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Music DVD Review: King’s X – Live Love in London [2-CD/DVD Deluxe Edition]

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King’s X is a Texas power trio that still is chronically underrated no matter how much music journos and musicians rave about it. Like Canada with Rush, Triumph and Anvil, Texas seems to produce power trios with legs. Live Love in London is a two-CD/DVD collection of a live gig it did in London in January of 2009 that was released in the fall of 2010.

The gig was recorded at the cacophonous venue The Electric Ballroom, a suitable place for such a great band that is normally home to goth and fetish club nights. The band clearly enjoys the adoration of its London fans, and it is shown in an even more impressive performance than usual, with this, the first “official” concert DVD in its career.

It is not necessary to say that the music and musicianship on here is first-class, as fans like yourself probably already know that. The fact that guitarist Ty Tabor and singer/bassist Doug Pinnick stretch their creative wings here just adds to the frisson of the performance. Songs like the heavy “Dogman” from the 1994 album of the same name (on disc one) and “Over My Head” off of Gretchen (on disc two) really get the crowd going. In fact, the crowd sings along with the band on the entire song word for word.

The DVD includes some great extras, including a behind-the-scenes look which is a bit brief but amusing, along with a few songs from a live gig the group did in London in 1990. The clips are taken from another DVD, Gretchen Goes to London, which is well worth viewing if you want to see the band back in their heyday. (Gretchen Goes to Nebraska was of course their brilliant second album. If you want to know King’s X, that is the best place to start and is possibly even better than this excellent live release.)

This is a two-hour long collection of the best music of the last 30 years, as it contains cuts from their decent debut (1988’s Out of the Silent Planet) through their current output. Hearing it all live shows just how consistent the band has been in its two decades-plus long career.

It is essential for any King’s X fan, but also might work well to introduce someone not familiar with why people make a fuss about these guys. Great music, great value for the money and a damn good band to boot. This deluxe version lives up to the name. What is not to love?

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