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Music From Without A Trace, CSI, and Cold Case

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Hello, Without A Trace, CSI, and Cold Case fans! Lots of fans of these shows look to the Internet to identify songs that played on the episodes. This post will name the most popular songs requested as well as provide links for fans to enjoy.

Fans of these shows frequently visit my blog, asking for the names of artists and titles of songs that played. Sometimes people identify the songs and artists when they recognize them. I have a Without A Trace, CSI, and Cold Case category on my blog. Feel free to drop in, hang out with other fans, and chat.

Lots of fans have been asking who does that beautiful, haunting theme song to Cold Case. It’s called “Nara”, and it’s by E. S. Posthumus.

These songs are the most popular requests from Without A Trace fans:

“Mad World” by Gary Jules. This song played on the episode entitled “The Bus”. You may find this song on the soundtrack for the movie Donnie Darko (done by Michael Andrews). The original, which was done by Tears For Fears, is also on this soundtrack.

“Trouble” by Coldplay. This song played on the episode “The Friendly Skies”. It was about a stewardess who disappeared. You probably recognized the actress who played the stewardess. She was Heather Donahue, who starred in “The Blair Witch Project”.

“Somewhere Over The Rainbow” by Israel Kerzekeringen.

“Fire Sign” by David Berkeley. This song played on the episode “Wannabe”, about the boy who tried to hang himself after being taunted by his schoolmates.

“One Of These Mornings” from Moby 18. This song played on one of the episodes about Graham Spaulding, the headmaster of the Spaulding Academy, a private boarding school. A student had gone missing, and Jack suspected that Spaulding was behind the disappearance. Fans often ask who actually sang the song. It was sung by Dianne McCauley. Here’s a note from CSUB Runner Entertainment (which I think misspelled McCauley’s last name): “Using the same formula as “In This World,” “One of These Mornings” has the same effect, but this time, Moby uses a new musical technique, in which he takes Dianne McCaulley’s voice and turns it into a male’s voice, but later fades it back into her own voice.” That page identifies several of the vocalists and the songs they sang. All of the guest vocalists for the album were Jennifer Price, Azure Ray, Dianne McCauley, Angie Stone, MC Lyte, Freedom Bremner, Sinead O’Connor, Shauna & Lorraine Phillips, and The Shining Light Gospel Choir.

“Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley. This song played on the episode “Fallout”, part 2.

This website is a good resource to locate songs, artists, and the episodes on which they had played.

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  • C.Favors

    I have searching the web for the music soundtrack to Cold Case files that was shown 11-20-05, it was the story of an Viet Nam P.O.W. soilder came home and was murdered after discovering while he was gone his wife was having an affair. The music brought back so many memories. Can you send me the names of the songs and artist from that show?

  • Do you know the name of the episode? Here is a great web site that includes all the songs that have played on “Cold Case”:

    Cold Case Music

    I’m sure the songs you are looking for are listed on that site.

  • CB

    Thanks for being a great resource. I am curious about the Irish hymn that was sung by a choir at the beginning of the show Without a Trace. It aired on Thursday, December 22nd, 2005 and they mentioned the song but my dog barked and drowned it out. The show concerns a Chior member that went missing. If you could help I would appreciate it. Thanks,

  • Catbox

    I could be wrong but i think it was Rufus Wainwright that sang Hallelujah on the Cold Case show… both versions make me cry… CB

  • Rebeca

    I want to get an album of all the “Cold Case” music.
    Please let me know if such thing exists. I don’t want the different cd’s that include SOME of the songs, I just want the ones heard at the TV show.

  • opete

    On the episode of Without a Trace “white balance” that aired 5/11 does anyone know who sings the closing song?

  • Ms Reat

    I am looking for the song that played on Without A Trace – Episode name “White Balance.” It aired on Thursday, May 11, 10PM ET/PT.

    The song was sung by a guy towards the end of the show when the camera was panning the investigation rooms of the suspects being questioned.

    I will appreciate it very much.

    Thank you

  • Anne

    im not sure but i think the closing song is by James Blunt, its called cry

  • Ok… a quick idea to monetize your blog while making it more user-friendly. Sign up for the iTunes affilate program… and when you mention a song.. make the title a hyperlink. This would help me download the song if i like it… and would hopefully help support this blog so that it can continue to serve the fans looking for music.

