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Music marketing data from mp3.com

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Our dearly departed mp3.com used to be a great repository for unsigned bands. One of the people involved with making mp3.com has posted an analysis of how successful bands organically grew their audience.

We spent a fair amount of time analyzing this data which included actually contacting the bands to find out why they were in our charts. After interacting with somewhere around 20-30 bands we came up with a series of characteristics of these bands which included:

  1. These bands were generally pre-Soundscan (they didn’t show up on local retail sales figures because they only sold their CDs at shows.)
  2. They were organized online using a combination of IM, blogs, and street team tools to get the word out.
  3. A majority of them were playing all ages venues which didn’t normally pop up on the radar of club goers. (Who wants to hang out with 15 year olds 😉 )
  4. The genres of music were genres that weren’t typically represented by MTV, radio and retail and were clustered around emo/pop punk and grindcore.
  5. These bands generally played around 50-100 shows a year.

There was a lot of more fascinating data, but once we had this data we decided to take a look a level deeper.

It’s worth the time to read.

Thanks to Scott for the tip.

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