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Music And Technology Today

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Music technology essentially refers to every feature of technology that is concerned with the musical arts. These aspects include the use of electronic devices and computer software to facilitate playback, recording, composition, storage, and performance of music. People are forever motivated to devise new forms of expression through music. They do this by creating new devices to enable them to do so. How thrilling!

Music technology is an integral part of the career of every pop artist. In order to be well received, the producer must make sure that you have the perfect sound. You do not necessarily have to be brilliant, you just need to be well branded and look good. Lies and Propaganda.

Britney Spears and her song “Piece of Me” is an unambiguous illustration of auto tune teamed with narcissism. The final product is epitomizing the position of the music industry. I don’t even believe that we could label that song as music. I don’t understand what she is trying to articulate in the song. The chicken sound effects really clarify the magnitude and excellence of this song. Britney in the bikini with her cross necklace dancing “shamelessly” is really my much loved fraction of the song.

Simone Maverna gives his opinion on the technology, “I really don’t care for it when it is used to make an empty box look dashing because when you open the package it still is an empty box. I think great musicians were made even greater by their mistakes. Think of Bob Dylan’s “My Back Pages”. It was recorded in Dylan’s kitchen and he didn’t even remember the chords. He made them up as he went, if you listen carefully. This is far from weakening his performance, in fact, it makes it more authentic and straight and remarkable…I think technology is like a two-edged knife. It allows great musicians to self produce albums. However at the same time it is instrumental in making the white noise of the music sellable, thus distracting public attention from really good musicians.” I am in accordance.

What has been the general response towards innovative music technology? At the 2009 Grammy Awards, Death Cab For Cutie made an appearance to protest against the use of auto tune in the music industry. In general, many argue that new technology can have a pervasive negative effect on society’s perception and consumption of music. Sufjan Stevens’ 25 minute song, “Impossible Soul” elucidates that talented artists can also critique the industry. Sufjan did this by using all sorts of distortion, special effects, and auto tune to make a statement on the condition of mainstream pop culture.

Some aren’t against new musical technology. If we just glance at the work on Air and Daft Punk, we can ultimately see that technology is being used for the better. With new inventions, in terms of production, you can get the sound you want. Nevertheless, this fragment of positivity is trampled on by the mammoth and depressing impact of the technology.

I consider that the new introduction of technology into the music industry has allowed artists of the pop genre, in particular, to rely on the producer when making a record. The lack of talent in the popular music actually disgusts me. The music industry has legitimately derailed itself. Instead of relying on pure talent, it relies on technology, vanity and producers to sell something, and these visions make it all seem so cruel.

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