. MTV2 is hosting their latest video, for the song “Halo.” It is a killer tune, although it has been censored and edited for the safety of the MTV viewing audience. It is not a great video, but it does have an interesting black and white aesthetic that was manipulated to match the artwork on the album.

3 Inches of Blood – “Goatriders Horde”

I first saw these guys as an opening act for Metal Church. They impressed me with their aggression and fury. I know, that sounds kind of corny, but it’s true. I got their album, Advance and Vanquish, and really began to like them. For some reason, I never picked up Fire Up the Blades. I guess I should now. This song is a blast and the video puts them front and center in the performance based cut.

Fatal Smile – “Run for Your Life”

Can’t get enough eighties style rock? Then you need to check out Sweden’s Fatal Smile.

These guys are part Motley Crue, part Dokken, and all 80’s era rock. They are not the greatest band going, but as a throwback to eighties metal they are great fun. They also put on a very solid show when I saw them opening up for Doro.

Here is a performance from an appearance on a Swedish talk show:

Avenged Sevenfold – “Afterlife (live)”

I like Avenged Sevenfold, but I think their latest album was mediocre at best. On the other hand, City of Evil and Waking the Fallen are excellent albums. The band has recorded footage for a live CD/DVD that should be available this fall. To get the early promotion going, a video for “Afterlife” has been released. It looks pretty good, and it appears the band has toned down the glam side of their look.

Municipal Waste – “Sadistic Magician”

It’s a little hard to tell if these guys are serious or not. What isn’t hard to figure out is that they play throwback style thrash metal, and they are pretty good at it. Their latest video has the band playing in a nuclear power plant that cannot contain the power of the music and goes into meltdown. Fun song, fun video.

Within Temptation – “The Howling”

Prior to seeing this video, I had never heard of anything from Within Temptation. In any case, I like what I hear on this video. It does not sound particularly revolutionary, but it is solid songwriting with a strong singer. I am definitely interested in hearing more.

Paradise Lost – “The Enemy”

My experience with Paradise Lost is somewhat limited, although I have really liked what I have heard. This past fall, I was surprised when I got to see them open for Overkill. This clip is from the recently released The Anatomy of Meloancholy DVD. The performance is quite good, now I want to see the rest of the release.

Megadeth – “Never Walk Alone… A Call to Arms”

2007 saw Megadeth return to form with United Abominations, their strongest album since their heyday in the early 1990’s. This is the latest video, and it is a cool song, with a strong performance base, although the CG stuff was not all that exciting.

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