  • Kevin McMillen

    The only version of Hallelujah that I’ve heard on Cold Case was by Rufus Wainwright. Beautiful song. Much better than Buckley’s and Cohen’s version.

  • jonah

    Is there website for Without a Trace for the songs played for each episode? Thanks.

  • Sarah

    I’m looking for the song that aired on tonight’s (November 5, 2006) episode of Without A Trace. It plays when the detectives find “Katie” dead in the bathtub. Any information would be appreciated.

  • J

    the song is this woman’s work by kate bush

  • Sarah

    Thanks very much!

  • minerva

    I was wondering who sings the song that is on the espisode where a bunch of students are kidnaped and the blonde girl shoots the two guys and feels bad about it?

  • Erich

    I was just wondering about the song Word Up from the CSI episode that aired on 11/9. I know Cameo does the original, but this was a woman singing it with acoustic backup. Just wondering if anyone knew who it was singing.

  • GoodTyme

    I am also trying to find out who did the Cameo cover in the “Post Mortem” episode. I thought it sounded like Meshell Ngeocello, but I couldn’t find it in her catalog. If anyone know’s how I can get a copy of it, let me know where or how. Thanks.

  • jjp

    i am looking for the song and who sang it which was on thursdays episode of csi

  • TJ

    I am wondering who did the remake of Cameo’s Word Up on the “Post Mortem ” episode of CSI. I can not get that song out of my head! I would really like to know. Thanks.

  • george fisher

    i am looking for the song that was sung on the episode copycat 11/16/06 witout a trace

  • george fisher

    the episode of without a trace copycat was played on 11/15/06

  • pau

    i am looking for the song that was sung on the episode of cold case when a baby Iris died

  • jo

    hey, i am trying to find a song from CSI, season 5 ep 519 (4×4). it starts just after grissom says, “that’s about the dumbest thing we ever heard”, plays through the zipping traffic and rewind into the next scene which starts at the car show. i’m hoping someone knows this song!

  • RADAR 917


  • MW

    I can’t get out of my mind a wonderful song last night (12-9-06) on “Without A Trace.” The song was slow, had several rhymes of “traces,” was sung by just one young man, and had a piano as the major/only instrument. The episode was about a busload of kids being hijacked–it turned out the mother of one of the released kids was involved with the two young guys who did the hijacking for ranson. Thank you for any help you can give me.

  • Ew that was song was mad world by Gary Jules go to myspace.com/garyjules and youll be able to listen to it

  • MW

    Charles, Thank you very much! I felt so happy when I finally got to hear “Mad World” played again. MW

  • Lori

    I’m looking for the song in the closing scene of the episode called Risen about the girl who has been missing for years and has problems with sex fetishes and ends up in a cult.

  • melissa

    would anyone know the name of the song that was playing when Danny and Elena were undercover in the apartment. Elena was the dancer at a club and Danny was paying for it.

  • cammie

    does anyone know the name of the episode were jack and sam were kept hostage in a store and sam was shot?

  • marissa

    does anyone know the song that was playing in May 6th’s episode of Cold Case when the character Romeo hung a rose on the girls locker and she was reading the note in the high school hallway?

  • kathryn

    someone please tell me the name of the song that played at the end of tonights episode of without a trace…the episode is entitled “the two of us”. it played may 6th 2007…someone please respond FAST it is driving me CRAZY!!

  • Kate

    radar 917 … its by Coldplay and its called ‘fix you’

  • thedizen

    Thanx a lot!!! I’ve been looking for many months the song that I heard the first time on the radio then in CSI and lately in Without a trace. Thank to your blog i finally could get the title of the song “Mad World”.

    THANKS A LOT!!!!

