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Music DVD Review: Shine A Light

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Back in 2006, The Rolling Stones headed out on their A Bigger Bang Tour. One of those stops was at the Beacon Theater in New York City. They performed two shows on October 29 and November 1, 2006. These shows were captured by the film genius Martin Scorsese in Shine A Light.

Scorsese has tried to capture the essence of a Rolling Stones stage show, a task that is not easy to do. Anyone who watches this film or has been to a Rolling Stones show knows that the concert is high energy and hard impact. Mick Jagger doesn’t quit. He dances, he jumps, and he moves around the stage at full speed for almost the entire concert.

The film was originally set for release in September of 2007, but it was delayed until April, 2008. When it did make its way onto the big screen, it was also released in an IMAX version. Imagine Mick and The Stones larger than life in front of you! The DVD hit stores on July 29, and it contains not only the full concert but some nice bonus features including songs not shown in theaters when the film was originally released. There is also behind the scenes footage, which we see briefly during the film itself at the start as Scorsese tries to find out just what the concert set list will be. In this opening, we see him get this set list seconds before Mick hits the stage and the show begins. Talk about cutting it close!

This film shows us once again why The Rolling Stones are still around today. In archive footage shown throughout the concert, we see Mick and the guys talk about their lives and the band at different points in their career. We see Mick say he sees himself only doing this for another year back in the early days of the band in 1964. The Stones originally formed in 1962, and almost fifty years later they are still rocking it hard. That is almost unbelievable to me, but it is a simple fact. All one has to do is watch this concert, and you can see for yourself that Mick and the boys have still got it.

This DVD shows the best of what the band has to offer. I do think it would be even better experienced on the big screen. I missed out on that opportunity, but if you have the DVD it is almost as good. The Rolling Stones perform some of their classic hits such as “Start Me Up,” “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” and if you check out the bonus performances, one of my favorites, “Paint It Black.” Guest appearances by Jack White and Christina Aguilera also add to this experience, and make this one DVD you don’t want to be without, especially if you are a fan of The Rolling Stones.

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  • No mention of Buddy Guy? He was my favorite cameo in the film. I enjoyed this feature, but it was a rather empty documentary as far as insight goes, not entertainment.