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Murder Detective 2 iOS App Review: Who is Guilty?

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Murder Detective 2 is an application available for iOS devices running firmware 4.3 or later. It requires players to solve a mystery based murder which happened close by a church. The game has a story line which will have players engrossed in just a short while and trying to solve the mystery of the murder. Detectives Phil McDermott and Stephanie Rogers are trying to solve the murder and its your job to help.

The overall gameplay reminded me of something like the game, Find Waldo puzzles. It requires the players to find many different items in order to advance to the next level. These can be clues or just simple things such as items needed for getting dressed in order to leave the house for work.

Regardless of the many different items players need to find at each level, the game has the ability to hold your attention during this whole time. It has great graphics and very simple user interface to navigate and understand. The simplicity of the game makes the game fun and entertaining for many different age levels not only adults.

Murder Detective 2 can be played for a couple minutes or a couple hours depending how long you wish to play. However, if you only have a couple minutes to play such as during a Dr. Visit, the game will save your place and open up where you left off the last time or you can start a new game.

The application has been optimized for the larger screen on the iPhone 5. Murder Detective 2 can be picked up in the App store for $2.99 and is a universal download. This may seem a bit higher than most other games but it doesn’t require any in-app purchases to advance. Feel free to leave a comment below.

Watch the video review below for a closer look at Murder Detective 2.

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