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Music DVD Review: Murder Junkies European Invasion 2005

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From MVD Visual comes The Murder Junkies: European Invasion 2005. This DVD hits as hard as Brian Bosworths NFL career, which of course means not at all.

As many know, the Murder Junkies have a rotating line up of lead singers. Sometimes it is Jeff Clayton of Antiseen and sometimes it is J.B. Beverley. In this case it was Beverley. I was pretty excited about getting this DVD as I know Beverley personally and knew that he had gone to Europe with the Murder Junkies. I had seen Beverley perform with his own band (J.B. Beverley and the Wayward Drifters) and was thrilled to get a chance to see him perform with such a hardcore band.
The video itself is tight. I have no complaints, especially since the footage was done with personal cameras. In truth, the sound quality isn't bad either. In fact, I was really enjoying the whole thing until Beverley pulled the mic away from his mouth and the vocals continued on. Once I was able to excuse and even forgave twice, but the continuous bad editing really started to bother me. There were times when Beverley would lower the mic to the crowd and have them shout the lyrics back at him, but it was Beverley's voice that was heard.
The audiences from the different shows seemed pretty damn worked up about seeing this band. Often times they appeared to scream the lyrics louder than Beverley and were by far drunker in many cases. The band looked great. They looked hyped and ready to play and truly did not miss a beat.
Overall the disc was good but the audio was enough to cause many people to be annoyed. Although, die hard fans of the band will more than likely flock to it.
The other part of the disc that I felt just didn't work was the bonus feature. A spoken word performance of G.G. Allin from 1989. Not much is done during the performance except for Allin complaining about an article and then begin to mutilate himself. I don't think it worked for those who are just being introduced to the Murder Junkies but again the hardcore fans of G.G. will no doubt love it.
This disc is not perfect but it is not by any means bad. Give it a look and see what you think.
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