  • grace

    i have to find the song from last nights episode of without a trace 5/9/07 towards the end i was cooking and thought SHE was saying let it go it was beautiful and would love to find out what it was called

  • grace

    oh yea about the episode from 5/9/07 it was about a girl who was seeing things and some priest was performing exoricisms on people. thanks 🙂

  • Andy

    Anyone any idea who writes the ‘incidental’ music in Cold Case? It sounds incredibly like it comes from the hand of a writer from a band I really like (Steven Wilson /Porcupine Tree)..could be totally wrong, but I do remember reading in an interview he did write this kind of thing

  • Alex

    Hey, can someone tell me the name of the song that was playing at the end of the CSI season finale in which Stokes is locked in a box underground, and he gets attacked by red ants? I think the song had the words, “You, my only friend… This is the end.” I know it was a couple of seasons ago, but I really want to find out what it’s called, and maybe buy it online.

  • Michael Piccinini

    Who sings the song “Precious Lord take my hand” on the June 24, 2007 epsiode of Without a Trace? Thank you…..Michael

  • Cecelia

    Does anyone know the song playing at the end of the Without A Trace episode in which a woman discovers her husband is a serial killer? It’s just a guy and a guitar and there’s a lot of him singing “Right Now”, if that helps at all.

  • Kat

    Does anyone know the name of the song in the begining of the “Suspect” episode from Mon July 9? A woman is singing and its slow.

  • Kat

    That song I was wondering about was on Without A Trace.

  • rach

    the song from suspect is
    “One of These Mornings” by Moby

  • rach

    “Precious Lord, Take My Hand” by Selah

    they are a Contemporary Christian praise and worship group

  • rach

    sorry in advance, i don’t know if links are allowed or not but here it goes. I don’t know what it means by making it a html link.

    TuneFind is a website with a list of songs from episodes of most tv shows – doesn’t include all seasons
    or for just without a trace which is songs from all five seasons

    then again it’s hard to know which is which.

  • Dave

    what was the song at the end of without a trace last night

  • Dory

    In CSI, the episode Sweet Jane has a song in the very beginning when Catherine is looking at the dead girl for the first time and then Keppler walks up.
    Would anyone know the name of that song?
    It’s has an amazing beat.
    I would be very greatful if anyone could help me out.

  • Christina

    Can You PLEASE provide me with the song that was playing on Without a Trace August 2,2007 while the woman was making the painting in her apartment b4 she came up missing PLEASE!!!!

  • Marie

    Anyone know the theme song from “Without a Trace”?

  • Christina

    #48 — August 3, 2007 @ 16:12PM — Christina
    Can You PLEASE provide me with the song that was playing on Without a Trace August 2,2007 while the woman was making the painting in her apartment b4 she came up missing PLEASE!!!!

  • Great resource! Thanks for all of this information.

  • Monica

    Does anyone know the name of the song at the beginning of Season 7 CSI “empty eyes” episode?

  • amy

    does anyone know the name of the song they play for the preview of the new episode next thursday or the artist?

  • amy

    for CSI vegas, that is

  • Deneise

    The preview for CSI plays a song, does anyone know the name of the song and who sings it please?

  • Jennifer

    I’m also lookin for the name of the song on the preveiw of 9-27’s episode also. Please help.

  • Sherry

    ok..everyone has been wanting to know the song from CSI, its the slow song…its called “I should be crying” by make it go away

  • Jennifer

    I’ve been searching for that song also It is actually by Kate Bush called This Womans Worth.

  • Jennifer

    I’m sorry I typed in the name of the song wrong It is This Womans Work, by Kate Bush

  • The song that plays for the premiere of CSI is called “This Woman’s Work.” By Kate Bush.

  • tt

    Can someone please tell me the name of the song playing in the Without A Trace 2007 fall preview commercial? Also, if anyone knows the theme song for the new season of The Unit, it would be great. Thanks a lot.

  • cory peacock

    I would like to know the artist theme song from this next episode
    thank you

  • michael

    The song in the Without A Trace 2007 fall preview commercial is Pictures of You by The Cure off their 1990 album Galore.

  • me

    PLEASE, does anyone know who sang the song on the Without a Trace episode COPYCAT, the part where jack is looking in all the car trunks and then finds the lady! Its at the end.


  • Victoria

    Is there any way to find out the name of the African song they played at the end of the storyline involving the missing boy on tonight’s episode (9/27)?

  • Monica

    The song that played at the end of CSI on 10/4/07 was fantastic. I have heard this band before but never can find out the name of the band. Can you help? Thanks!

