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Music DVD Review: Michael Jackson – The Trial and Triumph of the King of Pop

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Michael Jackson was under a gag order during his child molestation trial. The Trial and Triumph of The King of Pop is a 76-minute documentary taking a behind the scenes look into the King of Pop’s trial.

There was much protest and media attention toward this case. Throughout this documentary, there is little investigative documentary footage. The Trial and Triumph of The King of Pop had very little interesting footage, much of which was interviews with random fans outside of the courtroom. As a matter of fact, there was less than five minutes of actual video footage of Mr. Jackson. The rest of the b-roll of Michael Jackson was pictures. I did respect the fact that the director, Pearl Jr., filmed a home video behind the scenes look. That really separates this movie from other documentaries done today. There could’ve been much more content including collecting video footage and solid interviews.

However with that said, this documentary did tell the audience something that the media failed to. Those in the courtroom tell the facts of the case. In addition, the interview and information about Jackson’s attorney, Tom Meserau, was rather interesting. It seemed as if Michael Jackson lost a lot of credit among his music industry colleagues, but that was not the case during this DVD. During his darkest hour, celebrities such as Kanye West, Billy Gibbons, and ZZ Top were by Michael Jackson’s side. These celebrities appeared more as shout outs than solid interviews.

Although I’m glad that I saw this, the documentary leaves a lot to be desired. If you’re expecting a commentary on the actual facts and testimony from the court case, this is not what you’re looking for. Most of the documentary covered fans outside of the courthouse; back and forth between those that think the King of Pop is innocent or guilty. For the hardcore Michael Jackson fan, I would recommend watching this once. Other than that, it’s not worth your time.

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  • elizabeth-cawobeth

    At least Pearl Jr, brings more attention to the fact that this whole scenario was based on lies.
    Over 15 yrs later, due to the perverse sensationalism of mainstream media, many of us work to exonerate Michael J, Jackson once and for all.

  • elizabeth-cawobeth

    Omer…that’s not true because there has been a lot of misleading info. & untruths printed about MJ, such as book by Diane Dimond. The best book of facts is by Aphrodite Jones & the best video of facts o=if by Larry Nimmer.

  • nagathomuiru

    RIP The true King of Pop and entertainment. Africa is still mourning

  • smiler29

    the irony of Jackson is the media saying he was so bad but the truth is he is the most genuine person I know. God took him away. that was his reward for going through hell on earth. they will not leave this guy alone as long as he is loved by people. sad.

  • Omer Bhatti Fan

    Anything with Michael Jackson’s name on it is worth buying.

  • Brandy

    ??? Well half of my previous comment did not post.. so I guess i will not make any sense.

    Just to say that I suggested the book Michael Jackson Conspiracy by Aphrodite Jones… for the inside look into the trial, other then the above DVD.

  • Brandy

    DVD filmed of the trial……but on second thought, it was pretty painful for MJ to go through, so why would we want to watch his pain. Reading it is hard also. But this book is very clear and to the point as to what happened and will make those who doubted MJ and believed he was guilty, to take a new look at the conspiracy behind it all. It is very sad how so much of mankind treated this man.