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Music DVD Review: Ted Nugent – Motor City Mayhem

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Ted Nugent’s 6,000th concert has been captured on a DVD titled Motor City Mayhem — a diversified music video featuring 23 tracks.

All of the songs on this DVD have either been hits, or at least received radio play. These include “Star Spangled Banner,” “Wango Tango,” “Dog Eat Dog,” “Love Grenade,” “Soul Man,” and of course, “Cat Scratch Fever” and many other Nugent classics.

All the songs are well performed and I felt like I was sitting in the front row at a live concert, instead of at home watching a DVD. His tribute to the Armed Forces in this video was a nice touch to honor those persons serving in the military. Ted Nugent has one representative of each branch of the four services come out onto the stage with their respective flags.

While the filming was professionally done, the cameras did seem to be constantly moving — so it was hard to focus at times during the show. Ted Nugent’s showy style and his constant stage presence more than made up for the jerky motion of the cameras.

Another part that really added to the concert were the guest stars that accompanied Ted Nugent on stage, such as Derek St. Holmes (“Hey Baby,” “Cat Scratch Fever,” “Strangehold”); Johnny “Bee” Badanjek (“Jenny Take A Ride”) and Joe Podorsek (“Honky Tonk”). These special guests really added a special flair and made it seem like even more of concert with their presence.

For the crowd of more than 20,000 that attended this concert live on July 4, 2008 at DTE Energy Music Centre in Detroit, this is a way to forever remember Ted Nugent’s live 6,000th concert. For those who didn’t have the ability to attend the concert, it provides a way to bring the concert and all that Ted Nugent encompasses home.

Ted Nugent’s concerts are a celebration of everything America holds in their values — freedom, life, and rock and roll. This DVD definitely shows Ted Nugent’s love of them all. His personality on stage just takes over and brings out the partier in all who see this show, and one can’t help but want to get up and celebrate along!

In true Ted Nugent style he does bring his opinions onto the stage through the use of his colorful language and bringing guns onto the stage. Overall though, this DVD is well worth the watch. Again, it did feel like you were right there at the concert which was enjoyable in itself. Knowing that the celebratory feeling of our country’s birthday can be brought home and celebrated year round in the comfort of our home along with Ted Nugent is awesome.

I would recommend this DVD to anyone who is a fan of Ted Nugent and wants to enjoy live music in their home.

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