  • pop

    it’s Placebo, “running up that hill” it’s a cover of a Kate Bush song

  • David W. Green

    The song that closed “without a trace” on Oct.4th
    I have not been able to identify it.
    Any thoughts?

  • pop

    I’m pretty sure it’s Griffin House “Crazy for You”- although I could be confusing that with another show. The rest of his (their?) songs are really good too. I hope that helps!

    Does anyone know the name of the African song that played at the end the without a trace premiere?

  • pop

    on second thought, it might be Griffin House “Only Love Remains.” Sorry!

  • Alxl

    What is the song in the begining Bang bang, your dept that aired 15 october when Erik Delco is standing in the lab testing something for prints?

  • After just watching a rerun (CC Death Penalty, Final Appeal), I was curious to see who was singing Hallelujah at the end. Please disregard Kevin’s comment from a year ago – Jeff Buckley’s version is/has been the definitive one since he recorded it. I honestly don’t know why R Wainwright did it because its actually worse than L Cohen’s original take on it.

  • AJ

    Time and culture move on. Today it’s not accurate to say Buckley’s cover is THE definitive version. It’s the most marketed by the mainstream and it’s still the favorite of many people. (Though lots find it overdone.) There’s newer Hallelujah recordings that are changing its role.

  • lynn elling

    need to know the name and singer of a without a trace song aired this fall, something like “soon” or soon before to long, please help! Thanks alot!

  • mary gorung

    does anyone know the opening song to the episode of without a trace where a baby is kidnapped from a car as the mother was unloading the SUV. It was a female singer and I think it started with the words “I’ll be gone”, it had a real raw, bluesy sound to it.

  • steffen

    this website is a great help thanks!

  • dorothy

    I have been trying to find anyone who new the name of the song on the previews for the season premiere of CSI when grissom was lookng for sara and she was trapped under the car by the miniture killer… thank you very much i found it here after going to quite a few sites thanks againll

  • Danielle

    can any1 plz tell me the name of the song that plays at the end of COLD CASE..the show in which a girl who is stoned to death by a group of kids it aired in australia on the 7th November 07
    cheers :o)

  • Sophie

    i whant to know the name of the music who closed every episode of cold case. because i know tha’s not Nara, but it’a an other. can you help me ??? thanks

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I would like to know the name of the song that played last night (03/dic/07) on Cold Case. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF HEARD IT !

  • hayden


  • krzysiek

    Hi, I would like to know the name of the song which played in every single episode of “Without a trace” in the end . Please respond quickly 😀

  • Steph

    Does anyone know the name of the song from without a trace, was an episode when a boy gets kidnaped by a group of girls in his class,its the song at the end of the chapter when he tries to suicide himself, on the backyard of the girl he likes… PLEASE!!!! THIS SONG IS DRIVING ME CRAZY, THANKS

  • aj

    EPISODE 08 “HONOR” 11/20/05
    Elton John “Rocket Man” Elton John – Greatest Hits 1970-2002, Disc 1, Track 4 Opening Scenes

    Bread “Baby Im-a Want You” The Best of Bread, Track 4 Carl gets upset with his wife.

    Jackson Browne “Doctor My Eyes” The Very Best of, Disc 1, Track 1 Carl and Ned at the zoo.

    Tommy James & The Shondells “Draggin’ The Line” The Very Best Of, Track 16 Carl yells at Daniel at the car dealership.

    Leon Russell “Stranger In A Strange Land” Retrospective, Track 9 Carl gets disinvited from Rex’s memorial.

    Mastersource “Rock ‘n Roll Star” [?], Track [?] Carl finds out Ken has been pretending to be him.

    Gordon Lightfoot “If You Could Read My Mind” Complete Greatest Hits, Track 7 Closing Scenes

  • ciara

    that redo of “word up” on CSI is by Willis, it’s on the Rewind!4 cd.

