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Music DVD Review: The Killers – Leaving Las Vegas

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Love them or hate them, The Killers are a household name nowadays. They have just about taken over the world with their dance pop rock musical creations and have no plans of quitting anytime soon. The Las Vegas foursome have appeared on countless magazine covers, played live performances for award ceremonies, and of course have toured all over the planet. Recently an unauthorized documentary DVD was released by Prime DVD called The Killers: Leaving Las Vegas. The DVD does not have any live material by the band but rather interviews of the band and their close friends.

Upon putting the European release DVD into my player to view it, I took a glance at the DVD cover itself. I immediately noticed that unauthorized was spelled “unathorised” at the bottom section of the DVD. Hey, we all make mistakes, I know I do all the time, but you would think that one might pay a little closer attention to the front cover especially when most modern day programs have spellcheck installed (I rely on spellcheck as much as I rely on air).

When the DVD starts up I am at once astonished on how cheaply made the menus were. There was no background music and three selections to pick from. I click play and the unauthorized documentary starts. Right away there is a statement saying that The Killers did not authorize this nor does any of their music appear in the presentation. A narrator with a bit of an English accent begins speaking about the history of the Killers.

The documentary had some interesting facts about The Killers that I was not aware of. I learned how the band was conceived and even learned on how the Las Vegas music scene just is not what it could be. Random interviews with the band from various footage is complied together to give the band’s point of view on how they met and how rock star life treats them. There are also a lot of interviews with said close friends of the band who also share their personal moments of the band.

After the 61 minute feature ended I decided to check on the extras. The supposed ‘hardest Killers quiz in the world’ is hard if you do not watch the entire DVD. The quiz makes me laugh though because if you get a question right a screen pops up saying ”OK” only and if you get an answer incorrect you are rewarded with “WRONG”. I can tell that this was put together incredibly fast. The interactive digital discography was just small words, no pictures, but did list all of their releases. I myself would rather rely on Google.com for that information.

If you are a die hard Killers fan, then The Killers: Leaving Las Vegas is for you. If you are a fan who likes their music and would like to see live footage of them, then I suggest you pass this up because you will not get what you are looking for. With a title like Leaving Las Vegas, I was hoping for more of a video diary of one of their tours. Instead I was provided with a lot of information about the band which I did actually enjoy. Even though the DVD is “Unathorised” by The Killers, I am sure that if you are the least bit interested in their history, you will find some useful information on the DVD.

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  • jerry

    you have fallen victim to the unauthorized DVD! I have bought a few in the past but learned quickly that if it looks crappy, then avoid it at all cost.

  • lizrd

    You reveal your ignorance. “Unauthorised” is the way every English speaker on the planet spells “unauthorized,” except for in America. Google it to see for yourself

  • paul

    The Diesel review of The Killers “leaving Las Vegas”

    I must admit that I am somewhat surprised at the trivialness of the remark use a spell checker, it was mentioned that the DVD was in European format. The word unauthorised is with an “S” in oxford English and with a “z” in American English, not an issue, the language is able to adapt and build on the many diverse English speaking cultures around the world, not all English speakers use the American dictionary, they use there own, i.e. Australian etc, this spelling was with the “s” the word colour and color are the same word, but the American version does not use the “u” .the writer “ diesel” really should think about the English language, its not just the USA version, but sometimes it could well be the original version!

    As for the rest of the review, it was ok.

  • Bert

    I just want to ask is it true that there is a DVD call ”The Killers – Glastonbury 2007”?

    I saw it on ebay but im nt sure whether it is fake, pls help me confirm it that such album exists.

  • tina

    to my knowledge,this is only a copy of the performance that was screened live back in july, as i have recorded the concert myself,but only for private use!
    i think it was supposed to be released for public viewing but when i dont know.
    i do recommend it highly as in my opinion,it is the best live show the killers have performed apart from the 1st killers concert i attended

  • Chris

    “but you would think that one might pay a little closer attention to the front cover especially when most modern day programs have spellcheck installed”

    The writer of this review obviously couldn’t bother with googling the word for himself, could he? Do some people ever wonder which spelling has survived for centuries and which spelling is a relatively new one used in only one part of the world? Correct, unauthorised is the original, unauthorized is americanised (Note the teeny pun in the context :D) By now with all the rants from furious readers I guess that the author noticed that American English swapped the letter s for z in words that end -ise. It’s the same kind of thing with colour/ color, through/ thru etc.

    Otherwise it was a decent review. Finding out about facts which could prove to be embarrasing if absent from the reviewers knowledge would’ve just made it even better.


  • sparkles

    Bunch of twats… your ever lengthening diatribes on GB vs US spelling and your sarcastic spell check remarks etc. are all in ignorance of what the author of this post is actually pointing out: the missing ‘u’ in ‘unathorised’…read it again knobs.

  • Jessica

    Actually, I own this DVD.

    It’s cheap looking, and “unauthorized” is spelled “unathorised”

    the second “u” was missing.

    It’s a good source of info if you’re obsessed with TK. If you aren’t, it’s not that great.