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Muse Frontman Suffers Injury

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CMU reports:

Muse have been forced to cancel a number of shows on their US tour after frontman Matt Bellamy suffered a gruesome (well, bloody) injury onstage in Atlanta.

Describing the incident one fan has told NME: “During their fifth song he smashed his face into his guitar. I noticed something was wrong immediately because he leaned over to his roadie and pointed to his mouth, then I looked and it looked as if someone was pouring a water bottle down his face constantly, but it was blood. He kept spitting up more and more blood until he started to sing, and before he could finish the first few lines he quickly removed his guitar and only said: ‘I can’t sing, I’ve fucked my face up!’ and they all rushed off stage.”

The rest of the band returned to the stage a few minutes later to explain they couldn’t continue. A subsequent statement confirmed a Philadelphia gig had been cancelled and a decision on other up coming dates was yet to be made.

A spokesman for Muse said: “The band were forced to abandon their show in the Cotton Club, Atlanta when Matt badly injured his mouth during the set. He was taken to hospital and received stitches. Matt’s expecting further medical advice. Shows are unfortunately on temporary hold. The band are obviously very disappointed but looking forward to carrying on their new tour of the States as soon as possible.”

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  • JP

    I was at this show..thororughly impressed with their performance, in shock as the show was called off. My friend drove up from New Orleans to view this and had to go back disappointed. Thankfully I got to see them the next Spring .. what a fantastic live act! Videos available here and here.

  • Scott Butki

    Ok, just one important question: Why the heck would you smash your face into a guitar?
    I can see smashing guitars into all kinds of things – I recall Nine Inch Nails frontman smashing a guitar into a drum to end a set – but why self-mutilation?

  • JP

    Ha! He was jumping from the drum riser, if I recall. He explained later that because they were used to playing big arenas where the stages are bigger, he misjudged how much room he had and the guitar knocked something else on stage and came back at him.

    I remember at last year’s show–on a bigger stage–Bellamy was engaging in some sort of theatrics and looked dangerously close to spazzing out again. Showmanship is one thing, but geez!

  • BW

    i think that Matt Bellamy is one of the most talented musician this world has come across in a long time! the way he can spin around in circles and still play the most complictaed pieces of music on his guitar, he is also a brilliant singer and pianist, this is truly amazing! i love this man, truly talented and extraordinarily amazing! i agree though….guitar in the face….a bit extravegant, but love him none the less!

  • BF

    I was at this show. I thought it was pretty lame that the rest of the band didn’t at least go into a fun instrumental bass/drum jam for the crowd, even though Matt had been rushed over to the hospital…After all, we paid for a full show, not just a couple of songs. No, they just packed up and left the venue! Though, I suppose that may have been too much to ask of only a bassist and drummer. Anyway, because of this whole fiasco, I’ve never wanted to pay again to see this act…Matt sounds too much like Thom, anyway!

  • Saz

    To the guy who said he thought it was lame the rest of the band left after Matt injured himself…

    Are you serious? I guess you must be, you’re American afterall, gotta get your money’s worth eh? What a joke, he left the stage in some distress and his 2 band members are his closest friends, of course they are going to rush off to his aid. He was pouring with blood! Have a bit of humanity for chrissakes, you paid but someone got hurt it’s not like they did it on purpose. I would expect that the guys were concernred for their friend and it’s not like they can just carry on playing without their lead guitarist/vocals especially knowing he went to hospital.

    God I really am shocked by your comment. If you won’t go see them again then it’s your loss–MUSE are superior to Radiohead in my opinion and don’t sound like them enough to make such grand sweeping comparisons. They invented a sub genre with their music, they deserve to stand on their own two feet without ignorants calling them Radiohead clones. Geezus…

  • Queen Elizabeth

    Hey you Euro-dork, not all Americans “need to get their money’s worth.” Don’t forget who bailed whose asses out of TWO world wars! Maybe you should be the one with the smashed face.

  • John

    Do you realize how many Americans died, so that people in Europe can enjoy free speech? Two world wars… Without us, a band like Muse would not even be allowed to exist! You should remember that Saz. Our hard-working grandfathers would be sad to hear your implication. There are shallow, money hungry people all across the globalized world.

    The fans at that show were understandably disappointed. Maybe Matt should concentrate on his genius music, rather than juvenile acrobatics.

  • JP

    I’m with Saz on that one–but then, I have seen Muse twice since. I’m happy BF doesn’t want to see them any longer–less competition for me when I go buy tickets!


  • lisa

    calm down guys, when the lead of a band cant sing any more there’s nothing you can do but say sorry, move on and try and come back someday.
    You would expect more sympathy if it was you.

    If you didnt like Matt or the performance keep it to your self because Muse fans can be very protective, and sometimes obssesive. oh yeah and there is no need to get granfathers involved, this is about muse not finishing a show.
    If you really cared about their music you would be more sympathetic, if not why did you go to their show, or write in this blog.