  • Faisal

    Those looking for Copycat song, it is One of these mornings by Moby with Patti Labelle

  • melanie

    i’m looking for a song which played on CSI when Grissom studied the box founded on crime scene…

  • Bridget

    SERIOUSLY, thank you thank you thank you! ive been looking like for ever for moby – one of these mornings!!!!!!!!!!!!its so sad:( but THANK YOU:D <3<3<3

  • Chris

    I just spent an hour looking for the acoustic guitar/woman vocalist song that closes an episode of Without a Trace. The episode is called “Rage”, and the song is “Not Alone” by Patty Griffin. In the episode, a boy is abused by his mother, a surgeon, and a caring teacher takes him to safety, later confronting the mother. There’s sort of a subplot about the teacher and her abusive father, who murdered his wife and went to prison years ago. Hope I can save someone else the trouble I went to; no more trusting lyrics to my memory when I want to Google them later.

  • Meem

    Hi everybody!

    Need your help please! I’ve been looking for a song for nearly two years, I’m dying for it lol!
    It was from an episode of “Without a trace”. It was aired long ago but this episode is quite famous: it’s the episode 22 from the season 3 called “John Michaels”.

    There’s a scene in this episode when Jack gets a call from Katherine (the stripper’s sister) and she tells him her sister is dead. Jack goes to Helen’s apartment and finds her dead, and Katherine is sitting next to her crying. Then Katherine goes out and Jack looks at Helen, she opens her eyes and asks Jack “Where were you?”.

    During this scene we can hear a beautiful song but I can’t find it. =( I could understand some lyrics though, we can hear “Take what you want, no contemptation (<-- not sure about this word) my hands are empty" and also "Give me a reason to lay down my heart, stay with me, don't let me leave, be the one, make me believe". And I'm not sure but I think I also heard "The longer I wait, the harder I pray" (but I don't know if the word is "wait" or "live"). Hope anyone knows it or has some contacts in the crew of the show lol! I've been looking for it for soooo long! Thanks! =D

  • coldcasemaniac

    what is the song in the commercial for Andy in C Minor Cold Case Episode

  • Hannah

    I was wondering if anybody knew the song that played during the last scene in Cold Case for the episode Andy in C-minor. Thanks

  • meandtheboys9

    Tune Find is a site you can go to find any cold case or csi song’s. seasons 1,2,3,4,5

  • Jamie

    Also looking for the song playing in the cold case episode commercial, “Andy in C minor”

  • meandtheboys9

    Found evrything you are looking for on the site i posted go take a look, then go find it at youtube to see if its it.

  • mike

    hey looking for the song playing in the newest Without a Trace promo…it sounds like The Fray

  • sehruhh

    i was wondering if anyone knows the song from the previews of this weeks episode of jack being in the hospital and he’s in critical condition;;the episode will be on april 10, 2008

  • C Fleischmann

    Does anyone know who sings the song from the 4/3/08 Episode “Hard Reset” of Without a Trace – I think the name of it is “My baby comes to me” it is played in two places in the episode. First when Jack is dreaming of being in the diner while he is in the trunk of the car before he is dumped into the water and then again when he is a figment of Agent Vivian Johnson’s imagination when she is driving to save Jack.

  • t whitten

    I’m wondering about a song that has played at the end of several without a trace episodes. I recently heard it on the episode where a teacher kidnaps her student to keep him from being abused, then ends up killing her own abusive father. I know the lyrics say “You are not alone, put out the fire in your eyes” If anyone knows the name of that song I would really appreciate it. Thanks

  • denise

    do you know the name of the song that played last night on cold case???


  • hello

    what’s the name of the last song on last night’s episode?? pleaaaase! it says something like ‘and all I see is you and me..’

  • CCT

    does anyone know the name of the Without a Trace song they played in the episode where Jack was in the back seat of the car with the guy that was kidnapping and drugging young boys? (pedifile) Jack put the CD on to convince the guy to confess- the lyrics were something like- and it won’t be long- it was female song and it had a bluesy sound.
    No idea what season- it could have been a rerun when I saw it.


  • Kadi

    Thank you so much for correcting that! I was not finding Jeff Buckley’s version.

  • anthony

    i just saw a episode of csi i caught it at the end.it ended with a lady dies from poison with the two cops there cause a lady gave her a lipstick with poison/the song im looking for is at the end of that episode.is a woman her voiced sound like it was slightly computerized some of the words are “where are we….whats going on i cant grasp the rest but i really want that song please help

  • Sagan

    Can you help find the song from Without A Trace’s epi John Michaels?
    “Give me a reason to lay down my heart. Stay with me. Don’t let me leave. Be the one, make me believe.” Those are basically the only lyrics I can understand.

  • diana

    what is the song on the cold case commercial called, it says like ever ever or something like that

  • MNCatbert

    Hello – I’m looking for whatever song they’re playing on the Cold Case commercials now – the lyrics go:

    In time we always know when time will let you go i look at yesterday and what went wrong

    (Male voice)


  • Lou

    Hey… can anyone help with the same question as number #105

    The song from without a trace episode ‘john michaels’

  • Sherriq22


  • imdbee

    I have the same question as # 107. Please help.

  • Jez

    im looking for an ending song im not sure what episode i just know that part of the lyrics are “where did she go how did she go i wanna know”

  • crystal

    the song from without a trace when the boy tries to hang himself on the play ground is called FIRE SIGN and it is by DAVIE BERKELEY

  • Kevin

    i am looking for a song that was on without a trace with a young boy who was sitting in a swing and he was going to try and commit suicide. the song had a line that went “if i knew I was going to die today” or something like that. I believe it was from some of the earlier seasons. thanks alot.

  • piery

    answer# 107 smashing pumpkins tonight tonight

  • bgn

    I’m looking for the same song as #107

    and, piery, you’ve made a mistake. it’s not “tonight, tonight”


  • Elaine

    do you know what the song at the end of the most recent without a trace episode is? the one that played sep 30. thanks!

  • Leslie

    I am looking for the song played on a csi (either vegas or miami, i can’t remember which) when they were performing an autopsy of a shark that had a foot in it – the words were something like “big fish, little fish, swimmin in the water, big fish, little fish, gimmie my daughter” I’ve probably got it wrong, but that’s what it sounded like. Any ideas?

  • Leslie

    according to this, the ending song is “those quiet times” by Shady Bard. Is that what you were looking for?

  • Mark

    Without a trace, the girl that takes survielance photos and then turns them into paintings, whats the song thats playing while shes drawing on the canvas right before she disappears? thanks

  • brandon

    Im lookin for a song that was played at the end of a cold case episode about i guy that sold cars and killed a lady that sold a car to his client, the song played at the end and was talkin about a mystery or something i dont remember it all but something aobut a mystery.

  • Shannon

    CSI NY—looking for a song they played right at the beginning of the episode…Something on the lines of:
    “City of Dreams…fall apart at the seams……..city of dreams caught up in the scemes….” and something about sex machine….it’s an upbeat, dance type song….

  • Etlao

    Guys, does any1 know what is the song playing in csi “post mortem” episode, when grissom is studying the box from the crime scene?


    What is the name of the song and artist in which a mother of three was kidnapped,Jack has to pretend to walk away from the case eventualy.The woman was later found in the Trunk of a car?Jack then told his wife the truth about his mother in the end…..

  • Mairus

    Does anyone know what song is playing in the begining of Episode 4 “Baggage” in season 6 ?

  • Chris

    Does anyone know the song playing on cold case commercials now?

  • Al

    Hi everybody !
    I am trying to find the ending song from the -Season: 1
    Episode: 16 First Aired: 3/7/2004 and just replayed on Nov. 21 2008 When the remains of a young black man and a white woman are found under the foundation of a building, some of the words to the song are ( u’lare you traveled or travel so high )
    Can you send me the song and name of the artist.

  • Deborah

    Hi! I’m looking for the opening piano music to Without a Trace, Season 1, episode 14 “The Friendly Skies.” Does anyone know this one?

  • Michelle

    Does anyone know the name of the song that played at the end of the Nov.25th episode of Without a Trace, called “Better Angels”? The song played at the end where the guy was sitting on the beach looking out into the ocean.

  • cat

    I have the same question as #128; what is the name and who is the artist of the final song from Without a Trace: Better Angels???

  • Michelle

    Found the song from the “Better Angels” episode of Without a Trace…. It’s called “Fade into You”, by Mazzy Star.

  • Mumu

    looking for the name of the song they sang in auditon on C S I L.A. Dec 4 2008

  • ron carreira

    please help…without a trace season one-episode called BETWEEN THE CRACKS about a young model missing in ny city…what is the name of the song played at the end when her body is laying on the table?….its an extremely sad song..please help

  • amanda

    Does anyone know the song that is playing on the Without a Trace commercials now?

  • Baku-chan

    Does anyone know the name of the song at the beginning of the Without a Trace episode “There Goes The Bride”? It’s the one that plays during the reception.

  • mnbvcxz

    What song was played during the preview of the CSI episode on Jan. 15 – Grissom’s last episode. It was a piano solo.

  • here you can find all the songs

  • Jake

    The song on cold case last night at the end called “if you could read my mind” but it was different from the original, it was much slower, any ideas.

  • hessy

    Who sang the opening song on Without a trace last night Feb 3 2009 Friends and Neighbors?

  • e

    Could anyone tell me what the last song was that they played during Without a Trace on 2/3/09 last night called Friends and Neighbors?

  • KJ

    The song from the end of Friends and Neighbors episode of Without a Trace is Acid Tongue by Jenny Lewis. 🙂

  • Carole Tindoll Weldon

    On an episode of Cold Case files about a gay man who was murdered in the 80s (proven to be by his brother) the song had the lyrics: Baby, how can I live without you?” Sounds a bit like Peter Cetera maybe–have Googled it and can’t find anything.

  • Chris

    Does anyone know the name of the song featured at the end of the Without a Trace episode that aired on 2/17/09???

  • LYNE


  • AW

    The song hallelujah from COLD CASE was not Rufus W. it was John Cale and it is by far the least important and relevant of all versions of this amazing song. Buckley has the great version of all time and it’s not even close.

  • aw

    PS here are the songs from season 4 ep. 24

    Coldplay “Speed Of Sound” X&Y, Track 7 Opening Scenes.

    Snow Patrol “Chasing Cars” Eyes Open, Track 3 Holding up the carpool.

    Aqualung “Brighter Than Sunshine” Strange and Beautiful, Track 4 Kim gets a locker note from Romeo.

    Snow Patrol “Open Your Eyes” Eyes Open, Track 10 Kim hides out in the bathroom, and gets a call from Romeo.

    Jet “Shine On” Shine On, Track 8 Kim pleads with her parents to “fix” the family.

    Dashboard Confessional “Stolen” Dusk and Summer, Track 4 Closing Scenes.

  • Katie

    I am trying to find two songs from “Without a trace” the only thing i know about those songs are words for one song and a possibly correct name for the other one.
    1st song’s possible name i am not sure though is “One of these days:
    2nd one words: I am outside, You are ugly inside, I can see through you, See your true colors.
    Thank you

  • Albie

    I’m trying to find out the name of a song from “Cold Case”;I think its called “Supernatural” as that comes up in the lyrics.It was in a recent episode about a guy who wins the lottery.




    Without A Trace Season 4 “White Balance” episode Soundtrack is James Blunt “Back to Bedlem”. The song that plays to the closing is “CRY”.

  • Laura

    ive been looking for that song, “trouble” for the longest time and i found it here,
    thanks a bunch

  • GG

    Would appreciate if if anyone could tell me the last song that played in the Cold Case episode that aired 5/24/09?

  • Betty

    Looking for name of group that sang “Why Did You Go” airing on Without a Trace (rerun)6/14/2009

  • Mary Jo

    Thank you so much for helping me find a song I’ve been looking for! The Moby song from “Without a Trace”. You are a life saver!!!

  • The Irish song in Without a Trace is “Be Thou My Vision”

  • Maureen

    The URL I used was the page that asked the question; also Be Thou My Vision has many different versions and I spent many a day looking for the one that sounded the closest to the version that was sung by the choir; also being Irish helped me a little

  • Karina Tam

    Hi, I’m looking for the song on the John Michaels episode on without a trace, too. Does anyone know which song is playing when Jake finds the stripper dead on the floor? Thanks!

  • Elise

    Willis did the remake of Cameos Word Up in the “Post Mortem” episode of CSI

  • Annie

    im looking for the end song on Cold Case “Bombers” Season 7 Episode 13. Can’t find it anywhere 🙁

  • steinar

    The ending song are
    Sarah McLachlan – Fallen

    episode 24th june 2007

  • Kendra

    Anyone know the song playing on the jukebox in the bowling alley flashback on Without A Trace episode “Check Your Head” – original airdate 3-9-2006

  • Miss M

    Hey thios page is wonderful… im looking for a song that was played just a few nights ago….i cannot remeber a specific date …but it goes something like “ohhh lord heavens so…? ohhhh lord heavens so…. aint nobody know that heavens….. if anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated. [Personal contact info deleted]

  • jl

    i was wondering what the song was in a Cold Case episode where the ending was a Native American man hollering and i think a women singing..

    please comment if anyone knows

  • Gary

    I only know part of the song “you belong to me and I’ll be gone” Who is the singer?

  • Marina

    Hey, I’m looking for a song from CSI, it might be a theme and not an actual released song. It’s very eerie and haunting and is just a woman’s voice singing with the word “na”. It appeared at the start of several episodes as they characters look initially at the body.

  • otay

    ok well, the episode was of the guy having a dream and hes trying to investigate the case where the old man is going to jump off the roof but its realy him ? well i need the song that played in the begining it also played in the ending where he found out the old man was him

  • What is the piano music in Cold Case at the end where theres an old woman sitting on a park bench, and a young woman in a black striped suit comes up to her and at the end, the scene stops with the old lady and teh young woman walking away toward the camera?

  • Dina Barker

    Who sings “Be thou my vision” on Without a Trace? I see the question has been asked before, but do not see an answer. Thank.

  • helenesparza

    What was the name of the song that played at the end when Jack let go of his stalker’s hand and the woman was found in the trunk. “I was there for you” … is that the name of the song? Who sings it?

  • ann

    Where did you go by jets overhead

  • nicole

    What is the song from Without A Trace….it is a female artist and it goes something like….”I’ll be alright”

  • Martin

    I have a question. I heard a song on a episode on clod case the episode is about a countrey singer that been shot. The song is played at the end so if enyone knows what I mean please write. the episode is named : The red and the blue

  • Martin

    yay I got it 🙂 I’ve Got Friends That Do- Tim McGraw just took some time ^^

  • Alayna

    I’m looking for the artist and song title for a song that played at the end of a Without A Trace episode where a female teacher was suspected of having a possible relationship with a student when she takes him. In the end he’s found at a hotel without her. She visits her father and when she leaves he commits suicide. The song had some lyrics that included I believe…..all the worries….don’t be afraid for me…..you are not alone….. etc


  • alan beck

    anyone know who the singer was on coldcase tonight 28/3/11 singing love one another right now,was so cool

  • Jeff

    anyone know what the song name that played on 03/29/11 of Without a trace

  • ewa f.

    The african chant may be Enigma – Return to Innocence.

  • Does anyone know that song from Without a Trace episode 11 season 4? it sounds like oldschool rap, its really good and i want to know what it is, the words are When it rains it pours..
    [Personal contact info deleted]

  • Madeleine

    Hi. I’m trying to find song from Without a Trace – season 7 episode 12. I think words were something like *I’ll be OK…* Thanks for helping me. 🙂

  • Craig

    I believe that the version of Halleluljah that was played on Season 3, Episode 20 of Cold Case (Death Penalty) was by John Cale.

  • Bethany

    Hi! Could someone tell me the title of the song that was played during the episode where Claire Hunter (Harvey) had taken her 14 year old student who was being abused by his mother? She takes him to Claire’s father’s house halfway through the show. They played clips of this song twice, once in the middle of the episode then again at the very end. Please help! Here are some pieces of lyrics I was able to pick up and write down:

    “People laughing…Nothing we did matters…May we all fall down…And you are not alone…Put out the fire in your head.”

    It was a female singer with acoustic guitar accompaniment.

  • Tracey

    Does anyone know the name of the song and artist that support the advertisment for ‘Without a Trace’. Its a female singer and the lyrics are ‘come, come, come, come to me better come’


  • Help

    I’m looking for a song from cold case files about the 14 year old foster kid that’s a rapper ??